Popular Game Series You'll Likely Never Get Into

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What major game series will you most likely never get into?

Could be a series you've never played.
Could be a series you've played once but didn't like.
Could be a series you used to play lots but will probably never play again.

Remember, this is not a chance to rip on other series in order to piss fans of them off.

I'll share some of mine in a new post later.

I'm gonna briefly cover a few for now.

Fire Emblem - I'd love to get into Fire Emblem, I like a lot of the music and character designs and the fandom seems fun, but hot dang it's just too hard for me. I'm awful at Strategy games and I can barely get past the 4th Stage on Fire Emblem Sacred Stones. I bet Awakening is hard too.. which sucks because I really want to like and support the series for the fans that love it.
Elder Scrolls - I suppose it's just not my thing, the only joy I get out of it is witnessing physics glitches. I find it distances me from my protagonist too much.
Street Fighter - I love fighting games, I'm awful at them but I love them. I cannot for the life of me enjoy Street Fighter, II or IV, or even SFxT. It's just.. too awkward for me to link attacks together and I end up just spamming the same thing over and over. Maybe my lack of skill at fighting games just shows most strongly when I play SF, oops.

That's all for now folks!

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Civilization: I bought and started to play Civilization III after a steam sale, my villagers weren't happy and Abrahamus Lincolnus (or whatever his name was) declared war on me because apparently his soldiers  can step foot into my country, but when I step foot into America. I just couldn't get used to it, and I ended up getting bored of not knowing what to do. Maybe the series have improved since then, but I don't care.

I can't really think of any others atm, I can't really get enthusiastic about many Fighting games, since except Tekken and Smash Bros., I'm just plain bad at them.

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Mass Effect - I can't be bothered playing through 3 games and I already know the ending. >_<

Elder Scrolls - I played Skyrim for about 5 hours and it was so boring. The combat system is too simple but I'd gladly get back into it if it had co-op.

Nearly all of Sony's first party games this generation - I played a lot of them and didn't like them except Uncharted and Killzone.

Monster Hunter and Borderlands, so so so so boring to play, I need a story in games like these.

Guitar Hero games. I've tried them and I love music but meh. Just doesn't grab me. And yes, Civilization is another one for me.

All hail the Chain Chomp at GS FORUMS!

Final Fantasy - Never understood the interest. I'm not really into RPG's anyway, but almost everything I've ever seen or heard about the series doesn't sound particularly enticing. Played a little bit of VII at one point, didn't come across as anything special.

SuperLink said:

Street Fighter!

I wouldn't even know which version to begin with. Street Figher II? Super Street Fighter Mega Turbo Xtreme II Turbo? Man Punch 3?

Hey, I never answered this lol.

I would probably say the Souls series. I think the fact a lot of patience is required to deal with the difficulty means I'll probably never give this the chance it deserves.

Perhaps other series I might throw in there would be Monster Hunter. Although I have played a bit of it and got into Toukiden, which is the same genre, it's again something that needs a lot of time and not probably one I find particularly screaming to pull me into. I'd like to try it, but I have no desire to right now, so might not ever bother.

Same can likely be said of Dragon Quest. The character art is not really attractive to me, either lol.

I'll probably find more that pop into my head at some point.

I also couldn't get into Dark Souls. I don't like being penalized so severely when the game requires trial-and-error. Feels like most of my time is utterly wasted, and I'm being punished for playing the game at all. It's not like Monster Hunter where it's finicky and takes practice, but once you get the learning curve down you excel at it; Dark Souls will just find a new way to spring a surprise death on you and make sure your last two hours of gameplay didn't matter.

Even then, I did feel a strange addiction to it, and it's downright stunning in terms of atmosphere. Very Team Ico-like in that regard. I just don't have the energy for this one. I hate being punished when I didn't necessarily do anything wrong. It takes too much fun out of the experience, for me. Maybe someday, but for now I'm passing on it.

I also can't get into GTA. I see why so many people love it, but it's just not for me.

I bought Terraria for about $2 and I felt like I wanted those two dollars back. Hated it almost immediately. I just plain don't like it. Wasn't fun for me at all.

I haven't really played Minecraft, but I don't think I could get into that one, either. Looks better than Terraria, but I don't like the art style and I'm not a huge fan of games where you pretty much just try to live as long as you can with no real goal or sense of over-arcing accomplishment. Don't Starve is a rare exception for me, being one of my favorite games. I usually don't like things like that, I don't know how DS gets away with it, lol. The Long Dark looks like a lot of fun, too, but I haven't played it yet.

