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Share Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Nintendo 3DS) friend codes, online trades and chat live.

Hello, I'm new to this website..but I've had the ACNL game for a while now..I'd like to join others Smilie My FC is 0344-9701-6579 if you would like to exchange FC..please comment back Smilie Thanks

Does anyone still chat on here?

Hi, i just bought this game, i wish we could play together Smilie, my friend code is 3196-6217-3133, i'll have the gate open if you wanna come Smilie

Heeyyy I'll add you! Just look for my post on the last page ^3^

hey i added you my FC is 4613-8591-7803 add me plz

Yo guys I'm looking for a town with golden tools for free or for about a million bells I'm willing to pay for them


i'll join

anyone want to play my fc is 3652 1106 6708

Pichu28243 said:
Here is my friend code 0576-5462-4716

hey ill add u mine is 3652 1106 6708

Who would like to exchange friend codes and play animal crossing with  me!?!?

my fc is 2793 1789 0878

add me and tell me i f u did
2793 1789 0878
name kathy

me my fc is 2793 1789 0878

I need help duplicating 238060629228 I know how but I need some one to do it with

( Edited 01.07.2015 09:24 by Silver Charmer )


Hi guys does anyone have the mushroom furniture that I can have or any crowns/bells        If you do thanks xx 379787544878


Hi, i'll join

( Edited 17.07.2015 09:33 by hbgmysite )

Are You having fun with the game?

I'm interested

Message me when you wanna trade codes, or look at my profile

I would like to see your town

I have the shirt part and majora's mask

Hi,  I added you if that was all right  my FC is 2638-0872-8899 

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