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I've recently been going through a lot of the Workshop forums, discovering new/unfinished remixes and found this beautiful piano arrangement of the Lost Woods music, from A Link to the Past.

It's easily one of the best remixes I've heard on the site, for me personally.

What are your favourite OC Remix tracks or albums?


Here's an appropriate one.

My favourties?

( Edited 19.12.2010 16:19 by knighty )

From the latest OC Remix album, The Sound of Speed.

halc - Spring Junkie

Also one of the best piano versions of Gusty Garden I've heard, if not the best.

Squint - Gusty Piano in a Garden

( Edited 14.04.2011 10:42 by Marzy )

I checked out that Sonic 'Sound of Speed' album. Some of sounds pretty good. Really diggin' that Scrap Brain remix.




From one of my favourite SNES games. It was flawed, but so charming & emmence fun!

This remix is excellent!



( Edited 15.04.2011 14:19 by Trepe )

I'm listening to this one right now and loving it. It's a piano solo inspired by Shenmue.

OCRemix link

This remix is nice, too. It's from Okami.

OCRemix link

The Super Metroid mix, Gusty Garden piano solo, and Icecapped from Sonic 3 are really awesome.

( Edited 23.04.2011 08:48 by TAG )

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not a good soo much its just ok

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