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I have to bring up Art Academy. That game, combined with Miiverse, is going to produce some seriously amazing works of art.

Unfortunately it seems to be getting completely overshadowed by everything else. It a small development that is going to produce some big stuff and deserves some recognition!

If Art Academy is cheap I might be game.

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The Wonderful 101 is 5 player coop from 1 Wii U =O, It's going to be so good.

Not even Mario Kart 8 is 5 player offline :/ I'm still really disappointed about that.

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You guys can actually manage to get four other players to play with locally? You lucky bastards... :/

Not entirely sure what to make of this E3 so far.

As a predominately 360-focused gamer of this generation - what I will say is I'm not getting an Xbox One. I never believed that showing a few really inevitable titles was going detract much attention away from their cruddy policies, and now Sony have gone down the opposite route regarding the key issues - Microsoft basically set themselves up for a 'meh' to disappointing reception. On a related note, why was Master Chief wearing a robe in that piss-poor teaser? Wait to differentiate from Destiny and all the rest 343. 

I don't think I saw much from either that screams 'next-gen.' But a PS4 seems like a good bet for me, at some point, largely because it seems like the most straightforward system of the two (or alternatively, it pissed me off the least.)

I wasn't overly impressed with Nintendo's E3 basically because nothing they showed really had that wow-factor. It was solid. We did see games that fall under the 'AAA' bracket - but still, a taster of Metroid or the next Zelda would have been great. I hate that Super Mario 3D World is so stylistically similar to the 3DS game - not exactly breaking new ground or venturing into new realms like Galaxy did. Same goes for that new Donkey Kong Country game - why do we see so many games of the same nature released in a sequence from Nintendo, the New Super Mario Bros series seems so bland to me partly because there's been a lot of them. Likewise, now I feel like there's been quite a few Donkey Kong platformers churned out in a row. Although I do like the thought of a HD Country adventure, its effect is definitely diluted when it comes in a sequence.

Despite those qualms, a Wii U looks a lot more appealing now than it did a couple months ago. More remakes and regurgitation in Wind Waker and Smash Bros/Mario Kart 8, but it adds quality to the system. Lots of people talk about giving up on the upper 'next-gen' systems and getting a gaming PC. If Nintendo get competitive in their pricing then they could have a slice of that particular pie. Smilie

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FFXV looks impressive. Some more gameplay here.


Although what I do have to say is that I think that Lightning Returns seems to have some gameplay elements from it.

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Impressive, yes. But it just doesn't look like Final Fantasy anymore. Granted, FFXIII was very unusual for the series with its setting, characters and such but the battle system was still extremely solid. XV doesn't even look like a RPG anymore, it looks like a full-blown Action game. Really not sure how I feel about that. :/

SuperLink said:
Not even Mario Kart 8 is 5 player offline :/ I'm still really disappointed about that.

Ugh after how amazing the trailer was this is disappointing news >.<

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Actually, to me it looks more like Xenoblade with more action and interactive environments, but I guess it's like an action game with hit points at this point. Well, in that casde thinking about it, it's a continuation of the gameplay in FFXII, which is a good thing.

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Ehh, Xenoblade and FFXII? Can't say I see any resemblance to them at all. Both of them are real-time and positioning matters but their pace is so much slower than an action game. To me it looks - like you said - pretty much like an action game with hit points. I'm keeping an open mind about it but right now I'm not too happy seeing Final Fantasy moving closer and closer to the action-genre. There just aren't enough JRPGs out there.

That's very true, it's become so unpopular in the west nowadays that we don't see them often outside of Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Tales of' games, and we're lucky we get them.

Oh yeah, that's another thing, Dragon Quest X still hasn't been announced for western release, although its an MMO I'm sure it'll be popular enough over here, I guess it's just the subscription model part of it that needs to be sorted.

Oh yeah, The Last Story was also very actiony, and that turned out great.

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When there actually are JRPGs shown, the mainstream gaming media and the majority of gamers seemingly just ignore them. I've yet to see an article about the new X trailer posted on IGN, yet the comments often have some people posting it to get IGN to acknowledge that the game was actually shown. I also barely see it mentioned in E3 impressions which is pretty sad.

The Last Story is indeed pretty focused on action but nowhere near as much as FFXV.

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SuperLink said:
Not even Mario Kart 8 is 5 player offline :/ I'm still really disappointed about that.

