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OMG Amy Smilie Had to hold back the tears.

I think this series has suffered from the lack of two parters. Moffat has been trying to squeeze too big of stories into too little time which has made them seem rushed.

Still....Amy. Smilie

That was brutal.

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Probably the best 5 episodes since Matt Smith became The Doctor, and yeah, that was almost tear jerking at the end.

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I think the last 2 episodes could have been better with more time.

I thought there would be a scene showing the 2 of them finding each other and going off to live their lives together, maybe finding Melody in New York in the 70s and bringing her up - just to close the story off nicely

Not sure if I agree on the overall quality, I feel like this series has been pretty weak so far with the last  2 eps being good.. but too short or would have been better if split into two episodes. I get that they want to do more with less, but.. alas, trying to fit a series' worth of content into 5 episodes is gonna be hard.

I think both the cube episode and angel episode had brilliant build ups but big anti-climaxes. The fact that Amy and Rory's story ended very very very abruptly almost makes me think that it's not over yet, if it hadn't ended with a sepia still of young Amelia I would have been certain it wasn't the last we'd see of them.. plus it's only half a series, who knows?

Anyway to keep us going 'til the merry holiday season how about some more interesting discussion? Smilie

Did anyone else notice how things sometimes seemed to go in reverse order over the last 5 episodes? First we have Amy saying she's a queen.. then the Doctor saying Rory left his phone charger in Henry VIII's room, then them hiding under Henry VIII's bed saying Amy just got married to him! Shouldn't it be the other way around? I seem to recall them teasing something like 'stories have a beginning, middle and end, but not always in that order'. I want to know what the deal is with this.. coincidence or not? Plus the angel-style light flickering in previous episodes, maybe we haven't seen the last of the Angels this series.

Secondly an observation about the Angels: No one has beaten them once, harming them seems to make your situation worse, people have only ever ran away or trapped them, the Angels are almost unstoppable, a true threat that seem to be intelligent too. Remember when the Daleks were feared and considered a true threat? Now they're just funny.
But man those fuckin' Angels are just terrifying to everyone in the Whoniverse. I hope they continue to bring powerful frightening episodes but I also hope they're not overused like the Daleks have been..
Now that's a mouthful of a post. Smilie

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Did anyone also notice the changing vortex in the title sequence?

In the first episode it was blue, moving to orange in the second half.  
In the 2nd episode the blue turned bluey-green, and the orange was seemed to have more red in it.
In the third, the bluey-green got darker and the orange was more red.
Episode 4 had purple and then red.  Also, when the lightning struck the TARDIS, there was a flash around the whole Vortex.
In episode 5, it was grey throughout, turning grey near the end, and the flash was still there when lightning strikes.

Here's something awesome to tide us over until Christmas. Smilie

I figured I'd give this thread a little ol' revival, I changed the topic title too.

Is anyone else still up to date with the Doctor? After having overall mixed feelings about the first half of the series late last year, the last few episodes have really reclaimed that "Doctor Who" vibe, clever stories with interesting characters, slowly building up a character arc for Clara and the Doctor. Overall my biggest peeve with the current series is that the writers can't seem to decide on Clara's personality, or the fact that they keep on saying "Doctor who?" like it's the edgiest funniest thing you ever did see (it was funny the first time, not the other 11 billion times since)

Speaking of Eleven! This is Doctor Who's 50th anniversary and some of you probably know that there's going to be quite a special later this year, it'll be aired on telly and in certain cinemas across Britain (so yes it's feature-length, we don't know how long exactly). I personally am only slightly looking forward to it, after Moffat's recent finales I can say I won't be getting my hopes up.

What's everyone else's thoughts on things (particularly the most recent episode Hide)
Don't forget to post here each week with your thoughts. Smilie

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Shame more people aren't keeping up with this thread. Am still watching and still enjoying. Jenna has to be the hottest companion ever, no contest. Smilie

Hide was very suitably creepy, some kids probably pissed themselves yesterday. Smilie I like how the Tardis is showing to have more of an identity and personality this season. 

I hope you and I aren't the only Doctor Who fans left here. Smilie

I thought it was creepy, but also not that creepy? It was supposed to be a horror episode, right? And yeah it was creepy but it's not the kind of scary that makes me paranoid, infact about halfway through it became a lot more interesting and took a turn I wasn't expecting at all, it wasn't as scary as I expected either (and considering I'm often bad with scary stuff, it was a bit relieving!)

I also really like how the TARDIS is getting more character too, I do hope we see her in human form again someday. Smilie She was brilliant. Can't help but wonder if the next episode will involve that in some way?

