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I haven't posted in a while so hello again!

As many of you may know the Spike TV VGA's have just taken place. I also know that many of you have played Elder Scrolls IV and are clamouring for some more.

Well Bethesda have announced (via a pretty awesome reveal trailer which is available at Gametrailers) elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Word is that it is a direct sequel from Elder Scrolls IV, so heres hoping for a character migration feature and hopefully all of Cyrodil's borders being opened up!

My brother's really excited about this. I was wondering when it'd finally pop up.

Can't wait to see what features Bethesda will leave out for the modding community to put in for them!! Smilie

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I have Oblivion, and I really do NOT see what's so appealing about it. Nor Fallout, which I sold.

Would've sold Elder Scrolls IV if it wasn't a combi-game with Bioshock =/

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echoes221 (guest) 12.12.2010#5


amar (guest) 12.12.2010#6

Dont think its only gonna be in skyrim its also gonna be hammerfell and some othere province because there territory expanded at war


Made my Christmas.

Yay! Smilie Loved everything about Oblivion though a few more voice actors wouldn't have hurt. Smilie

echoes221 (guest) said:

Ok this was not me that posted this.... who was it that used my name as a guest?

sKiTZo_FRiNiK (guest) 13.12.2010#10

ive been waiting forever for ESV to drop , i bet this will be bethesda's sickest game ever Smilie

They've confirmed that it'll be using an entirely new engine. Smilie

A little bit of a bump but some new details have come to light about Skyrim.

Skyrm's story is set 200 years after the events of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and the world of Tamriel is in shambles. The empire has fallen to the elves, the Blades are gone, the Nords hate each other, and a civil war is about the break out. Oh, and that big dragon the Elder Scrolls prophesied about? Yeah, he's arrived, too. Players will take control of the last remaining Dragonborn, a dragon hunter anointed by the gods to help fend off the threat.

Bethesda's newest title features a brand-spanking new engine where every object in the game now casts a shadow as well as improved draw-distances. Textures are sharper and more detailed and the environments are livelier. There's also the addition of a HUD-less first-person view and "improved" third-person camera option.

There will be five massive cities that span Skyrim's environment, which ranges from frozen tundra to rocky mountain tops. There is also new wildlife, such as Sabre-toothed Cats and Wooly Mammoths.

The combat is getting a bit of an overhaul, too. Players will be able to equip any weapon or spell to either hand at any time and even duel wield two of the same weapon. A new customizable menu is being added to help swap load-outs easily in battle.

Bethesda has also done away with the character class system and reworked the game's leveling mechanic. Players' skills will level up the more they are used, contributing to your overall level growth. "Raising one skill from 34 to 35 is going to level you faster than raising one from 11 to 12," Bethesda designer Todd Howard told the magazine. Players can also level pass 50, but it becomes much slower after that point.

The team has also added Fallout 3's perk system, where each new level gained allows players to add special abilities to their character, including increase in damage to dagger stealth attacks or allowing your mace to ignore enemy armor.

Skyrim's NPC conversations are a lot more realistic. Aside from including even more voice actors, the AI-controlled characters will actually move about and continue on with the activities they were doing before being interrupted. Towns also include more activities to do, such farming, mining, woodcutting and cooking.

Bethesda also revamped the game's menu system. Howard said the team used Apple's iTunes as inspiration and direction. Players will be greeted with a compass-style overlay with four options: Skill, Inventory, Map, and Magic. Weapons and spells can be tagged as a 'favorite' for quick selection. Every item is a 3D object than can be viewed and examined.

Some interesting stuff story-wise. Personally, I'm really looking forward to seeing how the NPC's interact with the player and the other NPC's in the towns and cities. Hopefully with the inclusion of a new engine a little bit more will take place out in the wilderness as Oblivion could be quite lonely when you set out for a wander around.

This is the only RPG series left that I actually give a shit about. The storyline is always rubbish, but I never follow it. There's always so much to do elsewhere in the game, and I just love the freedom and spontaneity of it. Love the sound of a new engine. The Oblivion tech is getting seriously long in the tooth. I hope for:

- An overall less 'wooden' experience with regards to animations and environments.

