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Share Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Nintendo 3DS) friend codes, online trades and chat live.

Can we exchange friend codes mine is 530127493922 

Anyone wanna add me? Kinda took a huge break from AC:NL, and all of my friends are inactive. My FC is: 0920-0212-3068

I really need to know how to build websites that Google will like and not punish in the end!!!phenq review

Anyone want to friend me? My code is 4742 - 9648 -6588, tell me if you've written down my code so I can write yours!

My Friend Code is 2595-3668-2563

add me :3 and join my town

​i am just wondering where do you get swimsuits from and the portaits for the museum? 
Thank you 😊 

My doors are always open. Anybody can come to have some good times.

Hey i need towns to visit. Im adding you, add me fc: 5472-7024-7520

Hello everyoneee!

my nintendo 3ds friend code is 341156968540 i play animal crossing new leaf

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