What are you playing? -You Should Be Outside Edition- July 2011

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It's that time of the year again when no games come out. What's everyone playing during this beautiful sunny July?

I just happened to flick through the PlayStation Store a couple of days ago and saw that Braid was down to £2.00 for PS Plus members. I think most of our subscriptions will be up soon, so I urge everyone on it to make the most of this offer. It's already been fucking with my head, but I haven't resorted to a guide for some of these insane puzzles yet. I don't intend to either, because the satisfaction of doing them is great, but damn, some are hard. I've been stumped many times, but have managed to completely solve the first couple of worlds. For a couple of quid, this is cheaper than the Game Boy games Nintendo are throwing out at the moment, and you'll get much better enjoyment out of it than many of those. Buy it.

Of course, just downloaded the Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta, which is quite a lot of fun. Apart from that, still haven't had much motivation for playing games lately, so I'm very slowly still making my way through Bioshock and Zelda: Spirit Tracks.


Ha.. Azuardo - You beat me to it. I was just going to post such a topic Smilie... damn!

Well here's what I've been looking fwd to playing till some more interesting games come out:

1)Dragonball Budokai Tenkiachi 2
2)Splinter cell convinction
3)Super Mario Galaxy 2 (managed to find it somewhere really cheap - so why not?)
4) Trying to hunt down a cheap copy of Little Kings Story

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Cheapest place online atm for LKS is ShopTo: £9.85

Playing Reach multiplayer and some CoD Zombies at the moment.

Need to get a new game. Thinking about LA Noire. Anyone here have opinions on it?

( Edited 03.07.2011 02:08 by Jacob4000 )

Final Fantasy XIII on-and-off, Ocarina of Time 3DS. and Okamiden. Smilie

OoT3D, Sonic Colours, Sonic 4 Ep1, although I'll probably complete them all by the middle of the week, it's good to have free time again Smilie.

Once I complete them, it's on to Final Fantasy XII and Super Metroid.

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I'm currently playing FF VII for the first time thanks to our local FF fanatic (FFF? XD) Azuardo who got me all curious. I'm not that far in so far but I can already say I'm liking it.

I still have both Pikmin and Pikmin 2 lying unopened on my shelf, so those will get some time too in July. Throughout the month I'll probably find some other games I wanna play as well. Smilie

1. Shadow of the Damned
2. Demon's Souls (600th hour...*shudders* stole me life away)
3. Fifa 11
4. Zelda 3D

I finished last night Shadows of the Damned which was alright. Next up is Red Dead Redemtion which I've only just started.

It's going to be shit and you jolly well know it.

OoT 3DS - finished it for the review, but going through and getting all the little extra bits.

Mario Tennis N64 - still massively awesome!

Considering going back to Galaxy 2 and finishing the star hunt.

Stulaw said:
Sonic Colours

I defo need to finish Colours, so much to unlock - haven't beaten the final boss myself yet.

( Edited 03.07.2011 11:47 by jb )

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Finished Shadows of the Damned yesterday, played some more LA Noire, started and completed Transformers: Dark of the Moon Wii earlier (only took two and a half hours; review soon). Maybe some more LA Noire later!

Mostly playing the Uncharted 3 beta which is really fun as well as RE Mercenaries 3d. Defo a good game but it should've had way more content tbqh.

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Been on Steam alot recently, mainly playing L4D2 just messing around.

Xbox 360 gaming has been Bad Company 2.

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Bad Company 2 - Check my vid Smilie


Completed Shadows of the damned, was good but fairly short (I was really hacked off that I didn't get the achievement for easy completion when I completed normal)

This week I'll be finishing off games I have yet to complete - Batman Arkham Asylum, Just Cause 2 (every time I play I get side tracked), Gears of War and Bioshock.

Golden Sun Dark Dawn. Love how fast the battles are. Smilie

I'm splitting my time between the PC version of Fable 3, playing the Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta and doing yet another run through of Mass Effect 2.

Played football on the beach this weekend, we won 12-9. Now that is an amateur end-of-game scoreline if you ever saw one! Also played "drink while you think" in a nightclub on Saturday. Good times!

I'm extremely slowly working my way through Ocarina of Time MQ - I'm at the Fire Temple.

Also, LA Noire. Bought the Rockstar pass so got the DLC to work through.

How come very few people play The Mercenaries 3D? It's an excellent game for the 3DS...

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I think most are a bit peeved off about the 'can't delete save' situation, and it being essentially a high score game without any storylines. Still pretty good from what I've played of it. Smilie

I completed OoT and moved on the MQ, but instead of playing my other games I listed I started playing Bioshock again which is pretty damn good.

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I've kinda put Bioshock on hold and just did a really quick run through FF8. Beat it in 26 hours. Moved on to FF7 now, and plan to go through 9 and 10 too.

Never finished an FF. I have VII, VIII and IX on my PS3. I'm working slowly through VII with a guide book until I get to where I was at years ago (third disc). I had VII and VIII back in the day. I thought VIII was utterly gash, and all the characters looked like fags. This is the norm for FF, but of the PSone era VIII was by far the worst offender.

derek (guest) 12.07.2011#25

Currently Switching between InFamous 2 and Fallout: New Vegas

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