- More than a few voice actors.

- Higher-quality voice acting.

- None of that scaling shit from Oblivion. None at all.

- Some more abstract environments like those found in Morrowind.

- Vast improvements to the law system. Past games have something of an "on/off" thing. Steal an apple and all the denizens of Tamriel want your head on a pike. All crimes seem equal apart from the amount of time you spend in jail.

- Improvements to the character-creation thing. I don't just want to choose a race and gender, and choose between a few faces. I also want to be able to make them fat or thin, etc etc.

- Improvements to the AI, and the feeling of a living breathing world. Elder Scrolls is already arguably by far the best at this, but there's always room for improvement. I can't be the only cunt in Tamriel who goes around burgling houses and such. NPCs need to do a ot more than just walk around and stand in buildings.

Seriously looking forward to this. It's on my 2011 list with DNF and The Last Guardian.

Well, seen as we are very close to the release of Skyrim, it's time for another bump.

I have a question for all you guys who are going to be getting the game: what platform will you be buying on? For me, I'll be buying for Xbox360. I have a PS3 but I fell in love with The Elder Scrolls on Xbox.

Further to this, if you are buying it on PC do you have any worries about the game? Everywhere I look there are articles about how Skyrim is just a dumbed down RPG designed for consoles. Gamespy had a particularly acid-laced article that basically said that because Skyrim wasn't developed for PC first it's going to be poor.

Anyway, who else is stupidly excited? I'll be at midnight ready for the magnificence that is Skyrim!

( Edited 09.11.2011 19:39 by Tman!! )

I've been interested, but Skyward Sword comes first over anything else. Might get it eventually, when it's cheaper.

I so pretty excited, I would like scout out all the good deals from the shops but I have a £25 HMV gift card to use so i'm getting it there.

Been listening to Oblivion/Skyrim music, watched some Oblivion footage and it reminded me just how good the game was.. Seriously Friday = life over.

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I'm getting mine from HMV as I got £5 off for preorder from my Eurogamer wristband Smilie

Tman, I'm getting mine on 360, mainly because I've played it on it already and I know the interface works. I will be picking it up for PC in a steam sale because half the fun comes from modding the fuck out of it! But the good ones won't come for another year or two. My PC will play it better than my xbox (graphics wise) but its easy for xbox. In terms of it being 'dumbed down', I highly doubt that, it will be more streamlined, yes, but compare that to the wreck of a levelling system that was in Oblivion and you can see why.

On a further note, I CANT FUCKING WAIT!!!!! Hoping my HMV does a midnight launch for it Smilie

On a side note, I've listened to this for hours on repeat, it makes me really emotional.



I'm just excited about reading the walkthroughs ie, the character selection, skill trees, guides everything like that etc. Thats what I liked about oblivion and got me so excited.

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Echoes221 said:
On a side note, I've listened to this for hours on repeat, it makes me really emotional.

Try this.


As for the game, I'll wait for the GOTY version with all the DLC. My friend torrented it last night for PC. Free games ftw! I'd also want to see how it runs on PS3 before I lay any cash down. Thus, another reason to wait for the GOTY.

( Edited 09.11.2011 23:50 by Martin_ )

Yep, I love Morrowind, my mate got it with his graphics card way back when and we used to mod and hack the fuck out of it, so much so that we could one hit vivec, and not touch the floor for like an hour. And Skooma, oh god the skooma. Not even once.

Anyway, Harry Partrige has done another video that needs appreciation, I'll post the first one for kicks as well.



I really hope to god that HMV will have a midnight launch for it because if they do, I will not be sleeping tonight, much like I did for the BF3 launch.

Far too excited for this, but its been 5-6 years since the last game!

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( Edited 10.11.2011 23:13 by Echoes221 )


Don't I just bring you the greatest YouTube musician videos? Thank me by sending your wives.

Just got the game, man it's going to take me hours to create my character Smilie

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C3Echoes221 (guest) 11.11.2011#23

Remember, it doesn't matter too much, you'll spend most of your time with a helmet on or in first person Smilie

I'm surprised the game only had one disc, would of expected it to be on two-three.

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