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O hai guise. Long time no see.

So here at my uni there's this...well, the title states it nicely, Gamer Symphony Orchestra. I joined this semester on a whim and it's been tons of fun. We even got Grant Kirkhope, of Rare fame, to attend as a special guest and Mark Cromer, who did some music for the Civilization series, as a special guest performer on banjo.

There are quite a few videos of our performances on Youtube. Here's one of them.

It requires great courage to look at oneself honestly, and forge one's own path.

Thats awesome!
And sorry, I had to Reddit it. Its far too awesome not to share.

For people who have completed portal 2

You're actually a member of the GSO? :O Awesome, I've got a load of GSO downloaded, first heard of them through OCRemix. ^__^

Bad song to do with an orchestra, if you ask me. Most of the appeal of Still Alive comes from GLaDOS' computerized singing, along with the faux chiptone music and whimsical lyrics. TRIVIA: The actress who provides the voice for GLaDOS is an opera singer in real life.

It's still really cool that you're involved, though. I'm insanely jealous that you've met Kirkhope! :-x

nice song Smilie

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