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As I'm trying to avoid the Skyward Sword thread, I'll post this up here.

Someone managed to grab a certain track without any background noise; The Skyward Sword Theme in full. Enjoy! Smilie

Anyone know some good opening themes/main menu music that just makes you sit there for ages before even beginning the game? These spring to mind for me...

Kingdom Hearts 2 - Dearly Beloved

Final Fantasy X-2 - Memory of Lightwaves

FFXIII - Prelude to Final Fantasy XIII

FFVIII - Liberi Fatali

Metal Gear Solid 4

Bonus awesome music:
Earthbound - Battle Against a Machine

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Since it's ~new~ and stuff I thought I'd post my favourite track from Xenoblade.

Colony 9 Day
Yep even if it's from the first area it's still my favourite track. For now.

and now for my top 5 Touhou tracks yay

1) Subterranean Animism - Lullaby of Deserted Hell

2) Mountain of Faith - The Gensokyo the Gods Loved

3) Unidentified Fantasic Object - Fires of Hokkai

4) Perfect Cherry Blossom - Phantom Ensemble

5) Imperishable Night - Love-coloured Master Spark

am i the only touhou fan on c3 or..

( Edited 18.12.2011 22:29 by Azuardo )

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Xenoblade Chronicles - Main Theme

No surprise here, really. Smilie

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - Main Theme

I used to always sit there for several minutes and listen to this awesome song, the awesome "The Legendary Hero" theme in the intro, to the main theme again and finally that kickass trailer music before I'd start playing. XD It was just that good. Smilie

Fire Emblem - Main Theme

Love this theme so much, it just gets me right in the mood for some Fire Emblem. XD The remastered version in SSBB is pretty damn awesome too. Smilie

@Phoenixus: Thanks a lot for posting that link here. Smilie Now I can listen to that fantastic theme at max volume without having way too loud noise in it (not that it stopped me from doing that before XD). Smilie

( Edited 21.09.2011 15:06 by SirLink )

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Would it be asking too much people that you post your future tracks as links and not embed all your videos ? Anything over ten embedded videos per page starts slowing things down a lot for users who don't have a high end machine for browsing Internet. Thanks.

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Good shout on Wind Waker. So many ace tunes in that game. I used to listen to Legendary Hero loads as well.

More I've just remembered!

Tomb Raider Underworld Main Theme
Love how it just builds and builds, giving you goosebumps, then bam - classic four-note Tomb Raider theme plays right at the end. Epic isn't the word.

Uncharted 2 - Nate's Theme
Another that puts shivers down your spine when the violin kicks in. Uncharted 3 soon GAH!

Soul Calibur 2 - Opening
This is another which builds and the classic tune comes at the end. Recurring trend among most of these I've posted now! So good though.

Did we have any Pac-Man DX music posted? 'Tevs, I'm posting anyways.

Main Menu

If you've got good headphones, use 'em. All these songs with bass sound so much better.

Dire Dire Docks on piano.


Az has given me the YouTube resizing bug.

( Edited 21.09.2011 20:02 by Martin_ )
Sonic Unleashed. Holoska daytime stage

SuperYoshi6 PSN name
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Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness - Main Theme
The actual game was poorly made, but the soundtrack was amazing.

Sonic 2 (8-bit) - Aqua Lake Zone
Loved everything about this level. The first act really looks amazing compared to most water levels and one I was hoping to get the 3DS treatment until Iizuka decided no handheld stages were needed to celebrate Sonic's handheld history. Smilie

Final Fantasy X-2 - Besaid
I could post every track from FFX-2 as every one is a joy to listen to. Smilie

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I have this tune stuck in my head right now :

Flower Sun and Rain - Rhapsody in Blue

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer
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One of the best soundtracks ever, and one of the best games on the Super Nintendo also...

