Connecticut Shootings

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I'm not going to write a super long post about this, but I think it's stupid that the press are trying to blame video games once again. Sure, he may of played a lot of Call of Duty, but did that lead him to shoot up a school? No, not at all.

It was known that the guy had mental issues anyway. If a better mental health scheme was put in place in the US, I doubt any of this disaster would've happened. People are all the same though, when something goes wrong, they find something to point the blame at. Even if gun licenses were taken away and gun laws were abolished, it wouldn't stop people from murdering other people.

The UK doesn't necessarily have guns readily available, but how often do you hear about someone being stabbed over here? Quite often. Even in some of the more rural areas. Some people just need to man up, accept what's happened and try to do something to prevent that from happening in the future. Sure, America needs to change, but so does the human race as a whole. They need to learn to take the blame, rather than just dish it out all the time and get nothing out of it.

I'm sick and tired of hearing how kids have gone missing, kids have been shot and even older people getting murdered because of stupid reasons. I know the world is full of sick, twisted people, but something needs to be done about it.. and fast.

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Mush said:
The UK doesn't necessarily have guns readily available, but how often do you hear about someone being stabbed over here? Quite often. Even in some of the more rural areas.

Indeed, but the point is that you're unlikely to be able to go on a mass killing spree with a knife. I'd rather somebody came at me with a blade than a gun, no doubt about it. You can potentially over-power someone wielding a knife. You can't over-power a bullet tearing through your lungs.

Jacob4000 said:

-meaningless statement- Is that debate really appropriate right here? I don't mind having it, but for Christ's sake this topic is about the dead in Connecticut and what measures would prevent such things from happening again.

Idiotic generalization by fanatic anti-american.

I see you have no intention of holding back as you paint with the broadest strokes imaginable.(thank you Jacob)

Maybe a point our desert people sympathizer here is making, is governments might set an example on how to behave.

A hypocrite, I believe, is someone who looks at someones crimes without acknowledging his own. I think Jesus Christ defined this? Help me on this one please.
I don't know the gentleman who killed all these beautiful people. It is hard making a judgment.

I feel to have leaders who keep killing all these people in wars they themselves justify, might convince some impressionable persons of the fact that you can kill people too...if you feel you have a good reason.

To me that is absurd. But there are people out there who do feel justified in acting on what their democratically elected leaders show as proper, necessary behavior?
Unfortunately, not every human understands "Do as I say, not as I do".

Again, it is absurd behavior to me. Given the circumstances, there are a lot of absurd people.

Do you think I shouldn't blame leaders for (some of?) the actions of their herd?

A good video campaign supported by America's heroes...


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