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I'm still watching Doctor Who, just finished watching yesterday's episode. I'm liking Clara, though Amy is still probably my favourite companion so far. Definitely agree that it's cool that they're giving the TARDIS more personality.

I just wish the series weren't so short and far between. Always seems to be the way with British TV, I guess. Smilie

I was pretty mixed on Amy towards the end, her whole character revolved around her love-life and I thought she didn't have enough individuality.

Clara.. could turn out the same, but right now she has a very interesting mystery surrounding her, I just hope they make her personality and character a little more consistent.

I'm also hoping that after this year the series' will be more frequent? The new series of Sherlock is supposed to be the last one so Moffat may have more time for DW afterwards, that and Moffat may be leaving as head writer before too long. I'd really like to have a full series each year!

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Thought if pop back in and update this thread.  2 major things happening in the next few months:

1) 50th Anniversary. A few bits going on currently:

  • UK TV are showing classic stories from each Doctor in the lead up to the actual anniversary
  • Dramatisation of the creation of the series
  • 50th Anniversary episode, featuring Matt Smith, John Hurt and David Tennant(!), as well as Clara and Rose (!).  
As a way to kick start the promotion of the 50th they also released this trailer, which is full of references to classic and new who, and I'm also liking the theme tune used in it

2) Matt Smith is leaving the role at Christmas, to be replaced by Peter Capaldi, with a full series next year for him.  I think Capaldi could be brilliant in this.  He's a well established actor, and a self confessed life long fan of the show.  Also, He was Malcolm Tucker in the Thick of It, which was pretty awesome.  Could be a bit odd as he was already in the Pompeii episode (as was Karen Gillan) .

edit: and I completely forgot about the fact they found most of 2 whole stories that haven't been seen in 45 years at a TV station in Nigeria, and have now released them on iTunes (on episode is still lost, so has the audio (which wasn't wiped) over still images that exist from the episode

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Wish those classic eps were on Freeview Smilie

That trailer was amazeballs. I'm not too clued up on the classic Whoverse, but wow, impressive stuff for only a minute.

In 2 months time we'll see a new doc, hopefully an epic 50th ep and bid farewell to Matt Smilie

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I've been watching the classic episodes they've been showing on Watch each weekend. Yesterday was the third doctor and today is the fourth. Whilst I think the old stories tend to drag on for a wee bit too long, I have been really enjoying seeing them. Most of us only started watching from 2005 but it's amazing to see how much history there is.

Can't wait for the 50th episode and am happy they're doing a full series next year. No more bloody split series BBC!!

Trailer was supposed to be shown tonight, but got leaked earlier.  Apparently there's another one tomorrow and something for Children in Need next week.  

fsjpfaaiohgeig OMG, looks epic. Always hated how little we've seen of the time war and Gallifrey/Time Lords in general so am hoping we get a hige dose of em in this special.

Interesting to see that scarf there - a possible sign that the old Docters will be inserted artificially through either old footage or CGI/bit of both?

Trailer looks great! Big bugets thrown in, it seems, how long will the special be?

Apparently that Children in Need special will be shown on the red button as well - or maybe something just for the red button, not sure.

Not long now!

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A 7 minute prequel/mini episode has been released today...


Anyone else going to the cinema to see this one? Me and a friend are going to Vue to watch it in 3D. I can't wait, it's gonna be epic!

Wow. Seriously, just wow. Totally worth seeing it in 3D at the cinema, the 3D instructional video at the beginning with Tennant and Smith was hilarious. Smilie

Phoenom said:
Wow. Seriously, just wow. Totally worth seeing it in 3D at the cinema, the 3D instructional video at the beginning with Tennant and Smith was hilarious. Smilie
Plus the "Cinema Etiquette" provided by Strax prior to that had the audience in stitches. xD Was really worth the watch and the wait. Happy 50th Doctor Who! Smilie

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That was pretty awesome. 

Peter Davison (Doctor 5) also made a pretty funny short about some of the past Doctors trying to get a part in the episode -  The Five(ish) Doctors

At the part where they showed Capaldi, I turned to my mate and was like "Wow, I didn't expect that." The crowd were in awe when he showed up on screen for a second.

One thing's for sure, I'm glad they bridged the gap between 8 and 9. Showing McGann regenerate into the War Doctor in the prequel episode, then the War Doctor regenerate into 9 (Well, showing majority of the process) was definitely closure for a lot of fans.

I really enjoyed the episode tbh and found the references to classic Doctor Who quite pleasing.

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