Hi there! My name is Sandy!

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Hi I'm Sandy, I was 21 when I started to write reviews for this here site.

About me... um... I went to college where I studied Computing at Honors level. I work at the University of Stirling in Scotland.

I love writing and have been planning a book throughout the year, I play video games pretty much all the time with my steam collection close to hitting 700 games. (Though I still use consoles mostly)

I ran a YouTube channel with a friend for a bit called 'GamePieShow' but we slowly stopped due to a lack of interest.

I look forward to putting forward some good reviews as well as gaining some writing experience and getting to know all of you guys in one way or another. Smilie

( Edited 16.09.2016 09:01 by Sandy Wilson )

I play games... sometimes.

Welcome again, Sandy, and thanks for the reviews so far : )

Hello! Welcome to the team! Web design = YES! Computing = Double Yes.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Hi Sandy. Nice to meet you here

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