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Right, so the summer drought has kicked in and I've found that I've completed near enough all of my games/not bothered to complete the games that I have left. I've never managed to get into many RPG's, and those that I do tend to be WRGPs instead of JRPGs. Can any of you guys recommend me some brilliant ones to play this summer for DS/XBOX? One requirement though, combat must not be turn based - it bores me to death.

I've been flicking through a few myself and Star Ocean: TLH caught my eye. Any good?

Can't comment on Star Ocean, but my usual answer of The World Ends With You applies here. You might want to try Infinite Space too, more of a strategy RPG that one.

Also, FF13 isn't quite turn based, and is a lot better than most critics say, plus cheap. And Tales of Vesperia (I believe its on the downloadable service now?).


I wanna get Star Ocean IV too. Looks like it has a Tales vibe to it, so if you've played and enjoyed a Tales game before, looks like you might like Star Ocean too.

Unfortunately, this has been a poor generation for console JRPGs, so it's a bit difficult to recommend much.

I was just about to suggest FFXII Revenant Wings and was gonna link you to my review, but then saw your comment again about you trying it out and ending up disliking it. Thought it might be a good one to suggest seeing as it wasn't turn-based, but oh well!

Definitely The World Ends With You. It's absolutely brilliant and the complete opposite of turn-based. You need to multitask quite a bit during fights since you fight on both screens in real time. Story, graphics and the soundtrack(!!) are totally amazing as well. Really a very unique experience. Smilie

The only problem could be that it's not very cheap to get but I paid €50 for my copy and it was worth every cent. You might just get lucky and spot one for a decent price though.

Wait you've not played The World Ends With You yet??? Smilie
Definitely that. It's amazing!!!

Was coincidently just listening to the soundtrack to it for like the first time in a year when I saw all the posts above me recommending it!

Avoid Games Like the Plague, productivity++

I've played and completed The World Ends With You, I was the one that recommended it to you Shane....

I've seen/played FFXIII and din't really enjoy it. I'll look into the Tales Games.

If you haven't tried out Demon's Souls, then i suggest giving that a go, otherwise i'd suggest Ar Tonelico Qoga (which wasn't amazing, but if you're just looking for a time waster then it fits the bill)

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Tales of Vesperia, it's awesome. It's got one of the best RPG battle systems. Plus it's 4 player co-op.

I ended up picking up Star Ocean IV as, of all places, it was in the preowned section of my HMV for £10 when I traded in F3AR. That never happens to me, going to a place and wanting a title to show up in the preowned section. I'll let you guys know what its like, I can't play it until I get back home on Friday though, visiting parents for a while.

Echoes221 said:
I've played and completed The World Ends With You, I was the one that recommended it to you Shane....

Really? Blimey. I owe you stars then. Smilie

Phoenixus said:
Echoes221 said:
I've played and completed The World Ends With You, I was the one that recommended it to you Shane....

Really? Blimey. I owe you stars then. Smilie


Tales of Vesperia is one to look into. Prolly the best of the Tales games imo. Retail copy of it is expensive though but I think you can download on xbox live for either £15 or £25 which is pretty good Smilie

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Squid (guest) 17.07.2011#13

The Witcher 2, it's on 360 later in the year. Play it now on PC if you can.

Here you go..

Image for

Before I knew that RPG stood for 'Rocket Propelled Grenade' my mind always thought 'Role Playing Gun' instead.

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