first patch of super mario 64 ds reviews!

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Thats one mighty fine score there. Smilie
gamespot gives it 8.4
ign gives it 8.9
gaming-age: A-

[ Edited by xasax on 2004/11/20 2:21 ]

[ Edited by xasax on 2004/11/21 9:59 ]

Nuff said!

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Hmmmm. I don't trust it. They're just using the old promo pics to start, then there's the fact that NO-ONE else has reviewed it. And that they havn't said anything we don't already know.

I think it's a FAKE! Smilie

I trust them, because my friend Travis Pierce does anime reviews for them.

Who are we? We are the Knights who say..... "Wii"!

Decent score, wonder it is real.

DannyMac wrote:
I trust them, because my friend Travis Pierce does anime reviews for them.

I guess that means we should all trust it then.

[ Edited by Rob_F on 2004/11/19 16:50 ]

I think some stores are already selling mario and gamespot has retail vrsion of the game. review has no new screenshots probably due PDA, mario 64ds is not officially out yet.
Its pretty safe to say this is legimate, but is it a good review? thats a another story. It seems to be written in hurry, it doesn't go to detail. I suppose they wrote this in hurry just to get hits.. :peace:

Ign have also reviewed feel the magic and spiderman 2...7.8 and 7.5

[ Edited by sonario on 2004/11/19 18:57 ]

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Feel The Magic looks cool, Spiderman looks average.

Spiderman games r boring neway but regardless what ne review says i'm definitely buying marioDS

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The DS was released to some press up to a week ago in the USA. Reviews are appearing all over the place. First review, I'm sorry bit it just aint.

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man, im gonna get me that game! Smilie

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I guess that means we should all trust it then.

Yes. Yes you should.

Why would it be a fake anyway?

Who are we? We are the Knights who say..... "Wii"!

Some body said before, for hit points.
It wouldn't be fake though, they described the use of the virtual analog stick quite well. But it's jsut my opinion.

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Hey guys and gals,

My name is Nathan Stevens and I'm the Editor-in-Chief at

I read your posts and I think it's a valid question about the legitmacy of the review and just wanted to reassure you that we've had the DS for quite some time.

In fact, about three weeks back we were fortunate enough to attend a closed door DS three-day gala up at Nintendo of America. Let me A. Reassure you that we've had plenty of time with Super Mario 64 DS and B. that the game is great.

We do have a time-limit for reviews here at Gamerz, but rest assure that we give every game, DVD, and hardware a good work through before a review is written.

Otherwise, we wouldn't be able to gain companies trust.

If you guys/gals have any questions regarding the DS, please feel free to e-mail Steven Schardein, our DS Editor at

If you've got any questions about the site, please e-mail me at and I'll do my best to answer them for you.

Have a great night and thanks for visiting the site.

--Nathan Stevens

I'll wait for either gamestm or Edge to review the DS' games before I decide wheteher a DS is worth getting. Smilie

My DS code for 42 classic games is 5026 2806 4140. Looking for people to play Rummy with. Feel free to PM your code. Also, anyone can add my Wii code if they like, PM me with yours too.

Good fellow mr.editor Smilie Smilie

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