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Share Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Nintendo 3DS) friend codes, online trades and chat live.

hey want to play?

Hi I only just got it yesterday too Smilie

I have added you @TrueFirePheonix 

add meSmilie 0834-3572-6825


how can i visit peoples towns i never have beforeSmilie

Players need to add both.

Got the kitten that came back to my town in New leaf. Can anyone help me out be I go to bed?

My friend code is 2079-8866-2775. Add me and send me your codes and I'll add you. 

24 f FC 1092-0616-0441
send me yours in an email 

A. Lucario 3196 4114 9761

Add me I know how to dupe things gr8 I'll dupe rare things my fcode is 1134-9804-8847

who wants to connect with me on to animal crossing newleaf

I'll connect with you FC IS 2079 8866 2775 email me yours at

Anyone who wants me to add them please email me your friend code and name to Also register my friend code 2079 8866 2775 name is matt

my fc is 1521-5366-6088

Add me I know how to dupe my fcode is 1134-9804-8847

My friend code is 4184-2600-4625. I am just starting out could use access to your nooks to get tools. If anyone wants to be friends email me their FC's to

add me 1220-8901-0361 i play ancl ll the time once u add me email me your friend code and name im miguel

I need friends to play acnl, Add Me please! My FC  2165 7838 8136, my name is Ana email me your codes to
I play a lot and don't have many friends so it get boring and lonely Smilie
Thank you!Smilie

YARD SALE at my town. I am selling tons of things.gems clothes And if you spend 10,000 bells
youll get 1,000 bells back if you have a qustion ask me 



town name:jvill

Email me your friend code and I'll let you visit my town I have pears planted and perfect cherries. My code is 2079-8866-2775. Name is matt

Anyone wanna trade friend codes?
Im so bored and looking to hang or trade. Smilie

Friend Code: 4012-5037-6900


Would anyone be willing to dupe the new nintendozone DLC for me?

Also maybe the zodiac set and some Pave chairs and a Pave table if you have them.

( Edited 20.02.2015 01:13 by Mayli-Song )

me Smilie

ill visit u

can i visit someones town FC: 0576 5542 0068

Hey if anyone has a peach as their town fruit,can u comment now so we can exchange friend codes?

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