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Share Pokémon X (Nintendo 3DS) friend codes, online trades and chat live.

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Add me idk what my safari is so plz pm me thank you


Added slicer

Poison safari with kakuna swallot and muk ty krissy for helping me with safari type

I went back through to make sure I'd added everyone for the last few pages! Please add me back - 4484-8602-4683 - and PM me.

Hello, i need a safari with gabite in it.
Please add me if you have a gabite.

FC: 0920-0950-8563

Im not too sure what my safari is.

Okay so i have a great Normal safari with:

Ditto, Minccino, and Aipom

FC-  2208-7160-655

Message me tell me what your safari is and what you have in it only adding back what i want. 

My safari is ice and my Fc is 1590-5444-1641. I'm looking for a ghost type Safari with golett 

Do you have lapras in your safari? I'm a poison type safari.

ShadowLord said:
My safari is ice and my Fc is 1590-5444-1641. I'm looking for a ghost type Safari with golett 

If you need a grass safari with either Sawsbuck or Quiladin, then my Fc is 0490-4565-4535. My name is simply George. However, I have few places left on my friends list, so I prioritizing those who can help me get a Diancie or Genesect. I am offering legendries and shiny Pokemon. If you can help, please Pm me, I will give three Pokemon for each of the requested Pokemon and I will Pm you a list of what I have, even if it is not amazing.

anyone here?

my code can anyone who sees this add me and ill add you back

Looking for Safaris with these Pokemon:
Only will add people with these pokemon for now.
I dont need safaris of ground, electric, bug, normal, dragon, ghost, fairy, fighting, fire, flying, ice, poison, psychic, rock or water type.
Sorry if this seems harsh but i dont have that much space on my list and im just trying to get all pokemon safaris.

need someone to help me evolve my pumpkaboo

If you add me PM or quote me

me too we should definitely trade our pumpkaboo's.

my code on this is add me and msg me yours and ill add you back. cheers.

Jackpot777 (dave) - 4570-8101-9204

If anyone can tell me what type i am, id be grateful!

Cheers, all Smilie

your safari is fighting dave

any1 has grass type safarii with ivysaur i got ghost type fc is 3754 8271 2006

My friend code is 2921-9107-1664

@krissyskywalker- I will happily get you these Pokemon, so that you may breed them. If anybody could help me, I am adding only those who can do what my last post stated (further up page).

i added you aikawa add me back please. fc is 2466-3343-7528. anyone who sees please add and i will add back.

Ok guys, I have a grass safari with Quilladin and Sawsbuck included. However, as I am close to finishing the Pokedex, I will only give my Fc to people who will help me. I have a Lv.1 shiny Scizor and a Lv.48 shiny Mismagius on offer for those who can get me a Mew or Jirachi. If you are interested, Pm me your Fc, Pokemon you offer and the shiny you want (either Scizor or Mismagius). Thank you.


( Edited 26.12.2014 11:31 by bigboy234 )

Adding any one I can msg me pls

Hello, I am looking to give my Fc to anybody who can give me an event Pokemon. I offer Lv.49 SHINY Altaria, Lv.48 SHINY Mismagius, Lv.22 Shiny Metang (with Metagrossite, just think you can have two of the same event) and a Lv.40+ SHINY Huntail. I need Mew Jirachi Keldeo and Meloetta, if you can get them. I shall give you one shiny for every Event you get. I am also going to be trying to get Gen 5 legendary shiny Pokemon which i will give to people after the trade as well. Please Pm, I shall explain to people offering in more detail.

Hey what's up everyone
Add me please 2466-2691-9612

Anybody got Jirachi? I offer a Lv. 49 Shiny Altaria. I have numerous posts (above) describing my safari

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