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Share Pokémon X (Nintendo 3DS) friend codes, online trades and chat live.

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gameover and WingedDragon, I added you both. Please add me back. My FC 4527-8525-7542 (Steve)

I've added everyone on the last several pages - add me back at 4484-8602-4683.

Looking for Sableye safari. Add me if you have Sableye safari: 4811- 7774 - 0313 IGN Rick

Added the last couple of pages: 3840 7286 4724

( Edited 23.09.2014 09:03 by BeenCan )


     Added you back.

jasmine, warren and peaks35. Haven't got your third yet. Please let me know when you'll be online.

My fc is 5215 0425 5091. Please add me.My safari is electric. Thanks. Pm me with you Fc to add.

( Edited 24.09.2014 02:49 by Jflo 218 )

Add me 4854-7676-3079

Adding anyone, message me.
FC: 2767-0455-5593

Added bizzo and gameover. My friend code is 1005-9684-2056

( Edited 27.09.2014 16:12 by Justin Keith Berryman )

My FC is 1263-6681-6880 can't remember what safari I actually give but if you add me tag me in a comment or just reply right to the thread with your FC 

I gotcha jd
My FC:2766-9796-3576

Added Jd and robbotix. My friend code is 2578-3334-5454

name: Firefly
Friends Code: 3024-7434-9991
Pokemon x
I have no ideal what my Pokemon are 

Please add me i will add you to had to recently buy 3ds and pokemon x again and that sucks big time so accepting all friends
pokemon safari most wanted Trapinch, Sandile, Eevee, Ditto, Zubat, Sliggoo
Thanks everyone please im me if you add me thanks 

name: Firefly
Friends Code: 3024-7434-9991

I got u firefly add me

i added you firefly add me my fc is 3024-7253-3349

hi my frnd code is 3024-7253-3349 add me and i'll definitely add you guys. cheers

Firefly and Rohii, added you guys. Please add me back. My FC 4527-8525-7542 (Steve)

hey i added you fc: 3024-7434-9991

Anyone have luxio and electrike?

Has anyone else noticed that it seems when someone changes their in game name before you get their third poke that you can no longer get they're third poke even if they're online at the same time as yourself?

( Edited 11.10.2014 03:37 by vampirehunterd )

anyone else want to exchange frnd codes

plus wat safari do i give out


You have Electric safari with Emolga and Pikachu. I won't know your third Pokemon until we're online at the same time.

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