Super Aleste / Space Megaforce (1992)
Probably the best shoot 'em up to grace Nintendo 16-bit console, right up there with Axelay and R-Type III. Quasi no slowdowns, awesome graphics, superb level design that puts even M.U.S.H.A. Aleste to shame and, you guessed it, the most incredibly good soundtrack Smilie. I'll post only a few standouts.

Space Platform
Labyrinth (best track in the game IMO)
Black Hole Anomalies
Rock Downfall
Asteroid Belt(A close second to the best track)
Organic Life

And since I'm on the topic of shoot 'em ups, I'll post a few tracks from one of the most awesome shoot 'em ups of all time, which also happens to have one of th best soundtracks to ever grace my ears Smilie.

Xexex (1991)
I don't expect anyone on here to know about this game, since it's rather obscure and remained exclusive to the arcades until it was ported to PSP (alas only in Japan). Unless you're a die-hard fan of the genre, it's unlikely that you'll know about it... (unless you happen to have played the mini-game in Ganbare Goemon 2: Kitteretsu Shogun Magginesu for the Super Famicom, but even that is rather obscure). Just know that, back in its day, it was one of the most visually impressive games ever crafted, even by arcade standards.

With Zero G
Crystal Clear (my favourite Smilie )
Happy Daymare
Out of the Blue from the Hyperspace Jump

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

! New DKC music remix !

Encounter In The Abyss - remix of Lockjaw's Saga from DKC2

This coming from the guy who brought us these awesome remixes:

Industrial Hysteria - remix of Fear Factory from DKC1
Gears Grinding - remix of Nuts And Bolts from DKC3

I know I posted those two before, but whatevs.

And holy hell, official 8-bit remix of Blinded by Light from FFXIII! So getting posted in the FF thread.

Of course I love all the Zelda, Mario, Metroid etc. music, but just recently I've taken quite a liking to Danny Baranowsky's soundtracks.

Cave Story 3D - Main Theme 1

Super Meat Boy Chapter 2 (Probably one of the best from SMB)

The Binding of Isaac - Dreadful (Music played when you're in The Depths)

The music in TBoI really sets the scene and fits in well with the whole gameplay. It has a very dark, but epic feel to it.

Most of Danny B's compositions have the same effect. The music in Super Meat Boy definitely made the experience a lot more epic.

I look forward to playing Cave Story 3D and hearing some more of this guy's music. While the soundtrack will be remixes of the original soundtrack, I have heard previews of some of the remixed songs and they sound really catchy.

Straying away from this love for Danny B, I've also taken quite a shine to C418's music. Mainly the stuff he's made for Minecraft. It also does a really good job at setting the scene and can be fairly soothing at times.

I've also become quite a fan of Ephixa's Zelda dubstep remixes.

Ephixa - Lost Woods Dubstep Remix
Ephixa - Song of Storms Dubstep Remix
Ephixa - Gerudo Valley Dubstep Remix
Ephixa - Dragon Roost Island Dubstep Remix

I'm not usually a huge fan of dubstep, I like some of it but I love it if it's Zelda Step. Smilie


Awesome song

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Am trying to bolster my iPod music library so bumping this thread seems like a sensible idea at the mo.

Persona 4: Reach Out To The Truth

Zelda Skyward Sword: Main theme

Zelda Minish Cap: Minish Village Theme

Having recently reviewed Mario & Sonic 2012, I have to say, I love the soundtrack! Fans of Mario and Sonic music will definitely agree.

These are remixes of past Mario and Sonic games, so I'm just gonna post their original names. Some awesome remixes in here!

Just realised some of these were in previous Mario & Sonic Olympics games, but plenty of new ones too!

