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GameInformer have done a little retrospective video discussing The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, as part of their Zelda 25th Anniversary celebrations.

You can't embed the 10 minute video, so here's a link:

I agree entirely with their sentiments regarding not being able to explore the Hyrule below the sea, I personally found that aspect very disappointing, simply because the game could have done with being a touch longer. According to Miyamoto, memory size put an end to quite a few ideas they had at the time, although I do recall DS games have included a few of these ideas in stripped down form.

Did the face stabbing at the end seem shocking to you?. To be perfectly frank, I didn't even bat an eye-lid, I certainly didn't think, "OMG!, Nintendo condones stabbing dudes in the face!". I thought it looked great from a cinematic perspective, Nintendo clearly knows how to make stabbing dudes in the face look cute.

Would you use the games intro music at your wedding?...I think it's a great choice, I can see how it would work well.

I personally look back at Wind Waker very fondly, do you too?.

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The best Zelda game ever made.

I always try to tell myself that I love all Zelda games equally but there's just something so special about The Wind Waker that won't let go of me. I can't say exactly what it's just there. Whenever I think of it, I have to smile, so I think it's safe to say that it's my favourite Zelda game. Gonna be interesting to see whether Skyward Sword will be a serious competition for it. Smilie I'd say it's very likely going to.

Marzy said:
The best Zelda game ever made.

I agree. Smilie

( Edited 28.09.2011 11:19 by SirLink )

I think it's an amazing game and very worthy of being a Zelda title considered alongside OoT, MM and TP (yes I consider TP pretty 'up there' fight me)

My thoughts? I'd like to have explored Hyrule Land a little more yes, but also overworld travel was just kind of tedious at times. It took very long and there was little in the way of control to get on with once you were on your way.

This is my problem with Zelda titles, they keep trying to think of other ways to traverse an overworld when even now the one that most people still find most enjoyable is running or horseback. I'm also worried about Skyward Sword in this context too, but who knows maybe flight will somehow be more fun than horseback.

Also the Tingle tracker is amazing bring it back in some form please.
Seriously I mean it.

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I enjoyed sailing far more than riding a horse (though not in Phantom Hourglass). Flying on a bird looks to be amazingly fun as well and again, I think it will be way more fun than horseback.

I must be one of the few people who absolutely loved the sailing in Wind Waker. The music was fantastic and I'd just sit back and relax and set sail in the direction I needed to go.

It's by far the most charming Zelda ever created and had tons of character. After playing Twilight Princess yesterday, it's so incredibly dull in comparison. I had to switch it off after 20 minutes.

I loved the sailing as well and don't really understand why so many are making it out to be such a big deal. Sure, it may get tedious after a while but some people are acting like you never actually get the Ballad of Gales to warp around. Heck, before that you don't actually have to sail for all that long, except for when you get Nayru's pearl.

I remember how I often used to go and get something to eat/drink while I was sailing in the direction I needed to go. Smilie You'd think that Link would have hit something, fallen off the King of Red Lions and drowned while I was away but that actually never happened to me even once, which is a miracle considering how often I've played through it. Smilie

What! You liked the sailing in TWW?

I would have liked it if you didn't have to change the wind all the time. Smilie That was just so stupid.
Phantom Hourglass was better, but I guess it missed the charm of having any direct control of your boat.

Anyway, it's the only console Zelda (since ALttP) that I haven't played a 2nd time and don't plan on doing. I thought some parts were pretty tedious and not epic enough.

I definitely thought it was fun and had more interaction than PH, which for the most part was a "wait 'til you get there" fest with absolutely minimal exploration. At least in WW there was stuff to explore.
But it was very samey how it was laid out on a square grid and each square just had one tiny island surrounded by a huge sea there could have been a more imaginative way to do it.

Just because I prefer horseback or on-foot exploration doesn't mean I don't find sailing fun.
I just don't really understand the idea of getting a gimmick worse than what the previous game(s) had to offer so I guess it's good that some people actually prefer it.

That justifies it to me somewhat.

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I enjoyed the sailing and horse back, not so keen about all this flying at the moment in games. Skyward sword, pilot wings, starfox, kid icarus seems to be the flavor at the moment. I would like more games with feet on the ground or water....

Wind waker was an amazing game!! another please, or four swords wii U?

Wind Waker was sweeeet!
It was the first game I ever pre-ordered. It had amazing graphics and music. The sailing wasn't perfect but changing the wind direction was never a big deal because you barely ever did it. It had a real sense of exploration that you don't get in 99% of games.

