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Echoes221 said:
The screen in general seems far too cluttered, hope there is an option to minimise the controller on the right hand side, its far too big.

I thought I remembered Miyamoto saying something about the hud either last E3 or in some interview and how there was an option to turn some features off. Anyone remember?

( Edited 12.06.2011 05:35 by bornforthis43 )

A quick Google search suggests the HUD can be turned off, but they were all posted in relation to the 2010 E3 event. I haven't seen anything on whether that's still this case at this year's E3.

But it certainly doesn't look as bad as it used to. Although if not turning it off, it would be nice to reduce the size perhaps. Once we get used to it, we won't really need to be seeing such a large image for the controls on our screens at all.


Image for


Image for

I don't really think there's any problems with the HUD. I thought it was quite screen consuming at E3 '10 but they seemed to have toned it down a lot, like Azuardo clearly pointed out in the post above me. Smilie

Image for


@ 2:10 (if you want to avoid spoilers, stop watching when the chest appears)

Guide: How to be a pro in Skyward Sword

1. Waggle around frantically like it was never seen before.

2. Be lucky enough to get your hits in while the enemies let their guard down, all while hoping that they're dead before your stamina is completely empty (irl or ingame) from performing attacks like a madman.

3. Go on to beat them so fast that they don't even know what was happening to them.

4. Congratulations! You're now an expert in playing Skyward Sword.

( Edited 20.06.2011 14:00 by SirLink )

... gamecube controller mode please? Smilie

Tom Barry [ Reviewer - Editor - Resident Sim-Racer @ Cubed3.com ] 

Soundworks said:
... gamecube controller mode please? Smilie
Sure, simply plug one in and hold the C-stick in the angle you want your sword to slice, all while controlling Link with the normal analog stick, using items, mashing the good ol' B button to attack and probably looking at the screen a couple times to see what the hell you're doing ingame while you're busy rocking the controls. Simple, right? Smilie

Not sure if this is old news but I jizzed myself when I first heard it. The Skyward Sword Theme backwards:


^Yeah, that's pretty old news but still, it's awesome.

Has this been mentioned yet?

Iwata Asks

I suppose so. Actually, when listening to past music for the Legend of Zelda series, there were several songs that I wanted to arrange for an orchestra. I chose some to my fancy and put them in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

So it looks like we'll be getting orchestrated arrangements of past Zelda tracks in Skyward Sword. I really want A Link to the Past's Lost Woods theme! Can't wait for this soundtrack even more now.

Azuardo said:
Has this been mentioned yet?

Iwata Asks

So it looks like we'll be getting orchestrated arrangements of past Zelda tracks in Skyward Sword. I really want A Link to the Past's Lost Woods theme! Can't wait for this soundtrack even more now.

Wow, you actually beat me at posting something of a new Iwata Asks. Smilie Usually I'm the first to spot those because I check those sites daily but I slept almost the entire day after school yesterday. Smilie Here's a star for you, mate. Smilie *Get Item sound*

Awesome news, though! Yokota was in charge of the absolutely epic orchestration for Ocarina of Time 3D, so I'm sure that my mind will be blown. Also worth mentioning is that Hajime Wakai, the guy who worked on Pikmin and Wind Waker's soundtrack is Skyward Sword's sound director. Maybe we'll get some influences from Wind Waker in? That would be amazing.

Since we're already on the topic here, I've heard some complains about the main theme for Skyward Sword and its orchestration. Stuff like it's not the generic, bombastic orchestra heard in many of the Galaxy soundtracks like the Galaxy 1 main theme or Melty Molten Galaxy. What do you guys think about that? I find the Skyward Sword main theme absolutely stunning, it really grows on you and is just very different from other orchestrations. It just makes me totally excited about the rest of the soundtrack. Smilie

( Edited 28.06.2011 09:23 by SirLink )

lol I don't read Iwata Asks specifically, I just happened to come across the info on another site. These interviews seem to be going up all the time now. Makes it look like this is all Iwata ever does...heh

But that sounds great. WW had one of the best OSTs and it would be great to hear some tunes from that in this. I know we all can't wait to hear some original great tracks in SS, but certainly I really wanna hear quite a few orchestrated new takes on some tunes from other Zeldas, perhaps some from the Oracles, Link's Awakening and LttP.