Mario music
Moo Moo Meadows: Mario Kart Wii
Athletic: Super Mario 3
Purple Comet: Mario Galaxy
Delfino Plaza: Mario Sunshine
Underwater: Super Mario 1
Puzzle Plank Galaxy: Mario Galaxy 2
Gusty Garden Galaxy: Mario Galaxy
Main Theme: Super Mario 1
Athletic: Super Mario World
Underwater: New Super Mario Bros
World 3-2: New Super Mario Bros Wii
Bowser's Road: Super Mario 64
Bob-omb Battlefield: Super Mario 64
Mario Circuit: Mario Kart Double Dash
Overworld: Super Mario 3
Boss: Mario Galaxy
Boss: Mario Sunshine
Battlerock Galaxy: Mario Galaxy
Sky Station: Mario Galaxy 2
Beach Theme: New Super Mario Bros Wii
Yoshi's Picture Book: Yoshi's Story
Coconut Mall: Mario Kart Wii
Wario's Gold Mine: Mario Kart Wii
Underground: Super Mario 1

Sonic music
Seaside Hill: Sonic Heroes
Windy Valley: Sonic Adventure
Bingo Highway: Sonic Heroes
Ocean Palace: Sonic Heroes
Crazy Gadget: Sonic Adventure 2
Grand Metropolis: Sonic Heroes
Splash Hill Acts 1-3: Sonic 4
Flying Battery: Sonic & Knuckles
Windy and Ripply: Sonic Adventure

The Moo Moo Meadows remix is fantastic. When they make a Wii U version of Mario Kart, I hope they include Moo Moo Meadows in the retro courses and have this remix replace the original track (not that the original was bad).

Thanks for sharing.

( Edited 18.12.2011 23:24 by Marzy )

Unfortunately, some tracks aren't uploaded onto YouTube, like the awesome Sonic CD Palmtree Panic.

But, I have found some more awesome Mario remixes in Fortune Street! That's Boom Street for us lot in Europe.

Final Boss: Super Mario World Holy crap, this is ace!
Good Egg Galaxy: Mario Galaxy
Starship Mario: Mario Galaxy 2
Bowser's Castle: New SMB
Mario Theme: SMB
Delfino Plaza: Mario Sunshine
Mushroom Kingdom: Mario RPG
Mario Circuit: Super Mario Kart
Yoshi's Island Title: Yoshi's Island
Toad House: New SMB
Bonus Stage: Mario World
Toad House: Mario 3
World 7: Mario 3
Athletic: Yoshi's Island
Save Peach: Mario 64
Yoshi's Island Map: Mario World

( Edited 18.12.2011 23:39 by Azuardo )

Our member of the week

Marzy said:
When they make a Wii U version of Mario Kart, I hope they include Moo Moo Meadows in the retro courses

Considering they already remade it for the DS game, I wouldn't get my hopes up for this one to be in Mario Kart Wii U (unless they would go all out and include dozens of old and new courses instead of the 16+16 formula we've been used to with the DS, Wii and 3DS outings). Come to think of it, they could do DLC cups, though I'd rather not have to pay for content which should be in the package right from the start.

But I digress... Thanks for sharing your tracks Az' Smilie.

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

That was Moo Moo Farm from Mario Kart 64. Moo Moo Meadows is from the Wii version and hasn't been included as a retro course before.

Our member of the week

Ah yes that's right. My mistake :p.

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

Animal Crossing - 5am

Immensely relaxing and captures the feeling of that early morning, where the sun is about to come up soon. It's the sort music I'd expect to hear played at 5am if different music played in our world every hour.

Something to get you all in the festive mood. Smilie

I got Kirby's Epic Yarn for Christmas and it has outstanding quality music and lots of it.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution soundtrack is just amazing. I can't find the proper words to describe it.

And Away We Go

Unatco Theme

Opening Credits

( Edited 03.01.2012 19:20 by Azuardo )

Just discovered this beauty. So dark, yet mesmerising. Close your eyes and listen...

Zelda SS - "Skyward" (Ballad of the Goddess remix)

The low piano keys really remind me of an end credits theme, like Shenmue. Something else too, perhaps. Just can't put my finger on what.

( Edited 01.01.2012 23:46 by Azuardo )

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