Darkstalkers Are Not Dead

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Capcom filed a trademark for the series yesterday, hopefully this means there are firm plans in place for a new game.


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WOOT!! Looking forward to enjoying Felicia's Fur Bikini & jiggle physics in HD on the Wii U hopefully!! I loves me some DarkStalkers....& Felicia even more MEEOW!!

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Awesome! I imagine tjhey'll use their new 3D engine, but I miss 2D sprite fighters from Capcom. Something like the quality hand-drawn animation from Street Fighter III in HD would be amazing. Let's face it, it's not like the gameplay is any different. The new fighters from them have polygonal graphics, but gameplay is entirely on a 2D plane. Virtua Fighter 1 is more "3D" in terms of gameplay than Super Street Fighter IV.

After asking Ono about his Vampire preferences last year, I'm pretty confident it will be a 2.5D game. He seems to like the idea of seeing Darkstalkers iconic characters rendered in 3D, and special moves animated using modern techniques like morphing. It's a huge shame in my eyes, as I too would love to see hand-drawn sprites in HD.

I'm excited, but I have many concerns/fears, like the lack of original voice work and effects, the art style and the continuation of bastardising much loved DS characters (I'm not happy with any inclusion in MvC3, they all look and sound fucked up)

I'll be a lot happier if Yoshinori Ono is making the next, and not Ryota Niitsuma who's made some shit fighting games recently. At least Ono-san worked on Vampire Savior and is genuinely a fan of the series:

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Capcom's Vice President has refused to pass comment, sometimes, that can be telling.


Captivate 2012 (April) or E3 2012 (June), until then we wont hear anything

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