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Tales of Symphonia had great Music.

Full Force

Glint of Light

Beat the Angel


Fighting of the Spirit

Unsatisfied Desire

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So far series of VG music that seems impressive:

1)Shenmue 1 and 2
2)Metroid Prime series
3)DKC 1/2/3
4)NMH series
5)Sonic Colours
6)Shadow of the Colossus
7)FF series - various
8)Epic Mickey - notably pirate world
9)Yoshi's island - SNES
12)MGS 1/3
13)RR64 and RR type 4
14)Turok 2

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Didn't know you were a Shenmue fan, Sherwiinator. Was gonna post the credits themes to 1 and 2 in particular. I played them both successively again a couple of years ago and the credits theme to Shenmue 2 almost made me cry after leaving you on that 10-year cliffhanger.

I'll always love this battle theme from Shenmue:
Earth and Sea

And a few more area themes from Shenmue 2 that stick out:
Queen's Street (Day)
Stand Quarter (Day)
Green Field

Stu: Yeah, Symphonia had some great tracks. I like Glint of Light and Fatalize. Unsatisfied Desire always sounded like shit was about to go down. Kinda reminds me of FF7's Shinra theme; has that same effect.

TimeSplitters 2
There must be a few fans of this legendary game here. Used to blast Ice Station and Scrapyard with my mates in the car.
Ice Station
Who could ever forget this raving tune as well? Damn, I wanna play this game again. Where's TS4, Crytek?!

Starwing - Corneria
Original SNES version
Brawl Remix

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Blazblue has one of the best soundtracks for a fighter out their, if not the best xD Ragna's and Noel's themes are a couple of my favorites.

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@ Azuardo...I really hope we get a Shenmue 3. It's a crime if it never gets made and Ryu remains MIA.

Shenmue 2 was awesome... and I still await the day when Sega release (at least on Wii U) a compilation disk with Shenmue 1 and 2 as well as the final chapter, 3! In many ways its still superior and looks nicer than Yakuza

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*Ryo. ;]

It was rumoured a long time ago that they would release the full story as one whole game, but wasn't true. To have the full thing remade and on one disc would be perfect. I still hold hope for it, however it comes.

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Our member of the week

Spoilers wouldn't work because the flash objects are still loaded in memory at the same time as the web page despite being hidden until you click on the spoiler button.

Links are the only solution it seems. Changed all of mines (at request from Sherwiinator)

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Okay, edited my posts to have mostly links. Doesn't seem quite as bad now.

btw Kafei, Castlevania has loads of quality tracks, thanks for posting. I got into the series with Dawn of Sorrow and was surprised just how nearly every single track was brilliant and memorable. I still can't get Pitch Black Intrusion out of my head since you posted it.

I'm gonna have to share some awesome catchy tracks from

Banjo Kazooie
Freezeezy Peak
Rusty Bucket Bay
Click Clock Wood (Spring)

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Our member of the week

Rusty Bucket bay is my favourite in the entire game Smilie. (This and Treasure Trove Cove Smilie )

What about those from Banjo-Tooie ?

Mayahem Temple
Glitter Gulch Mine
Grunty Industries (Outside)

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Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

If you plan to play any of the following games in the near future, I recommend you to not listen to any of the soundtracks I posted here. Experiencing them for the first time during the scenes/situations in the respective games is just so much different.

If you don't care about that, I won't be the one to stop you from listening to some aural awesomeness.

As an avid Baten Kaitos fan, I feel obliged to post some of my favorites from its amazing soundtrack here.

Baten Kaitos - The True Mirror (Battle Theme) Quite possibly the best Battle Theme I've ever heard.
Baten Kaitos - The True Mirror (Guitar Version) Yeah..forget what I wrote above. This is just as epic.
Baten Kaitos - Rumbling of the Earth Absolutely epic.
Baten Kaitos - Brave Way Best soundtrack to listen to if you need some motivation.
Baten Kaitos - Vitriolic a Stroke Builds up in the middle and explodes at the end while staying totally awesome throughout the entire song.
Baten Kaitos - Condemnation of Darkness One of my absolute favorites. It truly makes you feel like you're in the darkness, struggling to repel the evil that spawns it.

