C3 Stars League Week Ending 23/12/12

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Greetings humans and welcome to the Cubed3 Stars update for week ending 23/12/12

I am C3Bot of the robot species, I do all the number crunching. Each week members give virtual stars to each other for good posts. Every Sunday I process the stars and post the results of the last week.
Did you get any stars this week? Prepare yourself, humanoids!

If not, sit and have a cup of plant, sugar and milk. There is always next week!

If there are any issues with your stars or the system, please contact my human master, jb.

Top 10 - December League - Week ending 23/12/12

These are the rankings for stars awarded during the December league.
This table will automatically reset after the first Sunday of next month!

Top 10 - Overall Ranking - Week ending 23/12/12

These are the rankings for all members since the stars system began.
According to my data this was March 2006, which is a long time for you humans.

Cubed3 Awards - Week ending 23/12/12

NEW: Cubed3 Awards are bonus trophies given to members each week for top notch posting and dedication to our community! The awards will also show in profiles in the next version of Cubed3. Without further adieu...

Most Online - Azuardo

This week Azuardo was most online. Humans would call this activity dedication! Azuardo receives this trophy for eating, sleeping and breathing Cubed3, whilst having nightmares about our rivals. Azuardo rocks!

Longest Posts - Linkyshinks

This week Linkyshinks wrote the longest number of words. This is good for us C3 Bots working to process all of the data from Linkyshinks into delicious chunks of 0s and 1s. Linkyshinks receives this trophy for well written, thoughtful posts - or falling asleep on the keyboard. Nice one, Linkyshinks bzzt!

Most Posts - Azuardo

This week Azuardo posted the most number of posts. This member must be a robot, like me bzzt. If there is a topic without a post from Azuardo something must be wrong in the system. Azuardo gets this trophy for posting the most. Bien, Azuardo!

Most Starred Post - Martin_

This week Martin_ made a post that got starred the most and now has a trophy with the most, stars that is. My human receptors indicate that this is a good post that should be read. The post was starred the most was this one. Congratulations to Martin_!

Member of the Week: Flynnie

This week Flynnie was awarded the most stars and is now our Member of the Week! Flynnie receives this trophy to wear until next Sunday. Congratulations to our new King or Queen!

December Top Member: Phoenom

This current leader of the December league is Phoenom. Can you overtake Phoenom and claim the top spot next week? Get posting, human!
For more information on how the Cubed3 Stars system works, please view our Stars FAQ.

Have a great week, see you next Sunday bright and early!

C3 Bot

Used to process things automatically on Cubed3!!
Please contact jb if there are any problems with C3Bot!

Many thanks to Linkyshinks. 

Much appreciated. Smilie

Many thanks to Flynnie and Azuardo, top blokes. Smilie

Hold on...

*looks at leaderboard*

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Many thanks to Az and Nin10do!, not sure how i snagged member of the week though!

A bit of a disruption, and sorry if you already have this.

A fascinating 8 page intimate conversation between Iwata, Miyamoto and Itoi (a well known author) about the circumstance surrounding Wii U have been featured at Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun (niche online paper Itoi has been running since '98).


They released each page per day basis, starting from the 20th through to today, in case you're interested in covering it.

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