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Cubed3 Forum / Chat Room / Site Rules, Advice and Help

Welcome to Cubed3!

If you've signed up to be a member of the website, it's most likely because you have a passion for playing video games and want to share it with other like-minded individuals. Cubed3 is the perfect place to do that, as we welcome people from anywhere and everywhere to come and discuss whatever is on their mind.

As we intend to keep the community at Cubed3 as welcoming and inviting as possible, we do have rules in place to keep the peace. This thread is designed to provide all members with those general rules, guidelines and as much information as possible, so that people know what is allowed at Cubed3, how to contact the Moderating Team if there are any issues, and to share some info and tips to enjoy Cubed3 to its fullest.

Cubed3 Community Rules and Expectations

The post below outlines the behavior that is expected of all Cubed3 members. All members are held accountable to these rules. Your membership and continued use of your account implies an agreement to abide by these rules.

The rules listed in this post are intended to be comprehensive, but there may be times where a moderator has to make a judgment call in situations not explicitly covered by these rules. C3 Staff reserve the right to act at their discretion in these situations and in the enforcement of the rules listed below.

Cubed3 reserves the right to alter these rules at any time.

Remember, the rules and guidelines presented in this thread apply to the whole of the site, including the forums and all chat rooms.

General Member Conduct

Cubed3 is first and foremost designed to be a friendly place for people from all walks of life to interact. Video games are the focus, but discussion can range across the spectrum from politics to religion. In discussing topics that can provoke strong feeling, it is understood that debate can become heated. There is, however, a firm line between arguing your point and insulting other members. Passionate debate is allowed - abusive behavior will be moderated.

Rules Regarding Posting in Forums and Chat Rooms

1. No pornography or X-rated material of any kind, including links to said material. If wanting to post material generally deemed for an adult audience, or if you simply aren't sure if the content would be allowed on the site, seek Moderator approval before posting. The Mods will decide whether it is suitable for posting.

2. No hate-speech, including but not limited to: attacks based on sexual orientation, race, gender, etc. This also includes hate-speech directed at people for being fans of particular games/consoles/developers. Everyone is allowed to enjoy whatever games/consoles they like, and hateful comments directed at them for that is not tolerated.

3. No insulting, trolling (posting only to incite a negative response), or otherwise flaming other members.

4. No posting advertisements, spam, phishing links, or commercial content of any kind without permission from C3 Staff.

5. No links to piracy or discussion of locations where pirated material can be found.

6. No bumping old threads without new information or new insight.

7. No posting repetitiously (double, triple posting; use the "edit" button instead).

8. No using duplicate accounts to support one's other account in an argument (using a 'sock-puppet').

9. No backseat moderating (trying to enforce the rules on your own - contact a moderator via the moderator alert system).

10. No arguing in public with a moderator over matters concerning site governance (rule enforcement, banning, etc).

11. No flooding chat rooms on purpose by posting messages constantly.

12. No taking discussions in threads and chat rooms off topic. Mentioning specific unrelated games and the like in certain threads and chat rooms briefly is okay, but do not continue to make further posts that take the discussion away from the game at hand. If in the forums, please use the relevant official game or series topic, and if in a chat room, please use the relevant chat room for that particular game. Every single game has its own thread and each online game has its own chat room to keep things on topic at all times.

13. No posting threads asking people to add you as a friend in a game or on a console. There are already threads designed specifically for that. Such threads will be automatically deleted.

14. No posting threads asking for specific trades in Pokemon games or other similar topics in other games. The official game threads can be used to ask such things. Such threads will be automatically deleted.

Since it's a popular one, please use the official Pokemon XY Safari Friend Code Exchange and Information thread for trading Pokemon and adding friend codes in Pokemon XY.

15. No private messaging users constantly to get them to add you as a friend or play a game with them if they don't want to. It's fine to send a PM first of all to ask, but if they refuse, do not send further messages. If they aren't interested, leave it at that. Post in the official game topics if you are looking for people to play a certain game with you.

16. No swearing/cursing/vulgar speech in chat rooms. We have an auto-censor system in place to reduce bad language in chat rooms (which show up as '****' when used), but users should not be using them anyway, as we have young members in the Cubed3 community. Trying to bypass the system by using spaces and other methods of typing to make bad language show up in chat rooms is against the rules and can result in warnings and bans. If a user posts a certain word that they didn't know was unnacceptable, a Mod will simply tell you not to use it again. Using it again after this can result in official warnings/bans. Repeatedly using bad words to make the '****' show up on purpose is also not tolerated.

In forums, cursing is more lenient, but only to an extent. It's fine to express opinions with the odd piece of bad language, but it should never be used excessively, directly at somebody or continuously in most of your posts. Constant swearing in forums will be asked to be toned down by Mods, and certainly if it is directed at another user in order to offend or otherwise, it can be met with warnings and bans. So, a bit of bad language to express opinion is acceptable in moderation, but do not go overboard with it, and do not use it against people.