Note that most of these are (obviously) heard in fights; that's just the type of music I often seem to like the most. Baten Kaitos has some very relaxing, beautiful tracks as well.

Now on to another game I like to rave about...

Okami - Reset (Thank You) I lost count of how many times I listened to this ever since I completed Okami. It's just too beautiful to comprehend.
Okami - Reset Just as awesome as the Thank You version but with amazingly beautiful vocals? I was simply stunned when I first heard this.
Okami - Shinshu Plains Very relaxing, yet adventurous.
Okami - Ryoshima Plains Just as relaxing and adventurous as Shinshu Plains.
Okami - Descent of the Great Goddess So many emotions squeezed into such a short song, it's amazing.

and its sequel as well...

Okamiden - Ryoshima Coast I can't believe they topped Okami's version with this one.
Okamiden - Preparing for Action Gets me incredibly pumped everytime I hear it.
Okamiden - Sorrow Coupled with very emotional scenes, this one is just too much for me to handle.
Okamiden - All is Good Complete opposite of Sorrow, except that it doesn't fail to put you right into the perfect mood as well.

Last but not least a game that should NOT be overlooked by anyone...

Little King's Story - King Jumbo Champloon If you can (pun intended) remix Can-Can into something as amazing as this, that really says it all about the entire soundtrack.
Little King's Story - Guardian Battle A remix of the William Tell Overture. Loving it.
Little King's Story - New Island There's something about this one that gets me. Can't explain what it is.
Little King's Story - Celebration Another classic song beautifully remixed.
Little King's Story - Ripe Kingdom When I first heard this, my jaw dropped. Never expected to hear this song in a videogame.

That's all, of course, just a small taste of the soundtracks for those four games. Smilie

PS: It took me almost 2 hours to put together this post and make a comment for each soundtrack...I'd say that it was fucking worth it. Smilie

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This thread is so epic. But every single time I think of a song, someone posts it.
At least everyone here has really good tastes.Smilie

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Bramble Blast - Super Smash Bros. Brawl:

Final Destination - Super Smash Bros. Brawl:


Shadow Of The Colossus Soundtrack - The Opened Way (1):

Shadow Of The Colossus Soundtrack - A Violent Encounter (2):

Shadow Of The Colossus Soundtrack - Counterattack (5):

Shadow of the Colossus OST, T35: The Sunlit Earth:

Final Fantasy VI - Terra

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow - Condemned Tower

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core - The Price of Freedom

Final Fantasy VI - Decisive Battle (Dissidia)

Final Fantasy VII - Still More Fighting or Black Mages version

Super Mario Galaxy - Gusty Garden Galaxy

Tales of Symphonia - Fighting of the Spirit or Tales of Symphonia - Fighting of the Spirit (Orchestrated)

Tales of Vesperia - Fury Sparks

Mega Man 2 - Dr Wily theme (remix)

These songs put me to sleep but they're awesome none the less:
Hyrule Symphony - Kakariko Village

Hyrule Symphony - Lon Lon Ranch

Kirby's Epic Yarn - Grass Land

Kirby's Epic Yarn - Weird Woods

Animal Crossing DS - The Roost (Brawl Version)

They're still a lot of awesome games with great soundtracks I haven't mentioned yet. XP

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Never actually got around to getting Banjo Tooie unfortunately. Maybe some day.

Lrrr, Chrono Cross has some great tunes. Haven't played that series either, but I've heard its music on many occasions.
Great call on The Price of Freedom from FF7 CC too. Even though you knew what was coming, I still produced a couple of tears at the end of that game. Such a well-written story.

Final Fantasy X
Must post a few from this, especially as Hamauzu (FF13) composed some of his own tracks for it alongside Uematsu.
Fight Against Seymour
Enemy Attack
Battle Theme
Decisive Battle
Summoned Beast Battle
Calm Before the Storm

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Orchestrated version of Terra (FFVI) Smilie.

