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Everybody in and out of the gaming industry pretty much agrees we are at an impasse and that there is going to be some big changes within the structure of the video game market. (By the way, hello fellow citizens of Cubed 3! It's been a while.)

I figured I'd make this thread to give people a separate space to hash out their thoughts as I've seen a lot about the future of the industry discussed here on C3 and because the future of gaming as of now is a messy, speculative topic.

This slide presentation was recently given at the annual GDC. While dry and 26 minutes long it does a good job of number crunching and analyzing things in a rational manner. I found it intriguing and thought I'd share to get the topic rolling.

While I don't see video games changing for the bad as the market and number of gamers is larger than ever, I feel as though we are at the end of an era. The market has already started to shift dramatically and has people on edge.

So what are your thoughts? As the slides imply do you think consoles will become just a novelty item? Or is the idea of dedicated game devices dying becoming a self fulfilling prophecy? And what about the medium as a whole... Games have gotten bigger and BIGGER. Will in the far future we see games as the dominant form of entertainment and will this force companies like Pixar to ditch the movie industry and enter games? Your thoughts, ideas and emotions on the topic because, damned it, if anybody can make sense of such a subject it's the guys and gals of this site! What is our future?

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Yea, I saw this yesterday. There were a lot of points I disagreed with. When I have time, I'll re-watch it and post my analysis.

Smilie... It's basically all just a lot of nonsense.

It some pretentious guy waffling on about things we've been hearing about for the past 2 years or so and acting like he can predict what's going to happen in the future. What's the purpose of his presentation? I can't find one, personally. Is he trying to put fear into companies that make these consoles and force his opinion across so they stop making them? That's the only reasoning behind that I can think of.

Personally, I think he's right.

Like I said, what appealed to me about this guy's argument was just his use of numbers. Such a rational analysis and not really cheering for any particular side.

I can see his points coming true in the future, absolutely, but I can also see them not coming true. It's the future and anything can happen, but here's what I think will come to pass.

What I see happening is smartphones and tablet computers evolving to a point that is just as good as consoles. (We're nearly there.) After that it's just a matter of time until those platforms become recognized as being legitimate devices to play "AAA" titles. (And all that takes is one Mario, or Pokemon, or Halo. A "Killer app.") That being said, I have a confession to make, I find it hard to recognize an i-Pad or i-Phone as a gaming device.

* Insert your shocked expressions at my discrimination here! Smilie *

It's like trying to convince my Dad that Slayer really is music. He just can't make the mental jump as it's neither his aesthetic nor what he grew up with. And that is probably the best analogy for the scenario I think we are about to enter. A scenario which will result in a generation gap. Now, my Dad may not think Slayer is music, but he loves the Beatles and I love 'em too. Heck, those four guys helped to reinvent the music that would appear in the last half of the 20th century.
It is my belief that the future generation of gamers will, of course, recognize and even use consoles as a platform for gaming, but we, the old generation, may primarily still use consoles over the "i" platforms and the Smartphones.

i-Pads and the like are neither my aesthetic nor what I grew up with. (They even cause me to defy convention by starting this sentence with a lowercase letter... GAH!) For a new generation though it will be their aesthetic and it will be what they grow up with. I will admit there are really good games starting to appear on those new platforms, but it won't be the quality of the games that legitimizes and brings them to the forefront of the gaming landscape, it will be the gamers.

So that's my take. The platform will come of age, but only when the gamers do. Oh, and to anybody on the internet reading this who doesn't know who the beatles are... you are young enough to Google them. Smilie

I just think that many of the old guard (us) find it unbearable to admit that our days of having it how we like it are numbered. Consoles are on the way out. In a way, consoles are becoming a sort of 'middleman' between these do-anything handheld devices and PCs. If you're that stoked about hardcore gaming in the future, you will have a powerful PC. If not, you will have one of these do-anything devices. Consoles and PSPs etc will die.

I will watch the video when I have time. I cannot see even the vaguest threat from a smartphone/tablet to a home console though. Surely they're going to erode portables if anything? And even then they clearly can't replace them, because they don't have buttons. Consoles still have a purpose because nothing can do what they do. The only threat is a PC, but that's always been the case. I can't see how anything has changed in the last few years, other than consoles have become more multifunctional. Consoles are more popular than ever, so I don't see any "trend" emerging.

Great new Warren Spector interview. I'm always impressed with how down to Earth this guy seems.

And here is his opinion on the future of consoles-

Cheesing it up said:
Consoles are more popular than ever, so I don't see any "trend" emerging.

That's what facinates me so much about all this talk of gloom and doom. I think, as I said before, we are at an impasse, but more people than ever play videogames. And you are absolutely right, consoles sell more now than they ever have. I really hope the guys like Spector are right.

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