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Time for a bump and a refresh on an older stickied thread to prepare for the imminent launch of the next Nintendo Console in Europe!

With Nintendo completely doing away with Friend Codes for WiiU, and the launch of the system itself in the US today, I felt that it would be best to give this thread a boost to make newer site members and browsers aware of the awesome people they could have on their 3DS Friends list, and to combine certain member's Codes and future NiN IDs together in one handy list. Will update with a Q & A when more about the system is known, but off the top of my head this is how the friends list on WiiU works;

- Creating a Nintendo Network ID when booting up the console for the first time allows you to make a unique username of your own choosing; this is what is exchanged between friends to add them and yourself to the respective lists. Like Friend Codes but 100 times less annoying.

-Like 3DS, friends lists are tied in to each game that allows online play between friends, also crosses over with certain titles that use other publishers' online networks, like Ubisofts Uplay or EA's Origin.

-Can have up to 100 friends on your list and over 1000 followers through the Miiverse function. (I expect to see a lot of you following me now.) Smilie

*Space reserved for Nintendo Network IDs*


You can add your 3DS friend code to your Cubed3 user account. Just login and click here to update your profile. Your 3DS code will then appear on your profile and user card in the forums.

Please use this topic to post your code, and whatever games you currently have that are online-enabled, and I, or someone with post-editing privileges, will update this post periodically. Smilie

3DS System Codes:
Echoes 221 - 2664-2087-7553
Ikana - 4425-1453-7061
Lrrr - 5370-0414-6466
Justmotley - 2878-9571-6432
LKR000 - 1246-8696-1202
Ifrit XXII - 1289-8252-0216
Uroburos Locke - 2836-0104-5819
L - 0473-7756-0720
Mason - 2363-5612-3428
Phoenixus - 0087-2286-4673
Panesthesia - 2964-8566-5176
Marzy - 5155-2904-3236
MAIK - 4210-3972-0916
Jb - 2836-0073-3811
Mush - 1977-0147- 6713
ShinyRainbow - 2148-8128-6796
Nonmelodic - 4811-6927-5245
SuperLink - 3523-2032-2276
Super Sonic - 2878-9581-8999
WhySoSerious - 4553-9948-8278
Kiyoshi - 2449-4604-2538
Squidboy - 2578-3122-0744
SirLink - 3265-5070-5393
Trepe - 3308-4567-5066
Xsys - 2750 1102 5101
Amethyst - 0688-5271-5410
Kafei2006 - 3737-9591-1395
Stulaw - 4768-7519-9584
Touhou - 5370-0497-3033
Shef - 2363-5670-8565
Wolvesgod - 4596-9571-2550
LeeTSanders - 2621-2727-1060
Eenhoorn - 4210-4139-7257
Irfy - 0946-2223-2978
Azuardo - 4253-3674-1282

( Edited 09.01.2013 12:09 by Azuardo )

So! I'll kick this off!
My code is 2664-2087-7553

4425-1453-7061 ^_^



See u online!

Justmotley (guest) 24.03.2011#6

New to the forum - got my 3DS today - Mine is:


See u online!


Can you name people, like on the Wii, or do they just show up as a friend code?

Yeah, they have names on

Mordor will moider you.

3DS Code 2578-3122-0744

1246-8696-1202 Smilie

Nintendo Network ID: LKR000               PSN: LKR000     
3DS: 1246-8696-120                              GT: LKR101

My number!!!!! Smilie

1504 - 5676 - 6943 (Wayne)

Will add you all. Smilie

( Edited 25.03.2011 07:25 by Ifrit XXII )

I have added you all

Will add you Ifrit when mines finished charging xD

Nintendo Network ID: LKR000               PSN: LKR000     
3DS: 1246-8696-120                              GT: LKR101

Glad to see this thread picking up steam. Smilie

I'm planning on picking up Street Fighter with my unit tomorrow, so anyone else with the game had best prepare for a challenge. Smilie

Oh, and thanks for updating the OP echoes. Smilie

ahh nice, I should be getting SSF4 through the post tommorow so I'll give ya a few round if I see ya on Smilie

Nintendo Network ID: LKR000               PSN: LKR000     
3DS: 1246-8696-120                              GT: LKR101

yep im thinking SSF4 too

Street Fighter isn't for me so I'll have to wait till Mario Kart or something before I get to play something online. Smilie

Ahh Mario Kart is gonna be epic when it comes out. It'll be like when the chat boxes were still working and we all played MKwii Smilie

Nintendo Network ID: LKR000               PSN: LKR000     
3DS: 1246-8696-120                              GT: LKR101

Guys - you can now add your 3DS Friend code to your profile. I'll be sprucing up the friend codes section soon, but you're able to save, show & search Smilie

Plus, at long last - it will also insert dashes where needed.

Defo keep the thread open too!

( Edited 25.03.2011 01:57 by jb )

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

mines 3695-0010-8344 added all of u

( Edited 25.03.2011 02:51 by Uroboros Locke )

L (Ricky) - 0473-7756-0720

I've added everyone who has posted so far.Smilie

Edit: I've also got Street Fighter so hit me up if you want to play.

( Edited 25.03.2011 03:21 by L )

L said:
L (Ricky) - 0473-7756-0720

I've added everyone who has posted so far.Smilie

Edit: I've also got Street Fighter so hit me up if you want to play.

im online now if u wanna play ssf4

Sorry man just read your comment now, challenge me when I'm online next time.

My code is 2363-5612-3428, let me know if you add me.

I've updated the codes in the first post and will add all in here so far to my system. Smilie

have added you mason

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