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That's an awesome version Stulaw.
Apparently Xenoblade has a fantastic soundtrack, I'm so tempted to go listen to it but I don't want to spoil anything for my self. The game is coming out at the end of August so hopefully I can wait.

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You know, with the Sonic Generations demo up, I'm in a Sonic music mood. Can't wait to hear the new versions of Speed Highway and Chemical Plant. In fact, I love the music in Sonic Adventure 2. Even the cheesy Knuckles raps were so corny they were ace.

Sonic 2 - Chemical Plant
Sonic 2 - Metropolis
Sonic 2 - Boss
Sonic 3 - Ice Cap
Sonic Adventure - Red Hot Skull
Sonic Adventure - Speed Highway
SA2 - Supporting Me (Biolizard Fight)
SA2 - Pumpkin Hill
SA2 - Green Forest
SA2 - White Jungle
SA2 - Final Chase
SA2 - Egg Golem Fight

Meh, there's loads more. Just a selection I bothered looking for.

( Edited 30.10.2017 05:47 by Guest )

There's a part in Terra's Theme starting at 1:11 in the video that Stulaw just posted that really reminds me of another song. I've a feeling it's from Mario 64, but I went through a few songs from that and couldn't find it. it could be from Mario Kart 64, or a Yoshi game. If anyone knows what it is, please tell me. It's wrecking my head!

( Edited 30.10.2017 05:47 by Guest )

You know, it reminds me of something too. I can't quite put my finger on what though. I thought maybe the credits themes, but not sure. Will post some Mario ones anyway though :]

Edit: Hang on, to me, it kinda sounds similar to the opening in SM64, even though it's very short.

Super Mario 64 - Credits
SM64 - Dire, Dire Docks
Mario Kart 64 - Credits
MK64 - Rainbow Road
MK Double Dash - Rainbow Road
Super Mario World - Credits
Super Mario Sunshine - Delfino Plaza
Ricco Harbour
Super Mario Land - Chai Kingdom
Super Mario Bros 3 - Overworld 2

( Edited 30.10.2017 05:47 by Guest )

Two absolutely epic Zelda orchestrations/remixes I'm listening to a lot lately. Better watch out, your mind might be blown. Smilie

The Wind Waker - Dragon Roost Island Orchestrated
The Wind Waker - Ancient Hero - The Legendary Hero Remix

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Ok... check these out peeps Smilie

Shatter ~ Krypton Garden

Shatter ~ Neon Mines

Also see:

Child of eden - star line (fucking awesome tune)

And... last but not least:

Streets of rage intro:


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Shatter on PSN was too good. The music just made playing it constantly more worthwhile. Smilie
Still play it from time to time.

Here's a throwback for you's SF Fans to enjoy.


( Edited 30.10.2017 05:48 by Guest )

Guile Theme

It goes with everything.

( Edited 30.10.2017 05:48 by Guest )

I can't help but stare at Boshi's avatar when the Street Fighter opening theme is playing. It fits so well! XD

But yeah, SF has some awesome music.

Anyone got SSFII HD Remix?
Main Menu Theme (Ken Remix)

( Edited 30.10.2017 05:48 by Guest )

Another one to add to the list. Dragonball Budokai Tenkiachi 2 has a thoroughly awesome OST - See below - its immense, esp when playing!

The Music of Video Games: Street Fighter

Open wings



Sky in our hands:

Arcadia Village:

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Wii Code: 6399-3866-6269-0745
PSN: SherWiinator Currently playing: LOZ: SS
Wishlist: Last Story, Pandora's tower, Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3

A few tracks I have on my iPod that haven't been mentioned yet;

Another Side (Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days) - Final battle theme, as epic as any of the other games in the series.

Brighter Side (Viewtiful Joe Anime) - Okay, I'm cheating, but hardly anyone's seen the anime and this song is awesome. Smilie

Calling (The World Ends With You) - Incredible music.

Still More Fighting (Final Fantasy VII) - Best boss theme ever produced from speakers.

Winning the Duel (Yu-Gi-Oh GX Tag Force) - and a video of my own. Catchy and memorable. Smilie

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