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Share Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Nintendo 3DS) friend codes, online trades and chat live.

I'll add you please add me

I'll add you just send me a pm Smilie

My friend code: 2535-4123-4166

Ok what is your town name? Mine is smexyfur and my friend code is on my profile

hi everyone, my name is Chris. I'm looking for gold flowers and tools if you can help me in any way id love to add you on my friend list. I have bunch of bells so I can pay if anything or if you need anything else I can help you too! Please add me I'm 22 male. My town name is smexyfur and friend code is 4485-0486-5477. So please go add and let me know when you have so I can add you also ! SmilieSmilie

@Smexyfur Hi Chris I have added you. My friend code is 4871-4124-3600 

I have added you Smilie garnet and I'm on quite allot unless I'm working..but other then that when I see you get online I usually look if your gates are open Smilie see you soon

Hey just wanna know some peoples friends codes so I can come see your town because I want all different fruits I have Apples, my friend code is 0705-3139-6457

Hi guys! I'm looking for some people to exchange friend codes with! My friend code is 0173-1936-7601. Thanks! Smilie - honey63 <3

Does anyone know how to duplicate bells?

Mark15 I know how to duplicate bells or other rare things like the king crown witch is worth 3 sacks of bells so if u got any I'll dupe just give ur friend code mine is 1134-9804-8847

Hi everyone add me on animal crossing and enjoy my town Smilie and let me know when you have added so I can add you back

I added u my friend code is 1134-9804-8847 I will duplicate any rare thing u got or bells

@Bacon3ds add me 5172-2410-8271 so we can dupe bells! Smilie

Hey, can anyone help me dupe bells please? I don't really know how to, so you'd be doing most of the work, but you will still get half the bells we make!

@tricksteracids I can help u dupe just give ur friend code also can help u dupe any rare thing u got mine is 1134-9804-8847

( Edited 27.11.2014 18:41 by bacon3ds )

@bacon3ds I have added you! My fc is 1693-1235-3295!

I'm looking for three pieces of art to complete my museum (Amazing Painting/Proper Painting/Beautiful Statue) and I'm willing to offer up to three of these others in return (Basic Painting(x2)/Solemn Painting(x2)/Great Statue/Flowery Painting(x2)/Common Painting/Neutral Painting(x3)/Perfect Painting/Wistful Painting/Valiant Statue/Nice Painting(x3)/Ancient Statue/Fine Painting - all of them are real!). Anyone who has one of those three items (no fakes of Amazing Painting/Beautiful Statue, though!), please let me know.

rockocrossing said:
I don't want to trade or anything, i just wanna hang Smilie

My fred code is 2251 5999 8225

I just want some friends to play Animal Crossing with me. :T

I will dupe anything rare or hard to get my fcode is 1134-9804-8847

I do and Im very poor I can do it.

Hey! New to this 3ds!! And never played animal crossing with friends i also got peaches in my town! Anyone want to exchange ??

Got new leaf 2 days ago, got a few fruits but still small town. Looking for friends.

My code: 3969 3963 2172
Town Tellius
GN Pheonix

Who wanna exchange friend codes?

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