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Keven vs Lrrr (Round 2)

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User Poll - Keven vs Lrrr (Round 2)

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Voting is over in this face-off, please check recent posts for currently running face-offs.
General information on the tournament is found here
Brackets for battles are found here

Just vote for your favourite. Smilie

Votes will be counted at midnight of Sunday Night GMT (~48hrs of voting)

( Edited 12.03.2011 00:11 by Cheesing it up )

They're such early rounds yet they're all so difficult!

Staff Member

Soundworks said:
They're such early rounds yet they're all so difficult!

I think it's because there was only 16 members this year (instead of 32) and the members that did sign up were all (pretty much) old hands. It means that we're effectively a round further in then in previous years.

Staff Member

Apologies for the late result, I'm ill at the moment. Smilie

Anyway, Lrrr wins 7-6!

I never expected to win against Keven...thanks guysSmilieSmilie

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