Enhanced DS Classics Line on 3DS - Yay or Nay?

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Okay, first off, I know what you're thinking, and I agree, 3DS has enough remakes and ports on the way as it is, and of course 3DS is fully backwards compatible anyway. But hear me out on this, just a thought of mine.

It would be fair to assume that the DS has an immense library of games to its name, and it wold probably take a lifetime to play through them all. It would also be fair to assume that many of them are out of print, or have high costs from importing or general rarity. And the 3DS no doubt offers lots of new features over the original Phat and Lite models that could easily benefit older games should they be updated for it (eg. Cleaner visuals like FF3 on iOS, stronger wifi features, 3D update, Analog stick).

So, my line of thought is, what if Nintendo, much like Sony and Microsoft are doing with their more recent backlog, offer downloadable enhanced DS games through the e-Store at a lesser price? That way, the shelves won't get clogged up with older games, allowing new titles to get some limelight. And I'd wager a lot of people would relish the oportunity to take around multiple DS software in non-cartridge form.

Some games I think would benefit;

Super Mario 64 DS- Two words: Analog Stick. The DS launch title would undoubtedly have been superior to its original if not for the controls, one bit of coding can fix that (again, I know the stick can be used with the game already, but it isn't true 360 degree movement). Seeing those painted worlds in 3D would certainly speak for itself, and just imagine the potential of those Minigames with online and leaderboard support.

Okamiden- Yep, a recent release, but the timing of it sandwiched between Pokemon Black/White and the 3DS makes me believe that it'll become an expensive rarity in a few months. Don't know enough about the game to say how the 3DS could boost it, though I'm sure those who have played it can offer some suggestions.

Ace Attorney games- Now these buggers already are fairly rare and go for quite a bit, despite being years old. Capcom have already shown that Phoenix is up for downloadable views with the iOS and Wiiware stores, so it wouldn't be a huge stretch to imagine they'd stick it on the e-Store if they wanted to. Plus, Objection! finger in 3D? Sign me the hell up.


I'd love to see some DS games on the 3DS(particularly like the idea of having them on the eshop) though certainly not all and it shouldn't slow down releases of new games for the 3DS.

I don't know about Okamiden. I LOVE it the way it is and I don't think that it should be messed with as it would require a complete overhaul to make it an experience like Okami, in a technical sense. I'd rather see a new game for reasons that I won't mention here because of possible spoilers for people who didn't play the game yet. As for it becoming rare and expensive in a few months, I don't think so. Okami for the Wii is STILL very cheap to get (20€ where I live/~20 pounds on Amazon UK) and that one has been released in 2008!

I would really love to see the Ace Attorney games in some form on the 3DS because I have yet to dive into that series since most of the games are rare and expensive now. :/

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I immediately dismissed your idea as soon as I read the title. Then I saw your examples and half-way changed my mind.

Phoenix Wright in 3D would be pretty dang awesome. Would love it if they took the time to redo some of the art and sprites to make them as lovely as Apollo Justice's too. I would expect all three of the original series in one package though. I wouldn't be too happy re-buying all three of them, unless they were cheap.

That said, I wouldn't want this done extensively. There are definitely a few titles that would really benefit, but for the most part I think its unnecessary given the 3DS backward compatibility.

( Edited 30.04.2011 23:03 by Jacob4000 )

Definitely agree that SM64 would benefit from the analogue stick treatment! Would be an nice bonus to perhaps include as part of the new Mario game, or as a downloadable as you say.

Given the SD card (and HC compatibility) on the 3DS, it would be awesome to be able to download the rarer DS games (even if they're not enhanced) - especially those that may have only had a small shipment.

Would like enhancements for older DS titles - Pokemon would be a great start. Mario Kart DS/Diddy Kong Racing DS would look great with subtle 3D additions too.

Ace Attorney is brilliant on WiiWare - I haven't actually played one on DS, but played through the original trilogy + Episode 5 on WiiWare throughout most of last year. Soooo good on the big screen and I like the social aspect of solving/working through cases with others. But ya, an enhanced bundle on 3DS would be good.

Don't have anything against the idea, but probably wouldn't happen from Nintendo for a while.

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that reminds me of the wiimakes. if done right there can be a lot of good games, for the 3ds

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Okamiden would be a waste of time imo, I would rather have a new game.

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I wouldn't fork out more money for an enhanced version of a game I already own, seeing as it's backwards compatible already.


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