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The thread for all those little details in games you appreciate, the ones that often go unnoticed or you don't realise are there the first time around.

First example is that roaches in Half-Life actually have basic AI:


And that the houndeye enemies actually have group behaviour:


Other little things:

The idle animations in Conkers Bad Fur Day. This includes a can that Conker throws or kicks away actually having physics (it will bounce and roll) as well as causing splashes in water.

Zelda:OoT - When Link splashes in water, the water droplets it kicks up cause their own ripples in addition to ripples from link.

In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the first computer you come across that controls a turret has the username "dutchmann". You are expected to hack the computer to turn the turret off (or sneak around it), as indicated by a tutorial prompt. Much, much (as in 10 hours, maybe more) later in the game, you find out who dutchmann is, and you can find the password too. Play through the the beginning again and the same password will work.

This is wIthout even going into the shit load of emails that game has that flesh out various events, add smaller details to how certain things are run and so on. The same goes for the original Deus Ex. Sometimes you only realise who certain emails are supposed to be from on a second play through, see their initials in the "from" line towards the beginning of the game and it hits you...

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This - so many little things in Smash Bros, great stuff:

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great stuff, little things can't be missed.

So...erm...Seagulls will spawn and shit on your car in Half-Life 2:


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