Games Over 10 Years Old You'd Replay

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So there are games that are over 10 years old that you'd definitely play again - when I mean play again, I mean pwoperly before packing it away into the loft or the dust ridden bookshelf again.

Which are yours... and why?

They can be on any format where the game is at least over 10 years old. There are some I'd probably have a quick go on again, e.g. F-Zero X, Star Fox Adventures, but these games I would definitely play the heck out of again - because they're bloody brilliant.

- Sonic series / timeless platforming
- Streets of Rage series / great brawler

- Chrono Trigger / epic RPG
- Zelda: A Link to the Past / one of the best 2D Zelda
- Star Wing (Fox) / Mode7!
- Donkey Kong Country series / better than... Mario?
- Super Metroid / them feels
- Super Mario RPG / never finished it, so would try again

- Ocarina of Time / obviously
- Majora's Mask / better now than then
- Star Fox 64 / can't beat the voices
- Mario Tennis / multiplayer only really
- Perfect Dark / great multiplayer
- Banjo-Kazooie / trumps Mario 64?
- Mario Party series / easily Mario Party 3
- Pokemon Stadium / all about the multiplayer
- Pokemon Snap / i love apples
- Diddy Kong Racing / story mode still holds up
- Super Smash Bros. / limitations are great

- Wind Waker / love sailing
- Super Mario Sunshine / didn't play much of it
- Super Smash Bros. Melee / dat speed though
- Mario Party series / yes, I do love MP
- Soul Calibur 2 / has Link and bewbs.

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Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

I will mention the ten that first come to my mind as I otherwise would have to sit here making a list that is longer than preferable plus that it would take too much time: So here they are. The first ten games that comes to my mind when I hear that I want to replay a game. Without any specific order.

1. ActRaiser - I do not know how many of you who have played this one. It is not a very famous title by any means here in the west having its greatest success over in Japan. For those who have not played it. It is a god simulation game mixed with Action segments in which the player takes the role of an angel under God to fight the evil powers of Satan (these names was changed in all western releases). During the simulation mode the angel flies around and help the people of different towns develop into sprouting communities and by doing that gaining access to new spells and extra power during the power section plus progressing the story. And during the action segments the angel takes the form of a knight who is out to banish the forces of Satan and to get items or in other ways aiding the townspeople. It is a very clever and overlooked game and if you have not played it, give it a go! It is marvelous and is out on the Wii Virtual Console.

2. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time. Yes, here it is. The obligatory OoT post. If anyone against all odds have not played it, play it. It is not almost unisonly called one of the best games of all time without a reason. It has very clever level design and set the groundwork for most 3D adventures to come after it even to this day.

3. Earthbound. Now on the Wii U for everyone to enjoy with ease! Smilie It is one of the better designed turn based RPGs of all time focusing on heavy subjects in a comical way which makes it releaving. It is not without a reason fans have cried for these games for ages.

4. Donkey Kong 64. In my opinion the best platformer the N64 had. S**** Super Mario 64, it was a good game, but Donkey Kong was the real king of the 3D platformers. It's open world approach gave it life in a way that Super Mario 64 could only dream of and made it survive the tooth of time better than Super Mario 64 and its variety of gameplay by starring five different main characters and mixes of wonderful mini games is ingenious, Definitely a game I come over to a friends place to replay with them any day of the week!

5. Super Castlevania IV. The best game of one of the strongest franchises back in the game. It optimized the formula and had very fluid and beautiful controls and graphical effects unseen at that day and age and that still looks beautiful and atmospheric even to this day. It also hae really glorious music,

6, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. One of the best VNs of all time in my opinion. End of story. It is a wonderful psychological horror story that really has to be played to understood as it is very difficult to explain the story without spoiling too much or confuse (as the story is very confusing). It is marvelous and I would play it any day.

