Cubed3 Smash Tournament #2

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Come on guys, only two sets left and this will finally be finished! Losers Finals between Sandy vs. Andre and Grand Finals between the winner of that set and myself.

Damnit just realised me and Andre had a match or two to go. We played best out of three and I won 2 - 0

I'll try and finish it another day unless it's okay. He might manage a big comeback though!

I'm fine if we make an exception here, unless Andre really wants to try and make a 3-2 comeback.

What happened with this, guys?

Idk, but I'm available for the Grand Finals pretty much every evening as soon as we find out who won Losers Finals.

( Edited 07.11.2015 09:02 by SirLink )

Sandy won, which I told him via PM that it was fine to move on a while ago. I had no intention of drawing this one out longer than needed and hence left walk over on the final 3 matches...

The difference between illusion and reality is vague to the one who suffers from the former and questionable for the one suffering form the later.

Good, good.

So SirLink vs. Sandy in the final at last.

Oh! I haven't been keeping my head in the gaming world the last few weeks. Looks like I have a match to sort!

After half a year, this tournament finally reached its conclusion! I won over Sandy 3-0.

I would like another one at some point, but if it goes like this again then it's probably not worth it...

Congrats to SirLink!

Thanks to all that took part. I'll sort the star rewards out for everyone soon.

I'm always up for taking part in things like this for any game, really. Don't care how shit I am. I can try gauging interest again, and there are some new staff members that I could mention it to, but we do ideally need to ensure things don't drag like this has done. I'd hate to impose losses on people if they don't make themselves available, but it might be the only way to keep things rolling.

Perhaps if there is any interest - let it be known now if anyone is interested in doing this again! - we can do something early next year, or after the new DLC comes out, whenever that is. I assume other characters will drop when Cloud does, which I'm guessing is in December. But I guess more people will be available to play during January. If ever there's a time we can do one more of these tho, it'll be once the last character DLC drops.

Defo up for something like this again, timings are a pain though! Maybe even some sort of evening/Saturday (all dayer based on timezones) we could do? Maybe having some of it streamed etc even? Dunno. Would love to do a big event! 

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

I do agree with jb. I would certainly be up for something like this but timed better. It was a pain waiting months for my first match to begin... Signed up during a period of my life when I had few things on my table... :/

The difference between illusion and reality is vague to the one who suffers from the former and questionable for the one suffering form the later.

It's hard enough getting two people together to fight at the same time, nevermind multiple people on the same day.

But if only people that are definitely committed to it join, then perhaps we can get a bunch of people together for an all-out double elimination tourney. Have done it in DOA a couple of times before with at least 12 people playing, and lasted a good couple of hours, and you don't have to stay to the end if you go out early. Just need people to communicate with each other to keep them updated on what's going on/who's fighting who, which is a problem on Wii U. Would have to be combination of Skype and C3 chatroom.

Perhaps can run a non-fully competitive practice tourney sesh some time, with a few of us, to see how it goes, then try to run a proper one with star rewards and more people etc. further down the line.

I would love to have a third tournament no matter what.

But if we could actually pull of having a "live" tournament on a Saturday (or Sunday), that would be awesome and I would be totally in support of that.

There's a 5 hour difference between east coast US and UK, so maybe a 7pm or 8pm BT start time wouldn't be bad (1/2pm ET and 10/11am PT) - but we could plan better once we knew every interested competitor's time zones.

EDIT: Originally converted incorrectly using BST.

( Edited 16.11.2015 18:46 by Sonic_13 )

UK is 5 hours ahead of East coast USA.

A Saturday would likely be the best bet, in evening/late evening time for UK/EU people, to give any USA people a chance of playing.

I may be up for a practice tourney this coming Sat evening, but I don't intend to do a proper one until after the Cloud DLC comes out, personally. Anyone else is free to do what they want in the meantime, though.

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