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I suppose I'm not a newcomer as such, as I've known about this site for about 7 years. Must have known about it in college, Az? I'm not sure how old my account is though, or how many posts I've actually made. Lol.

I am Hoj, one of Az's IRL friends, we met in college in 2006. Mad that. There was this one time me and Az bunked off college. Well good day that. Had his little yellow football and everything. Not sure what happened, but we met at the bus stop and just sort of didn't get on the bus, as I remember.

Anyway, I do like games, and did a bit of 2D game design for a while (I still do tbf, just been short on time). And I do web design mainly, and have my own web design company which is relatively new, but going surprising well.

I will try to be more active on here. It's difficult because I don't know LOADS about games, but sometimes have the odd sesh with Az, few beers and he teaches me a lot about games, current and oldies. I beat him on Golden Eye tbf.

I live 10 minutes, if that, from Azuardo. He's a legend.

Btw I tried pointing out that you can add html to the forum posts.

Azuardo, lad.

( Edited 04.11.2014 18:09 by Hoj )

Hoj Pip

Hoj, lad.

Love all the little secrets hidden around Cubed3. It's like an Easter egg hunt for the hidden HTML. Hoj leaving his mark and that.

I don't know how you do web design but are too dumb to check your profile for your join date and post count, though. Mental, that.

Had a good chuckle reading this, though. Good memories like. Vodka and coke in the park. Never forget.

Oh my god mate, that night in the park then off to Mitch's with 8 cans of Budweiser. Puking everywhere. Lmao, such good times. EDIT: WHY IS THAT GOOD TIMES? IT'S NOT REALLY, JUST GOOD MEMORIES. CRUSE CONTROL.

Lmao ye, html edits on several posts tbf.

Wasn't there a night, on your 18th or something (before we met) that you were naked on Station Road?


I mangaged to check my profile after posting this topic tbf.

( Edited 04.11.2014 18:26 by Hoj )

Hoj Pip

Think I was half naked and some passerby helped pull my jeans up.

Did get naked at the bowling green though. Then you, me and Troy wrestled. Not naked though. And you broke my tail bone. Still hurts.

I think you should go to the doctor about that.

Remember window at the imp?

Hoj Pip

Legendary night. You battering a 40 year old, getting kicked out, me kicking off, throwing the railings about, getting kicked out, smashing window, bouncer trying to kill me. Rob and Oaksey also got kicked out that night, think they were doing m-kat in the toilets. Fucking miss the Imp. Such a shithole but loved it.

Azuardo, lad. (Why does it say this at the bottom of my screen?)


Lmao Az. So many hilarious memories. Part of the reason I don't go out so much now is I got fed up of the morning after. Hungover, ill and regrets, lol. Waking up thinking "oh, ffs".

By the way this site is broke on mobile phones.

Edit: well it's not too bad just the textarea for posts.

( Edited 04.11.2014 20:05 by Hoj )

Hoj Pip

Hi Hoj

Hi Jerry. I'm still here. I wait for people to post directly to me before responding.

Hoj Pip

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