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A dedicated topic to tell others what you're playing at the moment!

Been playing through the Donkey Kong Country series and on the third one now. Replaying them, I actually prefer DKC 3 over DKC 2 now, the second one is way too difficult in places and just becomes frustrating to play. The first one will always be my favourite though.

I'm also playing Tomodachi Life again. It's a really fun game to play when you're feeling a bit lazy or not very well (currently I have stomach problems). I'm really enjoying it again,it's such a funny and unique experience.

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Splatoon. Properly addictive! 

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Is this topic going to replace the monthly ones now? Smilie

I'm currently playing through Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht and intend to tackle the rest of the trilogy afterwards. Once I'm done with that, I'll be going for a (highly anticipated) replay of Xenoblade Chronicles. That game is one of my Top 3 JRPGs and I haven't played it since it launched. I might even go for another 100% playthrough because it's just THAT good.

My secondary game for quite a while will be Fantasy Life, which I dropped twice now. I've run out of games to play during my lunch break (I do have Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus for my Vita, but that's the very definition of NSFW XD) and it would be a shame to let 30-40 minutes a day go to waste after I've eaten and checked out some gaming news. It'll also be quite nice for those days when I'm too exhausted from work to make progress in my main RPG.

I'm still playing Super Smash Bros. for Wii U quite regularly with friends and it's always a blast. Splatoon isn't in my rotation that often now, I think I might just wait for the August update before I play much more of it. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is supposed to be in there too, but it's been a bit of a pain to get my full hunting group together for a good session lately.

I've recently started playing some old games on a ps2 emulator. Dark Cloud and Dark Chronicle are just as amazing as when I first played them. I've also been playing Grandia II as it's one of my favourite games of all time. Then there's always a bit of smash from time to time xD

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So much Splatoon.

Everynight it's the same thing...
"I should really play game X...but I'll just play a round or two of Splatoon first."
*3 hours later*
"Oops. Well tomorrow night I'll play game X"

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LKR000 said:
I've recently started playing some old games on a ps2 emulator. Dark Cloud and Dark Chronicle are just as amazing as when I first played them. I've also been playing Grandia II as it's one of my favourite games of all time. Then there's always a bit of smash from time to time xD

I played through a large portion of FFXII on a PS2 emulator, that game looks glorious in 4X internal resolution ^^.

As for myself I'm replaying through Blast Corps, also on an emulator (with the original controller hooked on though, I'll take no substitutes) as well as playing Castlevania: Circle of the Moon in "Fighter" mode (on the original hardware in this case).

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Sonic_13 said:
So much Splatoon.

Everynight it's the same thing...
"I should really play game X...but I'll just play a round or two of Splatoon first."
*3 hours later*
"Oops. Well tomorrow night I'll play game X"

This. The matches are so short, and especially when the win/loss % are close, keeps ya going. Best bit is when you're in a good team against a bunch of nooblets. 

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Monster Hunter 4U only really. Doing the dailies on Pokémon TCG online. Thinking about starting with MtG Online. Might be a real time (and wallet) killer...

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Since I'm just done with Blast Corps, I decided to try, once again, to get through Chrono Cross. I played a good 20 hours of this, once, but dropped out of it, and lost my save and all, so gotta start it all over, and hoping that this time I get real far. I'm still on Castlevania: Cirle of the Moon as well, playing through in "Shooter" mode now that I have unlocked it by completing "Fighter" mode.

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Flied through episodes 1-4 of Life is Strange. Then I did them all again. I love this so much. I'm all about story-driven experiences lately, and this is the best I've played since The Last of Us. Currently curled up in a corner going mental waiting for Ep 5.

Me and a good mate are big Resi fans, so over the last week we hammered Resident Evil HD on PS4 together. A sort of local co-op - I play, he watches, and figure the puzzles and shit out together. Been a hella blast, and we're probs gonna set up two TVs to do a co-op Resi 6 run next, then do the exact same again for Resi Zero and REmake2 when they release. It'd be good to tackle all the Resis over time again. I still haven't properly gone through RE3 and CVX.