Is there confirmation on that? Press release just mentions online so am not sure - would be good though! 4 player Mario Kart WIi was incredibly laggy, more so than Double Dash and MK64, really weird that.

Am hoping for perfectly smooth, HD 4 player offlien at least!

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Canyarion said:
It makes you wonder what the heck Nintendo is doing with all their manpower. It feels like they produced way more games in the GC era. And that was long before the Wii made them like 3x as rich and big.

I was also wondering what their different studios were working on, so I decided to (do a quick) look into it. Here is what I found. I focused on Wii U games and didn't include any 3DS titles being worked on. I've included external first parties and internal teams.

EDIT: Sorry for the weird format. It didn't copy and paste well.

1-UP Studios
     - Unknown
Creatures, Inc.
     - Unknown
HAL Laboratory
     - Unknown
Intelligent Systems
     - Game & Wario ​(w/ Nintendo SPD Group 1)
     - Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem (w/ Atlas)
Monolith Soft
     - X
Nd Cube
     - Wii Party U
Retro Studios
     - Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Sora Ltd.
     - Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo EAD Group No. 1 (Nintendogs & Mario Kart)
- Mario Kart 8
Nintendo EAD Group No. 2 (Wii branded game & Animal Crossing)
- Unknown / Last title: Nintendo Land (WiiU/2012)
Nintendo EAD Group No. 3 (Zelda Series)
- The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker (Wii U)
- The Legend of Zelda U (Wii U)
Nintendo EAD Group No. 4 (Remakes/Ports, New Super Mario Bros, Pikmin)
- Pikmin 3
- Previous title: New Super Mario Bros. U
Nintendo EAD Group No. 5 (Casual Games)
- Wii Fit U
Nintendo EAD Tokyo Group No. 1
- Unknown / Last titles: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D  & The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition
Nintendo EAD Tokyo Group No. 2
- Super Mario 3D World (Wii U)
Nintendo EAD Development Environment Group
- Unknown
- Last title: AR Games (3DS/2011)
- Notable titles: Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy
Nintendo EAD Technology Design Group
- Developing SDK's
Nintendo SPD Group No.1
- Game & Wario
Nintendo SPD Group No.2
- Oversees internal & external game development
Nintendo SPD Group No.3
-Oversees internal & external game development (worldwide developers)
Nintendo SPD Group No.4
- Oversees internal & external game development (Japanese developers)
Nintendo SPD Group No.5
- Unknown
- Last title in 2009 (Photo Dojo for DSi)
Nintendo Software Design & Development (SDD)
     - Unknown
     - Last title in 2012 (Brain Age: Concentration Training)
Nintendo Network Business Department (NSD)
- Miiverse
- Nintendo Network
Nintendo Software Technology (NST)
- Unknown

( Edited 12.06.2013 01:43 by Sonic_13 )

Really nice look at some of the changes and new characters moves in SSB from Nintendo:


Stulaw said:
FFXV looks impressive. Some more gameplay here.


Although what I do have to say is that I think that Lightning Returns seems to have some gameplay elements from it.

I actually really like the Look of it, its like a playable advent Children.


Microsoft are apparently trying to erase existence of this video or something.

( Edited 12.06.2013 13:51 by SuperLink )

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Keep it up, Microsoft! You're doing an excellent job of promoting the other two consoles instead of your own.

Nintendo updated Miiverse yesterday/today with buttons to share Miiverse posts to Facebook/Twitter/Google+/Tumblr.

Apparently they only appear in the web version of Miiverse.

( Edited 12.06.2013 18:16 by Sonic_13 )

I should have done this earlier but I'm watching the trailers on the Wii U eShop right now and damn...they make the YouTube videos look like crap in comparison when it comes to colours and video quality, at least on my TV. Smilie

I wish I had a Wii U, can't afford one atm, I really need a job.


Image for

Edit: just found out this is terribly inaccurate.

( Edited 12.06.2013 22:09 by Stulaw )

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Wow. I look forward to seeing some teardowns on how they managed to cram it all in. Hopefully it doesn't run hot.

Actually, just seen a different image that makes more sense.


Edit: Also, FFXV and KHIII are confirmed for the XBOne.


( Edited 12.06.2013 23:05 by Stulaw )

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Wait until you see it...

Image for
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