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Lots of good to take away from it, and gaps bridges, but the Zygon and even the Elizabethan scenes seemed a bit forced and not really needed imo.

Hurt's a brilliant Doctor and the banter between the three were great. Still would have liked to see CGI versions of some of the surving doctors and really build up on that, instead of the whole Zygon thing. Dunno.

Writing was better than it has been in some of these really poor episodes!

Btw is his grandaughter Susan still alive (in the show)? Was thinking they might end up meeting her again if he does get back to Gallifrey in the future - though that said, the actress is still pissed off at Doctor Who it seems:

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

"Hurt's a brilliant Doctor and the banter between the three were great."
What's even more banterous is the fact that the BBC still air this "entertainment".

( Edited 30.11.2013 21:31 by georg3 )

Holy crap dude. Smilie

Has had some good episodes this season, but the endings have been rushed and the pacing seems a bit off to me. The mummy, spider and flatline ones were pretty good, but then the endings.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Can't believe the Master is back. Amazing.

Love the new doctor tbf.

Hoj Pip

Capaldi is a great doctor, no denial, yet my problem lies with the fact that the scripts (in my opinion) are lacking. Trees trying to prevent a solar flare? Not exactly entertainment, and just doesn't live up to Smith's first season back in 2010. I also believe he doesn't have as much charisma as the last two doctors (in my opinion). I am not sure. He is good, just the scripts could be better, even if there are some niches that make it fun.

I agree, the issue is with the scripts. I couldn't stand the Amy and Rory episodes and stopped watching for a while. I like Capaldi, he's much darker than Smith was, much more like the original doctors. I think Smith became a bit of a joke if I'm honest (too whacky), as much as I liked him, I think he was let down by the scripts too.

I think Doctor Who could be so much better... I'm just left thinking "why didn't he just go back in time" on every episode. I don't accept the made up rules of "set points in time" and that, lol.

Hoj Pip

Indeed, Capaldi is certainly darker, and I think that that is the approach that Doctor Who should take, but then the scripts don't fully emphasise the darkness that is supposedly building up before the thirteenth doctor.

Also, I agree that Smith did become too much of a clown, his first season was really good, but then it went down hill. Yes, since 2005 it has become more of a comical show, but sometimes it goes too far.

Gutted it's finished already... looking forward to the Christmas special though! Glad to see the back of Clara.

Hoj Pip

Hoj said:
Gutted it's finished already... looking forward to the Christmas special though! Glad to see the back of Clara.

Do you reckon she's actually gone, or will she reconsider after Christmas?

My main issue wasn't her, it was just that sappy tripe with Danny.

One of the fan theories for the finale I loved:

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

I have a hard time warming to the assistants... I don't know why. I hate how the show focuses so much on the assistants, when all I really care about is the Doctor. Especially when the assistant is just dismissed as soon as they leave, never to be mentioned again.

I actually liked Danny though, I'd have like to have seen him become the new assistant (which is what I thought was going to happen)... A male assistant would have been interesting for a change, no silly being in love with the doctor crap!

I like that fan theory too!

Hoj Pip

Whaaa - you liked Danny? He was so robotic and cold (lol, appropriate)

New season needs more sci-fi - take them to new planets, meet alien civiliations etc.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

I hated Danny. Every scene with him was just awful. I liked Clara in Series 7 but she become too whiny and unbalanced this series which kinda ruined her for me and her relationship with Danny just wasn't believable. We didn't see it develop properly so it was just odd to see her so madly in love by the end of the series.

I do hope we see Missy again. She was fantastic and the highlight of the series. Also, I want next series to proper start with the Time Lord search. There was none of it this year. :/

Aaaand one last thing.....NO MORE KIDS. Like seriously, I get that Clara is a teacher but they were all just awful. D:

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