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Share Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Nintendo 3DS) friend codes, online trades and chat live.


I AM BACK! c: 

Hi! add me
name: colt (or in game: colten)
Friend code: 4854 - 6930 - 7900

I wanna play! heres my friend code 4854-6930-7900
Name: colt

I'll add you Colten. 
Name: Amber
Friend Code: 2294-6727-3427

( Edited 06.03.2015 16:37 by ghost-skittles )

I made my town perfect Smilie got perfect peaches now my town is called Maize

my code is 3926-6003-7322

Hi. I am trying to get some new badges, and some new friends that can soon become best friends w/ me.                                                           Fc : 3368-1024-3662                                       I accept anybody :3 Feel free to add me!

SmilieFC: 3497-2718-3763 Add me if you'd like :3 I literally just got this game today, so I'm looking for a few people to play with ^3^

( Edited 24.03.2015 14:49 by Mel_ )

My friend code is 4828-5599-9963

I've added you ^^

Can anyone help me get a Red-Horned Hat please ? I have Items & Fruits I can trade for it and am willing to buy it from people too.

Any chance at all ?

Yeah my friend code is 3179-7051-6972

Don't worry was given it last night by a Korean friend I met in the chat room but thanks for the offer, it's much apreciated

Anyone opening their gates? Add me and ill ad d u ( friend code needed obviously)

( Edited 04.04.2015 11:40 by TaraACNL )

Same dude 👍 can we go to ur town and maybe the island for some fun?

( Edited 04.04.2015 11:47 by TaraACNL )

wanna trade codes?

Hey, wanna trade Friend codes? :3

hey there, my code is 2552-1334-4428 yours?

Mines 0216 1262 5905

mine is 3067-7341-5561 add me plz I added you

i have added you

My friend code is 0963 2228 7860 
Add me you want to
My town is always open

ill add you

Added you fly and JCL

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