Does Assassin's Creed 3 get any more exciting?

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Or is it go there, do this, watch a cut scene all the way through?

I'm about 8-9% in and I'm either just not getting it, or the game is still setting things up for later on?

In sequence 6, thats when it really opens up. The story becomes enjoyable, the cut scenes become really deep and thoughtful, and the gameplay is a lot more action based. You start to think who really are the bad guys, but enjoy the connor parts more than Desmond - the ending is a lot less thoughtful and dramatic as it should have been.

But overall, it becomes a  really remarkable piece of gaming.

I found the game bad from start to end. Takes about 6 hours before you even get your robes. Combat is enjoyable but the mission structure is poor - they try to do too much which makes the story jump around too much. Connor is an emotionless character who has no charm, I didn't really gel with him, nor with Haytham either, Over hyped game that I only got through to see how Desmonds story finished. Frontier is pointless too. Game was missing all the fun assassin things to do. 

There are of course a few interesting sequences, but then it falls flat on it's face again.

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My wife got to the flying as an eagle bit last night, just ahead of me, it looks like things may improve and that the earlier sections are almost 'training' for the rest of the game?

Santa's here tonight, maybe he'll bring me something with a little more pace!

nry said:
My wife got to the flying as an eagle bit last night, just ahead of me, it looks like things may improve and that the earlier sections are almost 'training' for the rest of the game?

Santa's here tonight, maybe he'll bring me something with a little more pace!

Kind of, but I found the game mellow in general. Plus there aren't any hidden tombs to find Smilie

I found the whole thing pretty mellow to be honest. I think it suffered from being too ambitious. It's a bit like GTA4, a big open world where lots of things can and do happen - but then in AC3, each of those varied missions/actions are conveyed as really meaningful experiences - that's not a decision that the game should make for you. I found the cut-scenes and the discussion pretty engrossing the further in I got, and I found myself applauding its historical details, but ultimately it felt too much like a novel in game form.

Paradoxically, I feel it left a lot of the imaging up to the gamer (like getting truly engrossed in the plot) but then also in game and engine terms - it often gave the sense it was trying to do all that within the immediate experience. I felt like it demanded me to switch from a mentality where I'm psychologically engrossed (in the way you are with books) out to an all-action cinematic experience, often in very jarring ways - rendering the overall experience pretty... soulless?

That said, some moments I really loved. And I don't think a lot of the really damning criticism is so warranted. We talk about video-games trying to bridge the gap with art, film and so on - here is a game that valiantly sticks to its direction and vision from the off, not afraid to make bold moves: the extremely slow-start in particular. When you look back at that surprise setup (which seemed to be kept quiet toward launch) - you get the sense of a group with a real vision, they were very determined to produce the AAA blockbuster for Christmas, but not willing to compromise how they wanted the game to unfold. And just to tack a more lowly comment onto the end, traversing the open world when high is just... awesome. On top of all that narrative ambition, technically, the game was loaded with beauty and intricacy. Only Red Dead impressed me more in this sense, on this set of consoles. The graft and work involved in RDR perhaps made that a more profound experience in this sense - with AC, half the time you can just hold the trigger and go into auto-pilot. There's something about that sort of violent shifting I talked about earlier that really had a funny effect on how the game plays. So all in all, I'd say it's a game you ought to play, if you're interested in how far games have come on this system alone, and perhaps, where they're hopefully headed. It's just a shame so many of those rigid AC formulas were maintained, I think they wanted to be much more bold, but there's only so much one can do. 

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Agree with the above. However, if you want to see what an AC game should be like compared to III, play Brotherhood. It got near enough everything right. Pacing, combat, exploration, and above all, Fun. Which was something that AC III was missing for me. It felt far too serious. 

I had really high hopes for AC III after being to several developer sessions and sitting down with a few missions. I was left with the sour taste of disappointment. I sold the game straight after I finished it - I didn't even find it worthy of keeping it in my collection with the others. It was, and felt rushed and it showed. It's not a bad game, but it's a long way off from what it should have been, even Revelations had more going for it, and that was a fairly pointless title in the series as a whole.

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