Also played Rocket League recently. It's fucking amazing.

Started playing Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel with Mush and can't wait to level up some more and get an insane build going. Playing as a Sheriff with whip that has an aim bot mode, face-tanks everything including bosses and makes everything burn and explode? Yes please!

I'm also nearly done with Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Böse. The first episode was great, but this one has quite a lot of flaws. Its main story is only around 15 hours long and they put a ton of filler in it. Sadly, that filler content consists of tons of garbage side quests that makes you wonder if the designers ever thought of players who'd actually do them. I've done a lot of stupid optional stuff just to 100% some games but this goes too far.

It's insane that this is the only of the three Xenosaga games that saw an European release. I wouldn't have wanted the third one after only experiencing this one, thankfully Episode III is supposed to be great just like Episode I.

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After I realised I missed missable stuff in Chrono Cross I gave up on it for like the third time, and will only restart it from the beginning with a walkthrough next to me once I'm back in the mood of playing it. Instead I whipped out my old DS PHAT and started replaying through this, another RPG I had given up on partway through :

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Tengai Makyô II: Manji Maru. Great old school RPG with lots of animated cutscene, a cast of some of the most famous japanese voice actors of all time, and a great soundtrack by Joe Hisaishi who scored pretty much all of Studio Ghibli's animated movies. I might write a review of this when I'm done unless I have already something else from a review copy on my plate at that point.

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Beyond Eyes

Saw this during Microsoft's E3 Press Conference and was instantly interested by the concept. When I found out it came out a few days back, I quickly purchased it with excitement. I played through it all today and came out of it feeling like it's lacking in certain areas. It's definitely more of an experience, rather than a game (like Journey, but much slower paced).

The concept is amazing and the way it all works is great. Unfortunately, the character walks painfully slow and it gets incredibly tedious. It fits the narrative because she's blind, but I felt it's just too slow and it really takes out the momentum of the game, especially when you have to go back to places you've already explored.

I like the way it would show objects or other things as her imagination/assumption and then as you got closer it would turn out to be something else.

I think the best part was the ending. I definitely feel the story could have been more involved though. A lot of the time it was just walking slowly around and then every now and again you would get a small cutscene with a lovely piece of music. After that it would just go back to walking with no music at all.

I feel bad for sounding so negative towards it, because I love it as a concept and the art is beautiful, as is the music. It's a great idea, but I think they could have done more with it!

I've been playing Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes on Xbox One now that it's on Games with Gold.

I've had a lot of fun with it and it's persuaded me to get Phantom Pain which looks even better. My only issue with it is the lack of David Hayter. Every Metal Gear Solid has featured his voice so it's very jarring to hear a completely different voice. Big Boss had a different voice in MGS4 which was ok so I don't see why they couldn't have used that voice if they were determined to change it.

Instead, we've got bloody Jack Bauer 'Keither Sutherland' and as a big fan of 24, Jack Bauer is all I'll be able to hear which completely ruins the experience for me. Smilie

I'm also still playing Batman Arkham Origins on WiiU which I'm really enjoying. Smilie

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Hooked on MGSV atm. It's slow as hell to get anywhere in the story, but finding the stealth missions so addictive.

In the last month I've also blasted through Resi 6 co-op. Just got Ada's story left to do.

Also did Danganronpa Another Episode, which I finished a few weeks back.

Less time and bigger games haven't left me playing much else atm.

Currently playing Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and it's surprisingly a nice little spin-off. I'm actually really enjoying it and it has some fantastic new features that need to be in future Animal Crossing titles. Just being able to drag objects around so easily and having more freedom in placement is fantastic. They've also added in new interactions with objects, which is cool.

Maybe not worth the full price, but having played it now, I'd definitely recommend it if you're really into the building/creating aspect of Animal Crossing.