17. No posting spoiler content without warning in forum topics and chat rooms. Please warn others before talking about potential spoiler content. In forums, please make sure to use the following tag to hide your spoiler content, but do make sure to warn others about what is contained within the spoiler tag, such as "Spoiler warning for after dungeon no.3."

< spoiler >Text goes here.< /spoiler >

Simply type the tags out without spaces and using SQUARE (not triangle) brackets to write it properly, and it'll appear like so:

Please be courteous to other members. Always use spoiler tags as much as possible in forum topics, just to be safe - especially for newer games.

In chat rooms, users are expected to behave in the same way, and should not type spoiler content with the sole purpose to spoil people. Ask to make sure people are up to the same point as you in a game before talking excessively about spoiler content, or simply take the discussion to a private conversation or forum topic. Show respect to others, and there will be no problems.

Mods may edit forum posts to add in spoiler tags if necessary.

18. No impersonating other members by changing usernames or creating other accounts.

19. No coming back to the site by creating new accounts after being banned from the site.

Ultimately, what is acceptable in the forums and chat rooms at Cubed3 is at the discretion of the Mods, and they will act accordingly when they feel they should.

Moderators reserve the right to lock any topic at their discretion for violation of the above rules, and even topics that land in potential "grey areas" not explicitly covered in this post.

Likewise, Moderators reserve the right to edit, delete or move posts without warning if they are deemed inappropriate or are in the wrong place.

Contacting or Alerting the Mods

There are multiple ways to contact the Mod Team if there is an issue in the forums or chat rooms. Please be patient with us in getting around to sorting matters out, as we cannot always be around, but we make every effort to try and be here as much as possible.

1. If there is an issue in a particular thread, you can click the "Alert Mods" button at the top of the thread page.

Image for

2. Report an individual post by using the "Report" button at the bottom of each post in a thread.

Image for

3. For urgent matters, such as issues in chat rooms, you can send a private message to any member of the Mod Team directly. If you feel you would like to speak to a member of the Mod Team in person, you can send a PM to any of us, and we will gladly try to assist you with any issues. Please understand if we cannot reply straight away. See below for the full Mod Team.

The Moderating Team Members

There are currently two types of Mod at Cubed3: Senior Mods and Junior Mods.

Senior Mods
Senior Mods are the primary moderating team, who you should contact first and foremost if there is an issue you feel needs resolving personally. You should use the "Alert Mods" and "Report" buttons in threads where the problems exist, but private messaging a Senior Mod is fine and we will try to be quick in getting back to you. If you haven't heard from us within 24 hours, please PM another member of the team or resend your Mod Alerts again.

Senior Mod Team:
jb (Admin)
Adam Riley

jb is the site administrator, so if there are urgent matters at hand, or indeed if you just need to contact the site admin for any particular reason, he is the man to send a PM to.

Junior Mods
Junior Mods are to be respected and listened to like any other Mod on the team. They really only differ to Senior Mods in not being able to ban members from the site, but they can kick and ban members from the chat rooms, and their warnings should be adhered to the same as any other Mod.

Junior Mods will more often than not be moderating in chat rooms, particularly the Pokemon XY chat room, to keep things running smoothly. No matter who the Mods are, if a Mod asks you to behave, you should do so. Failing to listen can result in warnings and bans.

For chat room issues, you can contact either Senior or Junior Mods.

General Moderator Conduct

C3 Members must understand that moderators are picked from the membership.

This means that moderators are still part of the community - just with added responsibilities. As such, moderators will continue to express opinions and even participate in debates. Moderators are fully entitled to their own views. Members are absolutely allowed to debate with a moderator on matters that don't relate to site governance. To clarify this point, debating publically a moderator's opinion on the merits of video game consoles, politics, etc is allowed; debating publically a moderator's decision to ban a member, lock a topic, etc is not.

When it comes to executing site responsibilities, moderators are expected to be as objective as possible. If you believe a moderator is unfairly targeting you or another member, or is abusing his or her status, please contact the team via private message or moderator alert. If you disagree with a moderator decision, you are also free to voice your opinion via private message or moderator alert. If you feel uncomfortable contacting the team, you are welcome to get in touch with the C3 Administrator, jb.

General Site and Community Information / Advice / Help

We would like to bring your attention to a few points in order for you to enjoy the Cubed3 community to its fullest.

Official Game Forum Threads
Every single game has its own official forum topic. If you want to post in the forums about a particular game, or have a question about it, you can search for the game on the site using the search bar at the top of the page or going through the relevant console links to find the game page in question. There, you will see a "Forum Topic" button. This will take you straight to the official forum topic for that particular game. Please keep all discussion and questions related to a specific game inside the official topic for it to help reduce clutter in the forums.

