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Sir Patrick Moore passed away last night aged 89. Some of you will know him best as "The Gamesmaster" from the cult British videogame show from the early 90's. While some of us older folks, will be more familiar with his work as presenter of the BBC's long running Astronomy show, "The Sky at Night."

Sir Patrick Moore 1923 - 2012

He will be missed, a true British icon.





( Edited 09.12.2012 14:00 by Linkyshinks )

Aww Smilie This is a very sad day. Man, I still remember those early mornings watching GM. Legend.

One of the few good things on late night TV, The Sky at Night was interesting - I'd watch it occasionally if nothing else was on.


( Edited 09.12.2012 14:32 by Marzy )

I watched his last episode last night on iPlayer while waiting for the boxing to start..I had no idea he had died.

Good episode about the possibility of water reserves being found at the Mercurian poles, just like our moon.

He had a good innings. I just hope his work inspires more young people to take up Astronomy.

( Edited 12.12.2012 17:53 by Linkyshinks )

Sir Patrick Moore,
He is no more
Dead, what's it even good for?
We dont want new people, just you, but more.
tell us please, what does our universe have in store?
I'm trying to get an answer from you, but no more
your frankly being a bit of a bore.
sorry, we just need to grief and close this door..
Sir Patrick Moore,
With your beautiful mind as impressive a lions roar,
Sir Patrick Moore,
Thank you.
Times 4.

You are not alone. I am here with you. Though we're far're always in my heart. Love u!

BBC Tribute:

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