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I have tried Hex while waiting for BfZ to enter MODO. Decent TCG all in all, but my wallet will still bleed to MODO. Smilie

The difference between illusion and reality is vague to the one who suffers from the former and questionable for the one suffering form the later.

Ah, I found it. Was gonna make a new topic. Haven't had one of these in a while.

Just curious what people are playing atm.

Following finishing Zelda, I've been obsessed with working through Steins;Gate and now Steins;Gate Zero in the last couple of months. I've found a new favourite series here. I've never really tried the visual novel genre heavily before, aside from Danganronpa and the Zero Escape games, but if there are any more like Steins;Gate then I'm eager to check more out.

Does anyone ever get that empty feeling after they finish a great game, where they just sort of think playing anything else will be inferior? I usually feel like that after a great RPG story, which I used to get a lot after finishing a Final Fantasy, or more recently with Persona 4, The Last of Us, or even a Yakuza or the aforementioned Danganronpa. I again got it this year after beating BotW.

How can anything top what I just played now? I found that the best thing to do is dive straight into a new game and not dwell on it tho. Provided you have a game that you know is supposed to be good, just jump straight into a new world of characters and lose yourself again.

This is what I've done with Steins;Gate, going straight into that after Zelda, and it's been perfect. It's kept me occupied for weeks, to the point where I can play it almost every day without playing anything else.

I have normally thought that due to less time, playing smaller games is the way to go for me - and that has often worked out well. But I'm thinking now that it's still a good idea to just lose myself in a massive world or lengthy storyline, with something that will take weeks to finish. It's been great to play Steins for weeks on end, just losing myself in the world and sort of getting to know the characters so well. That always makes it extra sad to leave them, and I think it was a good thing I had Steins;Gate Zero to go straight into after finishing the first one, but again, the best thing to do once I am done will be to jump straight into a new game story and not dwell on it as best I can. If I dwelled on Zelda too much, I may not have taken the chance with Steins and potentially held off experiencing such a great story even longer.

Just some random thoughts I thought I'd put down tho. The point right now is that I'm loving the Steins;Gate world, and I'm glad I decided to listen to the positive feedback on this series and took the plunge on a genre I normally would never be interested in. It's potentially opened up a few new doors.

Visual novels are also so perfect for the Switch that I really hope the likes of Steins;Gate, Danganronpa and the Zero Escape games all come to that system eventually. They may be a few years old now, but man, they belong on a system like the Switch.

Anyway, back to it. I'm nearly done with Steins;Gate Zero. Just a few chapters left. Surprisingly long games, but I'm so invested that it's a good thing. I think the next one I'll move onto after this is Persona 5.

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I'm back on Fire Emblem Fates (as my Switch is in for repair), but its sort of a combination of Fates, BoTW, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and PES 2017.

Finished Steins;Gate 0 now... So many questions! Really love a game that you can't stop thinking about after finishing it. I preferred the first game, but both are great.

I'm gonna give Disgaea 5 a go and still plan to do Persona 5. Thinking of starting Fire Emblem Fates too, but one thing at a time...

Currently NBA Playgrounds and the amazing Persona 5. The style of this game is so ridiculously brilliant and energetic and I can't stop playing it. Smilie 

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Currently playing Minecraft on Switch, for review and for fun at the same time. Been streaming this on Twitch with Mush last weekend and probably should continue playing it this weekend if he's up for it. A bit of MK8D as well on and off, mostly online and when a friend is around.

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Aside from The Silver Case and Revenant Saga, I've been trying to catch up on all the PS4 games I've not been playing showing up so late to the party. I just finished Transistor, and I'm going into Soma soon.  However, now that Star Ocean: Till the End of Time is coming to PS4, I have a bad feeling Soma is going to get neglected for a game I've already dumped a few hundred hours into.

Some Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, here and there, mostly and some Overwatch.

Not much else at the moment. Not really in a gaming mood currently.

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