Ifrit XXII vs Kafei2006 (Round 1)

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User Poll - Ifrit XXII vs Kafei2006 (Round 1)


Voting has ended, additional votes will not count!
General information on the tournament is found here
Brackets for battles are found here

The other face-off currently running is found here!

This is the round of face-offs guys, so play nice! Just vote for your favourite (feel free to add who you voted for or to try and bribe people, it's all in the spirit of fun Smilie).

Edit: Votes will be counted at midnight of Wednesday Night GMT (~48hrs of voting)

( Edited 24.02.2011 00:37 by Cheesing it up )

This is a hard one for me. I like both of you guys, despite Ifrit's occasional nitpicking on the 3DS. (jk man) Smilie

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It's all right guys. I'm gonna be OK. The same can't be said about your sisters though Smilie

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The results are in. Ifrit XXII progresses 9 votes to 5.

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