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Been meaning to make a little Sonic thread for a while now. Dunno where to share some of the cool Sonic stuff I find half of the time. Soon as I discovered this gem a few days ago, though, needed to share it.


They asked fans to pester their fb and twitters to get interest in an English version, so I did just that. Confirmed today that an English version will be available late June! Most likely gonna order one of these when it's available.

Any random Sonic info ya'll find can go here. May tidy up the OP some time if I can be arsed.

( Edited 25.06.2014 11:05 by Azuardo )

That video reminds me of how good the music was in Sonic 1 and 2. So nostalgic!

Pardon_Me said:
That video reminds me of how good the music was in Sonic 1 and 2. So nostalgic!

YES. Every time I hear classic Sonic music, I have to go and listen to a shit ton of it. I can't even explain what it is about it, but Sonic music gives me this amazing feeling when I hear it. Just makes me so happy.

Nice. Definitely up for that book! How much will the English version be though?

As soon as I saw this topic I immediately thought...

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Great find, Azuaro! I feel the same way about that book as when I saw the Uncharted 3 collector's edition. That thing looks simply beautiful and I'll have to keep an ear to the ground as to a release date. Really glad to see more and more video game related stuff being made of a higher quality. Fans of any other kind of art would be jealous of a book like that.


The Sonic game that made me love that hedgehog all over again. Was always a Nintendo boy growing up and only knew Sonic from the cartoons. This game is also the reason I love 80's style rock and roll. Well... that and the Power Rangers, but that a different story.

That's where it came from, jb ;] Sonic SatAM was effing awesome.

The book is €30 (£25) from their official site, so I mean, if it is bang on £25 when it's localised, p+p will probably put it around £30.

Ahh thank god they confirmed an English version of that book! Smilie I think I'll get it too.
I also recently ordered the Sonic Nendoroid from the Sonicmerchandise website.. it arrived but it's at my mother's house so I'm hoping to meet with her soon to pick it up.

Azuardo said:
I can't even explain what it is about it, but Sonic music gives me this amazing feeling when I hear it. Just makes me so happy.

This is me.
Almost any Sonic game, the music always makes me happy. Especially lately, Unleashed and Colours had bloody brilliant soundtracks and all the remixes in Generations were like a total fangasm.

Speaking of which I really hope they decide to localise the Generations OST on iTunes. I don't really care for Sonic Riders music ok-

When it comes to the Sonic series my views have finally settled down. I really love the series and the character, I love a bunch of the other characters too, some for silly reasons.
Unfortunately the last decade hadn't been very kind to him (or any of his friends), the last few years have been great though not counting that terrible Kinect game we will not speak of.

And they still have a ways to go to give Sonic the gaming crown he deserves, but at least they're trying, and at least Sonic fans finally have quality titles to play again. (◡‿◡✿)

But for now, a Sonic drinking game! Take a shot every time a ~gaming journalist~ makes an extremely original article about how the Sonic series should die (despite the series making huge improvements in the last few years that they conveniently ignore for the sake of that bandwagon where you drive around the countryside beating dead horses until not even Death is laughing anymore)

And in an instant everyone who played the Sonic drinking game died from over-intoxication.

So as a warning to the fair users of C3 don't.

( Edited 03.05.2012 09:53 by SuperLink )

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A thread like this has been a long time coming for sure! Here's my contribution for now, a series of videos on Youtube that are just hilarious. Smilie


I used to love watching that cartoon... Sonic, he's the fasting thing alllliiiveee, he's the fastest thing allliiive!

I also remember seeing many cartoon versions of Sonic, including when he was in a band when a pink and green hedgehog, a series where Sally the Squirrel was his girlfriend!?Smilie and the recent anime with the wimpy kid!

I was brought up on the megadrive and the original sonic music was always stick with me, although I do like the Sonic Adventure series music and games. Crush 40 are great! Smilie

Did anyone have the gamebooks/story books? One of the best ones has to be Sonic and the Silicon Warriors - they make so many references to Sega and many thinly veiled digs towards Mario! I do love Mario too, of course!

The gamebooks were really random - Sonic has to take a bus with Tails although he doesn't know what to do! You can ask the driver where he would recommend to go and that used to crack me up as a kid!

(star goes to someone who can identify the title!:starredSmilie


My favourite was always the one with Scratch and Grounder. They were awesome, why aren't they in Sonic games now-a-days?

Cheesing it up said:
My favourite was always the one with Scratch and Grounder. They were awesome, why aren't they in Sonic games now-a-days?

They're not SEGA characters, they're basically fan-characters based on random Sonic 2 badniks used for the cartoons.

Seeing them in a Sonic game would be like Nintendo making a video game about Captain N Smilie

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Always much preferred Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) over The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. StH had a much darker plot. Really wished they'd have carried it on to the third series. It was going to happen, too. Would prefer that than Sonic X (which was still good, mind).

