Wii U controller as a mainstream tablet?

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User Poll - Wii U controller as a mainstream tablet?


Alright, so 99.99% of the time that I'm on C3, it's to lurk and read news and RARELY comment, but I knew this question could only be posed in this community. Given the tablet-esque capabilities of the new controller, could we see mainstream adoption of a family tablet that could be used in and out of the home? We're well aware that it's intended to increase the usability of the TV in some cases without disrupting the main portions of the game, but with word roaming around the Internet about the new controller supporting an app-like environment when it stands alone, could it become a new tablet competitor?

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PS I failed to realize that most of you are asleep because I am American.

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You should comment more! C3 needs more posters. A few more Americans is never a bad thing either, but I'm biased in that regard. Smilie

To your question though, I really don't think it will because the Wii U controller can't really function without a connection to the Wii U. It's really just a fancy controller, a terminal between you and the Wii U system. It doesn't have a powerful graphics processor and CPU -- it relies on the Wii U almost entirely.

I can very easily see it becoming a simple household tablet for quickly checking email or even watching YouTube videos without the need to take over the TV. I think people will end up using that functionality more than they might expect, and I think it'll be great for Nintendo because people will be integrating the product more closely into their daily routine. But that 'tablet' will be pretty much useless if you take it beyond the Wii U's wireless range.

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I don't think Nintendo will go into the tablet market just yet, they have a strong hold on the handheld market but if they came into the tablet scene with their same ideas and motives they will certainly lose the battle. It comes back to story why are games on the eShop and Wii Shoppinh channel over priced compared to apps on the iphone, ipad and android devices. If you think about it shouldn't it be the other way round, like downloadbale games on the 3DS should be cheaper than games on tablets and thats what Nintendo will fail at. If they said, "Yes we're making a new gaming tablet with brand new games at a right price, New Super Mario at £1.99" we would all be like... hang on, I just paid for a 20 year old game on the 3DS for £3.60, that doesn't make sense. Thats something Nintendo will have a problem with and I'm not saying Nintendo will charge their games at 99p, knowing Nintendo they will over price them.

ok so the wii u controller is never going to be the ipad2 but nintendo have an opportunity to claim the entertainment space in many living rooms. i would love for the wii u controller to have universal remote capabilities or maybe an app that does the same thing. theres an opportunity for nintendo to have 1 remote to rule them all. imagine all the sky remote, stereo/hi-fi, tv, surroundsound functionality all on the wii u touchscreen. that would make the wii u controller the go to remote in the household, couple that with a strong online presents, a app store and the ability to connect to a home network and i think nintendo are onto a winner

Right now, I don't think that it will become a mainstream tablet, BUT, the thing is, no one has any idea how this is all gonna work. Everyone will start talking and seeing what the WiiU will actually do after E3.

It's just using Wireless Streaming, it's not really anything new. Nintendo have already said that it's just a controller with a touchscreen, seriously, it looks expensive as it is, if it was a full tablet, I wouldn't be surprised to see it going for £150+, but thankfully it isn't.

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