Hey SuperLink, definitely give Awakening a chance. It features a casual mode that already makes it way less stressful than other Fire Emblems, but it also lets you level grind. If you play on casual it's probably the easiest one in the series. The relationship system also helps; keep units together and they eventually like each other so much they basically become invincible.

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Back when this thread was created, I would have said Final Fantasy, because back then I just had no interest in getting into the series or the ones I did play didn't interest me at all. However, there are now two Final Fantasy games that are for me! Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and Final Fantasy: Theatrhythm Curtain Call! Both are fantastic and I'm enjoying them a lot! I even think Final Fantasy XV looks amazing and may end up buying it! However, I still will say Final Fantasy just because pretty much all the past games in the series I would struggle to get into, especially ones with turn-based battles (I will never touch those, not my thing!).

Fire Emblem is another, I just can't get into strategy games like that, or it's very rare I can. Whenever I see trailers for them, I just find nothing that stand out or appeals to me. It's slow paced, which I don't mind, but when it comes to combat, I like to be in control and be attacking when I want and have the freedom to move around.

Another is Resident Evil. I can't believe how many of these I've played and disliked and yet I kept buying them hoping I could get into them. I really thought Resident Evil 4 would be the turning point when they modernised the camera angle and gameplay, but I still couldn't get into it. I think the slow natured gameplay and awkward controls is a big problem, it was still there in Resident Evil 4, the aiming felt clunky and it the controls still felt restricted to a certain degree. I'd much rather play Left 4 Dead for my zombie fix (more fun and better controls) or the amazing The Walking Dead by Tell Tale Games, which is heavily story driven and is an emotional roller coaster of decision making. To me that's much more special.

Call of Duty: Not a big fan of modern First Person Shooters that are team dependent, nor of loud twelve year olds who thinks they own the world, but don't have the thumbs to pay the checks their mouths write.

Battlefield: Same as above.

DOTA: The team elements from the two above are present here and one has to rely A LOT on their team. Plus that I am not a fan of the aggressive competitive scene these games offer. Nothing wrong with competitive games, but when it is within an aggressive environment so no.

GTA: The humour and style of the games does not appeal to me at all. It was fun running around in cars when one was a kid. But nowadays I want more from games than that, and GTA sadly offers very little of interest to me.

The Elder Scrools: This might come to a surprise to some considering I am an RPG junkie, but the open style and very unclear paths are of annoyance to me. Enemies that levels up with you are a nuisance and takes away the feel of progression an RPG should make the player feel. Might give the series a second try eventually, but first they need to stop punishing the player for leveling crafting skills.

Halo: Same as CoD and Battlefield.

Uncharted: A game that sadly feels like playing a movie. It is too simple and offers no need to think which is an extreme drawback to me when I love games that forces the player to think hard about what they do.

So yeah... That is my list of popular game series I will most likely never get into...

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Agreed with Az' 3. Although I've never played Dark Souls and may change my mind when my brother eventually picks it up. MonHun and Dragon Quest always sounded like the kinda things I'd like but I just can't get into 'em.

justonesp00lturn said:

Hey SuperLink, definitely give Awakening a chance. It features a casual mode that already makes it way less stressful than other Fire Emblems, but it also lets you level grind. If you play on casual it's probably the easiest one in the series. The relationship system also helps; keep units together and they eventually like each other so much they basically become invincible.

Since my last post my brother did get (and love) Awakening, I also gave it a chance but got stuck very quickly (like Chapter 5?), and all the shaming I'd get for choosing casual mode have made me go on classic mode anyway Smilie So I guess Fire Emblem just isn't for me.

On the other hand, Awakening was super popular so I don't think it needs me to support it anymore Smilie FE14 is sure to be very successful too given how similar it is to Awakening in style.

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I didn't like Battlefield either. It's like Call of Duty but you spawn on the outskirts of Nowhere and have to sprint ten minutes to get back to the battle, but you're not going to even make it halfway before some kid in a plane flies by and guns you down for the thirtieth time.

I had played Battlefield 3, and then I bought BF4 for PS4 so I would have something to play. Huge mistake. Game didn't even work. After the third time of my character pulling out his knife and then glitching out and being unable to use the knife, but also unable to switch weapons or do anything but run around until I got killed, I decided I was done with the series.

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For me, things like:

  • GTA - Wouldn't mind the driving and some missions, but really not for me. LOVED Driver (first 2 games), though.
  • CoD - Totally overhyped, too "gritty" and realistic. Rewards better players? Meh.
  • Fire Emblem - Seems a bit too much effort to get into, imo.
I would agree with Monster Hunter - really don't see the appeal.

Same can likely be said of Dragon Quest. The character art is not really attractive to me, either lol.

