can i have a hand by all people with websitses

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i know this dosent belong in this forum but i realy want to know if any one knows where i can get free web space that supports microsoft frontpage extentions. please please try and help me

If you knew it was in the wrong forum, why not put it in the right one instead?

EDIT: I think this is a more relevant forum, afraid I can't help you directly, someone will be able to though I'm sure Smilie

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Finding free webspace is a long and tedious process - and its very hard to recommend one because everyone has different needs.

But is an excelent guide that I've found useful in the past to finding free web hosts.

Oh yeah, and don't use micro$oft frontpage because it s u c k s.

yeh front page sucks dick.

Too true.
It licks All the balls.

In the kingdom of the blind the one eyed man is king.

free webspace with frontpage could be hard to find. You would be better in the long run to learn html- its not hard at all. Smilie

I think Brinkster ( <- Clickie )

Supports frontpage?

Not sure, but yeah, i think in the long run, you're better off with HTML mate.


ignore beam, he's just anti-microsoft (understatement)

last time i checked, frontpage saves files as normal html files. maybe i've got the wrong end of the stick, but anywhere should be able to handle files made on frontpage.

Hey! Frontpage is decent! Even if it does cost

Rob_F wrote:
Hey! Frontpage is decent! Even if it does cost

msenyszak wrote:
HTML is very easy
not to dumbasses like me it isn't Smilie

It is if you find the right book / site to learn from =P
Unfortunatley, for some odd reason, the site i elarnt from has closed down. but hey!


It all realy depends on how you want your site to look. I prefer HTML myself, but Frontpage is a decent program, for the right look.

yed, an amature look.

DaOne wrote:
yed, an amature look.

Well, if you are an amature (like me) it's decent. Can we get back on topic now please?

Frontpage IS html you strange elf like people,

however, it adds alot of unnessecary coding, the best thing to do is to see how something works via the source code of something in Frontpage, learn how to read the code, and then copy / paste or just code a new page in Notepad or something

HTML is really easy - if you can't write HTML you shouldn't be using the internet.

That's harsh beam, that's also elitist and really really nerdy sounding

Is this better?

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Umm.. Yes....

You only need to know HTML if you want to make a decent website, it's not essential to know it to use the internet!


frontpage gives very bloated results - fair enough, The HTML is nicely formated but what ever you do, do not use FP extensions.
They are a complete waste of time.... utter shite.

for instance the applet for mouse-overs take forever to initialise and looks awful.

Get a decent text editor such as Textpad and learn HTML and Javascript.

in fact you would be better off finding a host that supports PHP or ASP, almost limitless free resources online and loads of scope for functionality that the dodgy old extentsions just cannot give.

[ Edited by Shagster on 2004/4/10 21:02 ]

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HTML is really easy - if you can't write HTML you shouldn't be using the internet.

That's one of the stupidest comments I've ever heard.

[ Edited by Rob_F on 2004/4/10 22:25 ]

i disagree with the comment, BUT it is so easy that if u dont know it any ur making a website ur wasting ur time.

Well, I suppose I can't make a comment like that without backing it up:

This book is *excelent* for learning HTML

And once you know HTML if you want to make decent websites you need to know CSS - so I'd recommend this book as well by the same author.

Its really easy, honest - its not like most programming which is hard, this really is something that *anyone* can do *easily*.

Oh yeah, and if you're buying from amazon make sure to use this link:
since I get a commission (well my forum does) - and if you think "why should I" let me answer by saying "its not gonna hurt". Smilie

Also if you want anything more impressive on your website, I'd recommend reading this website. to either learn JavaScript or simply cut-and-paste pre-done code.

Why don't I like frontpage?
Because I've been writing websites for many years. I don't claim to be wonderful at it, but I know good and bad websites. The code from programs like frontpage is very poor, it just is - and the websites have very poor levels of compatability with different browsers. I know the difference between a good, tidy code thats compatable with all kinds of different browsers and platforms and... code that isn't. Programs like frontpage are very bad for the internet. Those books I recommended will teach you how to write good websites - better than frontpage does, with ease, and it requires very little of your time.

[ Edited by thatBEAMperson on 2004/4/11 12:38 ]

spot on. Smilie

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