Has a video game ever gotten you interested in a new band/singer?

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I think I've reached the point where I've discovered more of my favourite bands from games than I have done from radio. Heres just a few that come to mind.

Queens of the Stone Age - Need for speed Underground 2
Skindred - Need for speed Underground 2
Placebo - A formula 1 game on PS1
Mindless Self Indulgence - Lollipop Chainsaw
Feeder - Gran Turismo 2
Cage the Elephant - Borderlands
Bad Religion - Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2
NOFX - Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2
Foster The People - SSX
The Naked and Famous - SSX
Rob Zombie -Twisted Metal

Interesting thread! Can't say there's actually much that springs to mind in terms of discovering new bands. I remember I hadn't really properly got into Incubus until they did that Halo 2 soundtrack (which featured in a much more compressed and stripped down form within small segments of the game) - other than that, I guess it's mostly down to (generally speaking) games these days only featuring quite popular and well known artists. It's a shame there's not more developers willing to latch on to lesser-known upcoming artists .

Not necessarily in game, but more from a trailer perspective - if the music is done right it gets me excited. Some examples:

Nico Vega - Beast (Bioshock Infinite) 
The Heavy - Short Change Hero (Borderlands 2 intro)

There's loads more too.

Only I can think of would be "Queens of the Stone age" from playing Jak X,
I did however get a game only for the reason that one of my favorite bands made a song for it. And that the protagonist was based on a finish actor (me being originally from soumi-land). Band being "Poets of the Fall" and game being Alan Wake.

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The most recent Burnout games have some great Indie Rock bands in them of which I had never heard of before, so these have gotten me into some new bands, yup! Namely Burnout Paradise and Burnout revenge, I like at least 50% of the songs in those, and by extension the bands making them.

1080° Avalanche introduced me to Seether as well, which I quite like Smilie.

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Forza Horizon has an absolutely brilliant collection of music, got that recently and had to mention it. 

the Guitar Hero did.

Gaming said:
the Guitar Hero did.

I am surprised it took that long for someone to mention Guitar Hero. There are so many awesome songs on these games and it did get me in to a few songs.

Any games with licensed music tends to have a few gems in there FIFA and Tony Hawks are great examples of this. I have really loved the songs in the last 4/5 FIFA's.

Most notably for me 1080 Avalanche got me into a band called Seether. Probably one of the only Nintendo games to have franchised music!

Quite frankly i am surprised that not more bands would be pushing for their songs to be in more games, i can imagine it would be very lucrative in the long run to be!

I also love this and this


Cage the Elephant - Borderlands

 Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and most recently GTA V have got me interested in new artists. Surprisingly Non Stop FM was my favorite station on GTA V even though I heavily prefer rock and metal as my favorite genre of music. Though there wasn't really a modern rock or metal station.

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Smashing Pumpkins, Bloc Party, The Strokes, The Fall of Troy, Eric Johnson - had heard of these artists before, but got more interested after GHIII.

And Supergrass after playing... Donkey Konga lol!

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