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miller said:
zorch240 said:
ADD ME PLZ! 3625-8636-6954

lous m friend code 3110 5068 5381

i add u in

Add me please ^3^


Mine 3282-19659-9253

add me Friend code 2122-6558-1937.  Smilie

Send me a message with your friend code once you added me.

Add me please
Send me a message with your friend code once you added me.

( Edited 30.10.2013 17:30 by Leslie )

Add me 4012-4686-4117 

hi I added you here's my friend code 2320-6968-4834

3497-0678-2571. EN:thats my FC.
NL: Dat is mijn fc.Voor Lumiose Jordy en HNG henk

My code is 4699 5344 1337 message me yours

my name robert my code 2165-6310-1984              add me^-^

Ahh... Friend code: 0920-1151-9635
I'm known as Vision so add me as that. Message me with your friend codes!

'Sup? ~Vision



please add me

please add me 3368-2575-0630

Hey dude, I added you.

'Sup? ~Vision

add me then message me your code
friend code= 2122-6558-1937

Guys ad Me 1762 3762 3263

Hi guys. I need to visit some other players towns. I'm trying to get all the fruit and I like exploring other places to see how other players have made their towns. My fc is 1134-8170-2828. pm me if you add me and we can visit each other's towns. Thanks. Smilie

3780-9890-4306Smilie Please Reply with your friend code

my is 4399-0466-1305 pls

lol hi whats ur friend code we can play acnl together Smilie

Add me 1865-0815-8735 and send me codes

add me! 0104-1254-8210

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