One Hour of Footage From Rareware's "Dinosaur Planet"

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Here's one hour of footage from Rareware's Dinosaur Planet, the game that later evolved into Starfox Adventures. Game looks boss.


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I wonder where the video comes from...

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Not gonna lie I wish Rare were allowed to finish it and release this instead of StarFox Adventures, plus it looked incredible for an N64 game wow (better than some early PS2 titles even).

StarFox Adventures was a great game, but Dinosaur Planet was definitely its own thing, I always feel sad when I think about how Rare felt they needed to turn it into a StarFox game..

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RudyC3 said:
I wonder where the video comes from...

Timing is interesting too...

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It's obviously is a ripped VHS. The duration hints that it must have been a 60 minutes tape, which would make me think that it was meant for medium or large scale reproduction, since E-60 tapes were mostly used for that purpose by professionals, and not so much by the public.

It might have been a recording meant to be either shown at events (on showfloors, like E3) or to be sent to special publications (websites or magazines).

Maybe someone found it on ebay or something and decided to release it to the pulic?

EDIT: Can't help but notice the abysmal framerate in places, which is very much like other late N64 titles by Rare, namely Banjo-Tooie and CBFD.

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Thanks for sharing.

For those that missed it during N64 Month, the Dinosaur Planet Missing In Action article.

Like I mentioned there, there are playable demos of the game in possession, so this could well be one of them. It was a matter of time before one was shown off. I'd like to think this is one of them, but who knows?

But yes, I made a couple of comments on that article, too, that mentioned about hidden text being uncovered that spoke of quite a dark and complex plot line that included a huge Krazoan war and time travel. I think there's an awful lot that was proposed that we never got to even hear about in the end game of SFA. It really could have been quite something.

Also, I miss British voice acting so much. Loved Rare for that.

I hope that Rare rumour is true, it's the franchises that matter the most, it's a goldmine Nintendo should have for the future.

It does look like a fantastic game, seems fairly well-polished too. I never really realized how much work had already gone into it before it was canned/translated to the cube.

The one thing I find the most disappointing (and in general, when one game moves from the late-life of one console to the start of another) is that we never got to see how far Rare were pushing the 64. I assume the expansion pack was involved but even then, it looks pretty phenomenal. Then they're expected to push it onto a new console, with new architecture and lesser-known capabilities - in these scenarios I get the impression the game always ends up closer to average than amazing. If Dinosaur Planet was preserved and on the 64, I can only envisage high 90s reviews. That and Conker right at the end of the life cycle would have been a great way to see off the 64.

It makes me sad thinking about Rare now. Seems as though they've been lumped into the Kinect developing wagon of late. It's a travesty and a massive waste. Don't really understand what Microsoft (or Nintendo) were thinking - in the end, both parties seem relatively guilty. When they were sold, I remember setting my heart on a 360 - envisaging an even more elaborate era of Banjo, Perfect Dark, GoldenEye and so on. I don't think anyone could have predicted how things would turn out. For the love of christ I hope Rare are being allowed to make proper projects for the 720.

Although, how much staff from the golden era actually stayed on with them? I know a few jumped ship fairly quickly - some of the GoldenEye team to Free Radical for Time Splitters 2/3, for example.

Tom Barry [ Reviewer - Editor - Resident Sim-Racer @ ] 

Unfortunately I think Rare can no longer be what it used to be, even if Microsoft let them do what they wanted, they've lost too many key team members as a result of being messed around like this. (I wonder if it's similar to what happened to Sonic Team being messed around by SEGA so much that they lost all their key names way back when)

Rare is probably Rare in name only for the most part now, this is kind of evident that while Diddy Kong Racing DS and Banjo Threeie were good, they weren't really the scale or quality Rare fans had come to expect, very much gimmicky instead.

Only slightly related, but can Nintendo please please please hire David Wise to compose music for some of their games? He's freelance now they know they want to.

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Fascinating interview with Chris Seavor:

I absolutely loved StarFox Adventures. I would love to play it again on the WiiU Virtual Console. Smilie

My brother played SFA, I didn't. He loved it, but I heard too many complaints about it to ever start playing.

Same with Beyond Good and Evil... 2 Zelda-like GameCube classics that I never played. Smilie

I caught something on Youtube the other week, a 4 part History of Rare from Machinima. Although they weren't very nice about Conker...arseholes

Fantastic history, theres some other good ones on there such as the history of Metroid.

I for one would like the IP's of RARE, but as mentioned in this thread the team is non-existent now.

Azuardo said:

Also, I miss British voice acting so much. Loved Rare for that.

Well at least Krystal has stayed British!

30 Minutes of the Twelve Tales of Conker.

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Oh how different 2001 could have been if Bad Fur Day had not been released. Considering that Conkers BFD was considered by some as a "flop" i would have been intrigued to see how this would have sold.

The game looks completely final, i feel sorry for developers who must have worked on all of this just to practically get rid of it all!

It's bizarre how often Rare have changed a game completely when the original was so close to completion.. Dinosaur Planet, Twelve Tales, pretty sure Banjo Threeie was probably like that too.

It's tragic what happened to Rare really Smilie To think they could still be producing games like this if they never left to Microsoft all those years ago..

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Don't forget that Rare had huge problems before Nintendo sold them off. Didn't they basically port Kameo from the GameCube to the Xbox? That wasn't a game to write home about. And their next game, Bragged by the Ghoulies? I heard it sold 27 copies and it was all Rare employees.

To be fair, Ninty did well out of selling their share of Rare off...the IP's are the only thing of value, the team had practically left or had been heavily diluted.

The only decent thing Rare have done was re-release Conkers BFD as Live and Reloaded and even still the 64 version was better!

However it would be great to see Ninty get those IP's back, Perfect Dark, Banjo, Conker, Killer Instinct and probably some of those big selling NES titles they had. IP's like Perfect Dark and Banjo could be utterly fantastic on the Wii U

Just imagine Joanna Dark, Elvis, Banjo and others in Smash bros!


Does this sound amazing or what? I hope these guys can get all the support they need and hopefully bring the game to WiiU! Here's the guys' Twitter:

Will be keeping an eye on this, even if it's very early days!

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^OMG!!!!!!! I was about to post that! CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!! It's been suuuuuuuuchhhhhhhh a long time since Tooie came out.

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