WRUP: Long Summer Days Edition (locked)

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It's summer and warm and bright out. But you're staying in. Why? Because the sun is dangerous, obviously. So what are you playing in the nice cool AC?


- Fire Emblem: Awakening

Still have the final chapter left on this one. Can't bring myself to beat it and say I'm "finished". After I do that, I'll be going back through DLC that I haven't downloaded just yet.

- Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Really liking the changes they've made. It's a substantially more ambitious entry than at any other time in the series. I find myself forgetting the game for whole days though and not caring, so haven't really been hooked quite yet.

XBOX 360

- Dragon Age: Origins

Played through the opening story section, created my character, etc. Seemed cool. Then got my first taste of combat. Awful, just awful. Slow, clunky, and downright boring. Was not expecting that, but then I didn't really do a whole lot of research on this one. Immediately turned off my 360 and haven't gone back to it. Anyone here convince me that it gets better?

- Dishonored

Not really playing this one right now, but I have an open file and have enjoyed it so far. Will be going back to this one next time I power up the 360, I think.

Currently going back through some older games to finish off various bits and pieces, including:

NSMB Wii - Still haven't gotten all Star Coins, which also means I got a few levels to finish in World 9...

The endless 1-ups and various other videos are always worth a watch. The fact that the game has such particular timing with enemies and the like allows for some amazing plays.

Disaster: Day of Crisis - This game is crazy with unlockables. Alternative costumes (some have gameplay benefits), "titles" (sort of achievements recognising various things you've done in the game) and weapons that still need to be upgraded fully or unlocked.

Stuff I need to get back to playing through:

Thief Gold - Adored Thief 2, had some weird performance issues with Thief 3 which could make it a bit awkward at times and didn't complete it. So far though I've only done the first level of the original.

Anachronox - A pretty interesting, slightly odd RPG from 10 years ago. It's not been particularly difficult combat wise though, wander if it'll pick up. Probably something worth checking out though anyway, and this is coming from someone not tpyically into RPG's.

Stuff I occasionally peck at:

Xonotic - Fun (and free) Quake-like multiplayer fps. Really needs more players though (http://www.xonotic.org/).

Counter-Strike - not CS: Source. Not really much to say other than it's CS. I've noticed I do far better in smaller teams (less than 6v6), auto-buy, auto-buy, auto-buy...

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Super Luigi U! Crazy, mental platforming. Love it!

That's about it, really. Going to try to at least get one playthrough on C3 YouTube 100% complete lol.

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