Phoenixus vs Soundworks

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User Poll - Phoenixus vs Soundworks


Voting has now finished, but be sure to vote in the last 2 face-offs!

Okay guys, semi-finals time! It's getting pretty serious, eh?
Brackets for battles are found here

Just vote for your favourite. Smilie

Votes will be counted at midnight Monday GMT (~3 days of voting)

( Edited 16.03.2011 04:58 by Cheesing it up )

Ouch, this is getting ridiculously hard....

Shit dude, this is gonna be close. Smilie

Haha, oh the tension! Smilie

Last few hours! Smilie

I see another Rock Paper Scissors coming.(with Phoenixus winning again)Smilie

SirLink said:
I see another Rock Paper Scissors coming.(with Phoenixus winning again)Smilie

Indeed. The contest once again appears to be a draw. Therefore it will be left open until tomorrow morning (GMT), after which point another sudden death will have to occur if it hasn't been resolved!

Close one guys, but Soundworks wins 7-6. Congrats!


Ah well, congrats Sound ol' boy, you've got a tough final however it pans out. Smilie

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