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Hi All

It has been a while since i started a topic and i hunted around the forum for a 3D TV topic but could not find one, please forgive me if there is a similar topic.

I have just today purchased a television.


It is a 32 inch Sony Bravia 1080p 100hz 3D LED TV with Freeview HD, USB recording and the other SMART Features.

Now i have hooked up my PS3 to the TV using my HDMI cable. I put in Sonic Generations and played the game in 3D.

Now for me, it doesn't feel like i am playing this or viewing the TV in the correct manner. My issue is that i don't think i see the simulated 3D all to well, i don't really understand. In the cinema it doesn't look as clear as they make it sound. Watching my TV and playing Sonic Generations it feels like i am doing something wrong here? Although the main reason why i have not got a 3DS is that the 3D doesn't seem to do it for me.

Has anyone else got a 3D TV and play it for gaming or 3D TV viewing and can help with any set up issues?

Also, has anyone else got a USB Recording function and can recommend a 1TB or 2TB hard drive that is compatible with the TV?

I can't vouch since I don't have either the game or a 3D TV. However, have you tried looking up info about how well the game is supposed to display in 3D? Perhaps it isn't as strong as you think and maybe others have complained about it. Otherwise, there must be something else stopping it from looking as good. Perhaps TV settings that need tweaking or something. Sorry I can't be of more help.

Not too clued up on the subject, and this might turn out to be a somewhat useless suggestion, but do you have more than one HDMI port on your TV? Try switching it over and see if that improves things.

For some reason my LG 37" doesn't recognise my PS3 signal through its first HDMI port, only the second. Perhaps other TV makes have similar issues. :/

It seems the 3D effect is poor with this model, Trusted Reviews said the 3D effect was,"seriously flawed", and gave the 3D effect a score of 5/10.


I'd fiddle about with it to find the best config. If you bought it there, Sony Centre do On-Site. Perhaps you can wrangle a freebie if your nice enough on the phone. Id tell them about your issues honestly.

Everyone's vision and perception is unique, it may be that these 3D effects simply don't work as well for you. If you buy a 3DTV, I think it's important to try it out in-store. Any good Sony Centre will set it up for you in one of the plushed out areas. If the 3D effect is good in-store, you can go home comfortably knowing that no matter what, you can adjust your room to aid the TV's 3D effect.

( Edited 29.12.2011 10:51 by Squidboy )

3DS Code 2578-3122-0744

Thanks guys, luckily i didn't specifically buy it for 3D capabilities.

I wanted a HDTV since my last one was taken away from me! I only paid £494, but i bought it from Currys as i have some connections there!

Otherwise it seems like a good tele, i think it the 3D effect is actually quite good on 2D content. I went to HMV today to buy some Blu-Rays and picked up Saw 3D so i can check that out too!

At least my PS3 is still looking great on the TV.

If anyone does happen to have this model or have one with similar problems then let me know?

Also, if anyone has any info on USB recording!

Interesting stuff. My sister's bestfriend's boyfriend is in the 3D Television business where he makes new modules.

Ok I have a crazy story that I don't think anyone is going to believe.

I saw a 3D tech on television around 8 years ago. On our own, normal, old TV. No expensive glasses needed.
All you needed to do was hold 1 sunglass before your left eye. The glass would slightly delay the light, somehow creating a 3D effect. It only worked with the image they sent out as a demo.

It wasn't the "in your face!" kind of 3D, the depth was only/mostly behind your TV. But it was there. It was amazing... And then we never heard from it again.

I bet that if I go search for it now, I'll never find it. Smilie
Like that Sony headset that had small screens just cms away from your eyes. I think it could also do 3D. I thought it was called Trinitron, but I can't seem to find it.
And like that video they showed of Maxima, our prince's wife. It was when they started dating, somehow the news got their hands on a small video taken in a taxi. And she flashed a boob. The woman who will be our Queen in a few years flashed a boob on TV. I remember the news reader said something like "There's just one problem... she only has 1 breast."
But can you find that stuff online? Of course not, it's been erased from history. And does anyone believe me when I tell the story? I have yet to find someone who does. Smilie

( Edited 28.05.2012 19:15 by Canyarion )

Canyarion saidI saw a 3D tech on television around 8 years ago. On our own, normal, old TV. No expensive glasses needed.
All you needed to do was hold 1 sunglass before your left eye. The glass would slightly delay the light, somehow creating a 3D effect. It only worked with the image they sent out as a demo.

I remember this! I BELIEVE you!Smilie
It's called the "Pulfrich effect."
There was a cartoon I watched when I was a maybe 7 or 8 called "Botsmasters" that used this in every episode.

Aaaaaah nice! Smilie So I'm not crazy after all!

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