Image for

Official Series Forum Threads
Whilst every game does have its own forum, some popular games series require their own threads for general discussion that may not fit in the topic of a specific game. More often than not, this can be for spoiler reasons, and to prevent game threads going off-topic.

For example, to talk about what you think or want the next Zelda game to be like, you would use the Zelda series' official topic, instead of posting it in a specific Zelda game's thread.

Some of the official series threads already made are listed below. If you can not find a series thread for a particular series, and think one should be made for it, you may create one yourself, but a Mod may make alterations to it if need be. Likewise, a Mod may lock or delete it if there is indeed already an official thread tucked away somewhere.

Pokemon Series
The Legend of Zelda Series
Final Fantasy Series
Kingdom Hearts Series
Monster Hunter Series
Ace Attorney Series
Shenmue Series
Resident Evil Series
Persona Series
Sonic the Hedgehog Series

Official Console Discussion Threads
We have topics dedicated to discussing about specific consoles, inlcuding Wii U and 3DS. Topics for discussing PlayStation consoles and Xbox consoles also exist. For general discussion of these consoles, or for asking any questions in particular related to them, please use the dedicated threads.

Wii U Discussion
3DS Discussion
PS4 / PS3 / Vita Discussion
Xbox One / 360 Discussion

Game Chat Rooms
Popular games with online play have their own chat rooms designed for communicating with other users to play together, trade with each other, or just to generally ask for help or talk about the game. Like the above Forum Topic point, the chat room link for a specific game can be found on its game page, next to the "Forum Topic" button. In chat rooms, you can discuss live with other users about the game that specific chat room is for. With a game like Pokemon XY, its chat room is popular with people to trade Pokemon and add friend codes with each other. Most game chat rooms won't be active, but the feature is there for people to use as an easy method of talking to others about a game.

Your Online Game Profiles
By editing your user profile from the menu at the top of page, you can add your online IDs for specific game platforms, including your Nintendo Network ID, PSN ID, Xbox Live Gamertag, Steam ID, and other information. Add your online IDs so that you can share them with other Cubed3 members.

Reader Reviews
Submit your own Reader Review for games. Again using the above image as an example, you will see a "Reader Review" button next to the "Chat" and "Forum Topic" buttons. Here, you can write and submit your own review to be displayed on the site. Let other users know what you think of a game!

Rating Games
Award ratings to games. Reader Reviews allow you to submit in-depth reviews, but you can also cast a vote for a score out of 10 on each game page. User votes accumulate to form a total Reader Score, which is displayed on the game page. Games with high Reader Scores may end up in the Reader Top 50 charts for individual platforms, so make sure to cast your votes on each game page!

Here are some example Reader Charts:

All Platforms Reader Top 50
Wii U Reader Top 50
3DS Reader Top 50

Build Your Game Collections and Wishlists
Build your personal game collection. On every game page, you can choose to add the game to your Cubed3 games collection. Add all of the games you own to show which games you have. Additionally, you can also add games to your wishlist for games you want to get in the future.

See what the most popular games that users own are, when browsing each platform page.

Most Owned Games
Most Owned Wii U Games
Most Owned 3DS Games

The Stars League
Award Stars to other members of the community! Cubed3 has an awards system in place for people that make good, funny or informative posts in the forums. If you like somebody's post, give it a Star! You can only award a certain number each week, and the results of who has been awarded the most is revealed in a new Stars Topic every Sunday. For more information on Stars and to view the Stars League, please see the Stars FAQ. To award a Star, click the +1 Star button at the bottom of a user's post.

Image for

Games in the Cubed3 Database
We make every effort to keep game information up to date to the best of our ability, but since we are only human, we may miss things or make mistakes from time to time. As some examples, if you find that a particular game is not in the database and you want to add it to your game collection, or if you spot a game without a box art image, or if you find wrong information on a game page (such as wrong publisher name), you can contact Azuardo directly through PM and he will get on it as soon as possible. There are naturally a lot of games not in the database because of the vast number of them, but if there are any in particular that you would like to see added if they are missing from the site, please get in touch and we will try to add them.

You may also wish to post a full list of games you want adding to the database in the following thread.

Games Database Thread

Making Site Suggestions or Having Issues
We are always open to feedback from our community. If you think we could make Cubed3 a better place, then we would love to hear your suggestions. Please use the following topic to post any suggestions you have for Cubed3, and we will consider them.

Site Suggestions Topic

If you ever experience problems or bugs with the site whilst browsing, please use the following thread to tell us what is wrong, and we will try to help you as soon as possible.

Site Issues Thread

Alternatively, you can contact the site admin, jb, if you like.

Enjoy Cubed3!

Again, please remember that all of these rules and guidelines apply across the site as a whole, including forums, chat rooms and anywhere else on the site where users can interact with each other.

All that is left to say is: enjoy your time here at Cubed3, and we look forward to seeing you around!

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