The final battle and ending was awesome too, although I think it was a tad easy. WW is probably my 2nd favourite Zelda game (after OoT). Smilie

On the negative, some of the puzzles were basically copied from OoT, which was a bit disappointing.

My first Zelda. I had never heard of Zelda and the only reason I bought it was because of the free OoT disc. 2 games in 1! Smilie

Loved exploring the oceon and the first time running around Outset Island was amazing! Smilie

I remember a lot of my first experience with Wind Waker - the moment I got it, the fun I had with it, and the discussions about it with my mate in school who got it as well. At the time I truly thought it was one of the best games I'd ever played, maybe the best. I thought it was the most beautiful too. I'd never played a game that looked quite like it.

Really enjoyed the sailing, and I remember doing what SirLink did, and going AWOL from the game to get a drink or whatever whilst I let Link sail. It's true, there wasn't too much long-winded sailing involved. It was timed quite well up till you got the warp song. I guess the couple of gripes I had are ones mentioned:

- not enough land to explore - I mean, I really thought when we were going down to Hyrule we would be exploring near enough the same land as in OOT; needed an island that took up a couple of segments on the grid
- game was too much on the easy side
- not quite long enough for my liking - there were dungeons that never made it in right?
- and of course the OOT-esque puzzles - recurring theme in most Zeldas unfortunately (with a couple of exceptions)

But those don't overshadow the positive sides of the game, which makes it probably the best in the series. Lots of interesting characters with personality and stories to fit, side quests, incredible music, and a real sense of exploration and being on an adventure. You really did feel like little Link on a mission. If there's one Zelda game I can happily go back to and enjoy, it's WW.

As for the face-stabbing in the first post, I was the same, I didn't think anything of it. It kinda surprised me that this has been a talking point seeing as it had been done before in OOT. I guess it was because of the cartoon style that it became a 'shock' to some people.

Wind Waker was the first 3D Zelda game I ever played. I got it the last week of summer break years ago and beat it in 6 days. My little brother and sister watched me the whole time. It was like a week long movie to them. I would venture to say it was one of the best games I ever played. I had no guide to the game and didn't use anything from the internet. The only reason I knew it even existed was I saw an add in a magazine for a new Zelda and I wanted it.

I remember sailing around for hours just exploring and staring in wide eyed wonder that the GC could push such good looking graphics... and then being attacked by a giant octopus in a whirlpool! I felt so happy when I would make a discovery like that... I liked Oot and TP, but I hope that Skyward Sword Brings back that sense of exploration... It's certainly looks to be bringing back the characters.

And like most everyone here, I loved those wacky characters, Tingle included. The design seemed less Japanese (anime) in style and I think that resonated with me more, albeit subconsciously. (Not that I dislike anime, but its not my default setting.)

The game was beautifully designed and looking back, as you proceeded onward it made it seem like you were solving a mystery and there was going to be some big finale... the temples got more and more intricate and mysterious...

I forgot how much I loved that game. Heck, its in my
top 5. Smilie Kudos Squidboy. Great topic!

I thought it was boss, apart from the Triforce quest which I never got passed. I still have the game (with OoT disc!) and my 'Cube though. Could do it in future if I feel bold.

I loved it. But I'm not gonna lie, when I was younger, I would give graphics more of a significance (like textures, hd etc). Now, thankfully, I lean way more on the art side, but anyways, when I saw the first trailer, I was really mad at Nintendo. How could they make Zelda, which was so epic, kiddish? Well they did it, perfectly balancing charm and a sense of adventure. It was the small touches that also made it so great, like the explosion animation when defeating an enemy, or getting kicked out of the one house when you broke the person's pots. A lot of people complain about the sailing, but I enjoyed it. Like a couple people mentioned, I would get a snack or something. This was nice as it is definitely a change of pace from the "I want my reward now!" type of pace that normally dictates video games today. Coupled with the soundtrack, it was a very relaxing game. I did find it way too easy though. And for some reason, probably time I guess, I've only played it once.

Yeah, I remember the semi-backlash about graphics. Nintendo then pandered to the audience by releasing OoT 2.0 (Twilight Princess). In hindsight, Wind Waker looked better, was better, is better.

I thought it was boss, apart from the Triforce quest which I never got passed.

Oh God I'd forgotten about that! It was horrible! Slow, boring and time consuming. Obviously it was put in to extend the game, but I'd have preferred a shorter game without it (or it being put in a bonus once you completed the game or something).

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