Bourbons or Custard Creams?

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User Poll - Bourbons or Custard Creams?

Custard Cream

It the old-age question, which is the best biscuit?

Our first contender is the Bourbon! This biscuit consists of a splodge of chocolate fondant, wedged between two chocolate flavoured slabs of biscuit.

Our second contender is the Custard Cream, a long running British favourite and has won "UK Biscuit of the Year" 12 times! this biscuit consists of a splodge of custard flavoured fondant wedged between two slabs of biscuit.

Out of those two, it's easily Bourbon creams. They way they melt in tea is simply amazing. Purple Snack bars are second though. You bit off both ends and use it as a straw for your tea, then devour it as it melts so as to not get your hands all chocolatey.

Custard Cream, hands down.

Bourbons ftw! Anything chocolatey is good, plus vegan friendly! Smilie

Bourbons, of course... they're like.. the best.. ever. Smilie

Would have to agree on the classic bourbons.

Bourbons for me.

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Custard creams, always.

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It has to be Custard Creams for me, they're easily one of my favourite biscuits.

I do like Bourbons though.

Bourbons for me but I love the malted milk biscuits, scrumpcious! lol Smilie

The poll results are making me sceptical of the "UK biscuit of the Year" award. Unless the people who voted for Bourbon are, like me, not from the UK.

( Edited 01.05.2011 20:05 by Angus )

As a kid it was bourbon all the way. but now I'm a bit older and more mature I realise the error in my ways- custard creams FTW!

Bourbons, big time.

Custard Creams for me are a bit more moist, unlike Bourbon creams which I find dryer.


Both are good, although I prefer Bourbons.

You can buy mixed packs with both these, as well as Malted Milk in.Smilie

Amethyst said:
Custard Creams for me are a bit more moist, unlike Bourbon creams which I find dryer.
True, but irrelevant if you dip them into tea.

I'd say Bourbons because I'm a chocoholic (wow that's a real word).

But then, I love Custard Creams, but they'll have to come in a close second for this one.

If this was all Biscuits though, Scottish Shortbread or freshly baked (soft) Chocolate Chip Cookies are best.

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