( Edited 29.06.2011 22:37 by Azuardo )

A whole lot of story details have arised from an Famitsu interview with Eiji Aonuma. I probably won't have to mention it but if you don't want to spoil the game for you, stay away!

I only read the headline which really doesn't say anything but it could make your excitement level go skyward, especially if you're a fan of a certain game in the series. Smilie

Headline: (pretty safe to read)

Full Article: (Heavy spoilers!!)

One thing that should be very interesting for everyone though, is that Aonuma was suggesting that the English script is already complete. That could mean that the game could come out sooner rather than later.

After reading lots of articles and previews, playing Okami (almost done, so underrated), and beating Ocarina 3DS, now I'm really getting excited for SS. Like before I was like, this looks good, but now I'm super excited!

Okami is one of the most beautiful, most memorable , most touching and one of the best games ever made. I just had to say it

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WTF lol, tiny spoiler I think:

That ^^^ was in the E3 demo, the game is a lot darker than you'd think. Before that bit he says:

( Edited 30.06.2011 09:17 by Stulaw )

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Love that gif animation - facial expressions look awesomes Smilie

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

The Hut are now taking pre-orders for the limited-edition bundle! So far, they're the first online retailer I've seen that has it.

I'll probably wait it out till ShopTo put it on their site. Considering I really want this though, I'm a little tempted to pre-order from The Hut, just to make sure I get it.

Yep, I decided to wait for it to hit ShoptTo as well, and it's up there now!

Thanks to Mush for letting me know it's up.

Edit: Okay, Mush didn't know it was up, but his post caused me to look all the same XD

( Edited 04.09.2011 06:06 by Azuardo )

Pre-ordered. Excitement time! Smilie

Squidboy (guest) 03.09.2011#47

IGN poor videogame journalism continues:

Why Skyward Sword Should "Learn" from Skyrim

Richard George of IGN.com, you really are an idiot.

Squidboy (guest) said:
IGN poor videogame journalism continues:

Why Skyward Sword Should "Learn" from Skyrim

Richard George of IGN.com, you really are an idiot.

Fanboy quote of the day. People should read what he says on the subject. You might think he cunts Zelda off big-time due to Squidboy's reaction. In fact, he just makes some good points without being all "Zelda is shit" about it. Come on guys, as a series it's now pretty stale. It could use some improvements.

Martin, I just read the first point and he's already wrong. Nintendo have opened up the world in Skyward Sword and have used a method in which the whole game is basically one big dungeon, and it's more seamless. Weapons won't be used for certain dungeons and you'll also be going back to older temples and dungeons again, once you acquire new ones.

There's also two worlds in Skyward Sword, so it could be huge. We don't know what the underworld is like, since we haven't seen it yet. The sky world is like The Wind Waker, a vast sea of clouds with a number of different islands you can land on.

Same for some of the other points. In fact it's not all about saving Princess Zelda. Most of the games have a progressive story and saving her is only part of it usually (which comes later on in the game). Some Zelda games aren't about saving Zelda at all.

Whilst these are fair points, the article seems to be based on previous Zelda games, not this new one. If you've been following news on Skyward Sword, you will know Nintendo have addressed most of these issues. Plus we still hardly know much about the game, Nintendo have kept it very secretive, probably to stop the hype from dampening the final experience of the game.

Either way, I've not been following Skyrim at all, so I literally know nothing about it. So it would be unfair of me to say whether Skyward Sword could learn anything from it. At the end of the day though, they're both different games and Zelda needs to retain some of it's core elements to make it feel like a Zelda game.

( Edited 03.09.2011 11:27 by Marzy )

He has some points but I do think the skyrim comparison is a little unfair. Both can learn from each other but both also have their own strengths that simply wouldn't work well in the other.

Either way, I'm getting both as both look amazing. I'm really liking Skyward Sword more and more.

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