That one with Sonic in a band was Sonic Underground. Never watched that one, though, I don't think. Didn't hear too many good things about it.

( Edited 05.05.2012 23:29 by Azuardo )

It was cheesy.. good for kids but.
In retrospect I don't really like any of the Sonic cartoons. AoStH was really funny at times I'll give it that much, but the others took themselves so seriously it was just.. no ty.

For me anyway.
And Sonic X was very disappointing too because Sonic never span and the animation sucked and all Tails ever did was fly that bloody plane-
Did they forget that Sonic's friends like Knuckles and Tails were perfectly capable of running and spinning and generally holding their own too or.

..maybe I'm just a sucker for game canon.

PS. the grimdark Sonic game cutscenes are just as bad-

( Edited 06.05.2012 00:25 by SuperLink )

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Cheesing it up said:
My favourite was always the one with Scratch and Grounder. They were awesome, why aren't they in Sonic games now-a-days?

Well, there was was this one;

Image for

But it wasn't very good. Smilie

Yeh, they WERE in mean bean machine! Well, I say "in", it didn't really have a story line or anything.

Good game though in my opinion, especially in muutiplayer.

Just been watching a series of Sonic Hack videos, and felt I had to post this one;

Am really tempted to play that one. Smilie

Wow that does look really good...
and it's interesting he mentioned Sonic 4: Ep2, because I've also heard it does some really interesting things with bosses (I've been trying to avoid spoilers).

On the subject of hacks, take a look at this fun one I happened across the other week.


Sonic 2 Heroes does what it says on the tin, it's Sonic Heroes but allows you to play as Sonic, Tails and Knuckles interchangeably.. what's even cooler is that if you play CoOp the second player can also switch between the two unused characters. Oh.. and the speed limiter is taken off so it can be really bloody fast.

It's tons of fun! I'd really love a hack like this to be made for Sonic 1 or Sonic 3.

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Sonic Adventure 2 confirmed for XBLA and PSN.

Listed for 3 October.

Ah man, I loved SA2. Awesome music, awesome levels. Even though I have both Dreamcast games, I still bought SA1 again on PSN and I'll likely do the same for SA2.

Ah about time, I wonder if WiiU will get it too.
But.. I think unless it gets bug fixes or new stuff I'll be passing, both games have aged pretty badly despite my fond memories of them.. not to mention they were buggy and a bit awkward to begin with.

If I wanna play it that badly I'll just boot up the GC version without much problem. Smilie

EDIT: Ah but on a lighter note! This is really in high demand hopefully SEGA will make a lot of money with it!

( Edited 19.06.2012 21:00 by SuperLink )

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History of Sonic to be published in North America.

Hope we can buy the English version on UK grounds, too, rather than importing all the way from there.


Official Sonic Adventure 2 announcement from Sonic Boom.

Cringe-worthy fan reactions, ugh. Hope they actually do proper widescreen this time, but not holding out hope.

Hahaha, it sounds like at least a few grown men in there. And don't get me wrong, I really love virgins just as much as anybody else. But these guys seems to be really proud of it, which I find a little overblown. Smilie

You are not alone. I am here with you. Though we're far're always in my heart. Love u!

Marzy said:
What's the difference from "grown men" weeping over some guys kicking a ball about... heck, even murdering people over it.

Yeah... really overblown compared with that.

Let people enjoy what they like, they aren't harming anyone or causing any fights or anything. They just cheering for a game they love. I see nothing wrong with that.

There's none. I find it both equally amusing and a little bit sad. Both of those groups didn't have any part in achieving any of it. I mean, the team who put people on the moon didn't erupt in orgasmic reactions because of what an incredibly amazing achievement that was. They'd have a bit more reason for it, no? That's why this is at least a little overblown.

And yes, I do let people enjoy what they like. I don't think I ever said these people were harming anyone(if you mean this in a comparison with football fans, it's not really a good comparison).
Thanks for letting me post my opinion on this strange thing though. I had a good laugh about it anyway. Smilie

You are not alone. I am here with you. Though we're far're always in my heart. Love u!

Maybe they cheered a little much, and there are probably some 'man-children' there, but..

I didn't see anything wrong with the fan reaction? Sure the game's not amazing, but I was kind of in hysterics too because of the way the trailer was. It was basically SEGA taking the piss of the fact they've leaked every major Sonic game in the past forever, and even now with SA2.

I just found it funny how they made the trailer based around something the fanbase know all too well, it is at a fan convention after all.

Either way I'm.. not really holding out hope for any real improvements in SA2. If I do end up buying the port it'll probably be just to support SEGA (since I don't really want them going out of business even if I'm just one person)

( Edited 15.07.2012 11:14 by SuperLink )

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