Dragonball Fans gonna hate!

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This is a good thread! 

For me, the biggest is probably Final Fantasy. I accept that the older ones are considered golden, and the newer ones are extremely popular. But I will never have any interest in them. I played a little and listened a lot to people rave about FF7, to me it just seemed like a grind. The PS2 onwards, just seemed more ridiculous, more reliant on CGI cut-scenes for meaning, and less.. whole? I don't know. I understand many people have fallen in love with the series, I've just never found an appreciation for it. 

Mass Effect is probably my most controversial choice. I really enjoy thoughtful sci-fi stuff, but much like FF I just never quite understood or got hooked on the formula. The premise of the games is wonderful, exploring the universe, unravelling a large and complex story. I did love the dialogue exchange system, and the fact what you decide on matters, but the actual wrapping - the game behind all that, seemed miraculously devoid of life to me. Most of the time. There were also (and this could just be 1 and parts of 2) far too many moments when the way/action to progress wasn't clear enough, for all the great dialogue moments and epic battles, I remember fecklessly exploring every corridor with no clue where to go - multiple times. I just found the meat of the games to be a little.. lacking. But I love so many things about the ambition and scope of the game, that I'd probably give an all inclusive remastered package on PS4 a go. 

Oh and lastly, Smash Bros!. This could easily be one of my most played series ever, considering it features all the Nintendo characters I loved as a child. But there's something in the way for me, the fighting mechanics themselves. Again, some people love how it works, it's definitely quite unique when compared to a lot of fighters. But for me, it feels rigid and clumsy, and the overall experience is frenetic in a bad sense. To this day, I haven't played a single SSB game that I can get on with. I check in, soak up the Nintendo magic, then promptly give up. I forced myself to try Melee and Brawl, and shouldn't have really. The series is too massive to ever change, so I'm pretty much resigned to ignoring it forever more. Smilie  

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Fire Emblem, definitely. I loved everything about Awakening except the gameplay - even playing on the easier difficulties, I was absolutely awful at it and ended up having to just sell the game once I hit a roadblock 15 hours in. It's a shame because I really was enjoying the story and the new one looks absolutely fantastic, but I guess strategy definitely isn't my strong point.

When I start to think of game series I won't get into it actually makes me sound like I'm not a gamer at all. Unfortunately this is more down to not having the time for most series as I concentrate on games from the big N! As I get older I seem to care less and less about what Sony and Microsoft put out. Sure I still read and watch reviews but I just can't be bothered with new IP anymore unless it's outstanding. 

Games I wouldn't even bother trying are games like World of Warcraft, Skyrim, Elder Scrolls, Dark Souls, Assassins Creed, Minecraft, God of War, Age of Empires

Then there are games like GTA, kingdom hearts, BioShock, Uncharted, Tomb Raider and Halo that I'd really like to get into but it's just never materialised.

With regards to Nintendo franchises I don't really care for games like Tomodachi Life, Animal Crossing and I care less and less about Pokemon. The 3 pokemon games I have are sufficient unless they drastically change the game (which is partly why I was interested in Pokemon Conquest)

I would say hands down that is was Smash Bros that invigorated my love for other Nintendo franchises such as with Zelda, Metroid and Fire emblem especially. I purchased the GBA version when it was originally released because of it's representation in smash bros.

I love the storytelling and strategy to the games but some of the levels can be hard if you try to rush in all the time. This is a strategy game and holding back instead of rushing straight toward to enemy might help you progress in the FE games!

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The first time I played Fire Emblem it was the first one for GBA, and they said "If Eliwood gets killed, it's game over!" so I sheltered the crap out of him, and like ten chapters later he was too weak to do anything but die,and I had to start over.

Took a long time before I got back into it, but I'm glad I did, it's one of my favorite series.

A similar thing has happened with Devil Survivor: Overclocked. I somehow never figured out that you can switch out monsters mid-battle, so I don't have enough strong monsters to finish the level I'm on and I pretty much have to start over.

Good news, though! I gave Terraria another chance and I'm having a lot of fun with it. I don't like how the external wiki is pretty much required reading (the in-game guide is good for one thing: opening your door in the middle of the night and letting monsters in) but once you get going it's pretty fun.

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I have to admit that I actually level up the main character the most for this reason. Chrom was a badass in Awakening!

Loved Melee and Brawl but have zero interest in playing SSB4. It just seems 'meh'. Almost like it lacks the heart and soul that you find in the others.

Monster Hunter, I've tried numerous times to get into it but it's just ever going to happen. XD

Fire Emblem, Assassins Creed, Battlefield too just aren't appealing to me.

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