7. Goldeneye 64. Best FPS of all time. End of story. Do not argue. New FPS's are horrible. Period. Goldeneye 64 was the peak of the FPS genre having both a wonderful single player campaign and a wonderful COUCH multiplayer mode (YEAH! Take that modern FPS titles! You could play with your friends IN THE SAME ROOM!). *ranting about how everything was better before 2005*

8. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Old Door. A great RPG and the best Paper Mario game to this day. I sincerely like the story and the cast of characters in this game that adds colour to the party in a beautiful way. It is also wonderfully balanced to reward good players and rewarding players for focusing on the combat actually making the turn based combat really entertaining which is usually a flaw in turn based RPGs as farming is usually done in a half-asleep state.

9. Yoshi's Story. Yes. I loved this game to death. I am guilty. XD I really loved how there were many separate ways to proceed throughout the game and that mixed with how many different ways there were to play it makes it a game with great replayability. I loved it to death and I still love it. Best 2D platformer on the N64.

10. Wario Land II. Wonderful platformer for people of all ages. Kids will love the fact that they can't die and adults will enjoy the genuine difficulty that fact allowed Wario Land II to add to its gameplay. One of the most difficult npn-fanmade platformers ever released. It is unfair, yet still fair as it is impossible to die. Wonderful and fun!

Yeah. That are the 10 games I would always love to replay. I might add more later on and I will especially come up with some unknown pearls that many might have missed as there certainly are some considering I was a real video game junkie even back when I was a kid. XD

The difference between illusion and reality is vague to the one who suffers from the former and questionable for the one suffering form the later.

The Wind Waker is the first game that comes to my head. It's timeless and superb in everyway.

I play these almost on a yearly basis despite them all being over 15 years old:

Tomb Raider 1 (PS1)
Sonic 1,2,3&K (MD)
Alex Kidd In Miracle World (SMS)

One game that I haven't played in a long time and would love to play through in full again is Medievil 2 on PS1. For some reason Sony don't want to release the PSone Classic on the PS store which is a shame as both games are fantastic and I've played the 1st enough already. Smilie

I don't actually own the old systems anymore so play on various modern devices.

Marzy said:
The Wind Waker is the first game that comes to my head. It's timeless and superb in everyway.

It's weird - I enjoyed it the first time round, but not quite up there with OOT for example. But then years later, went back and really got into the game. Same with Majora as well, actually.
Ifrit XXII said:
Alex Kidd In Miracle World (SMS)

Omg, yes! This was the first console game I ever played. Never completed it as ended up stuck on one of the later levels that involved rock, paper, scissors (lizard, Spock).

Donkey Kong 64. In my opinion the best platformer the N64 had. 

Hmm - Something about it doesn't quite resonate these days, I ordered a cart off ebay last year, but didn't really play it for long. Used to own it, but it was nicked by a bastard in my school. 

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Brilliant topic JB

NIntendo 64
Conkers Bad Fur Day / back in the day this was the multiplayer game to die for, the story mode was something special too!

Perfect Dark / another brilliant multilayer game, I've been wanting to get the XBLA version for some time now.

Goldeneye - envokes great memories, reminds me of Xmas 98!

Super Smash Bros / nuff said

WWF No Mercy / a far superior product at the time, highly frustrating to play today though, I always try one or two matches though.

Mario Kart Super Circuit - I still play this game often, it's packed with the SNES tracks and is a brilliant game, I often find this more challenging than MK7 at times. 

Super Mario Bros 3 - this is a gem of game, it looks better on the GBA, i know some say it's inferior to the NES or SNES versions but the portability of this wins it for me.

Super Mario World (same reasons as above)

Kuru Kuru Kurin - don't ask me why, it's just a cute and challenging game

Metroid Fusion and Metroid Zero Mission - I just love these games, I can't get enough and can be  completed on a rainy weekend. I hook these up to my TV via my GameboyPlayer

Sonic Advance 2 - while i like the other advance  Sonic games i still think this is the best one! 

Street Fighter II - I have Street Fighter III on the GBA but it's just not as nostalgic, Street Fighter IV on the 3DS doesn't cut the mustard either


Metroid Priime - the soundtrack is just so amazing, once i start playing I literally can't stop

Sonic Adventure DX/ Battle 2 - the soundtrack gets me on these but also playing City escape is so fun! Who doesn't want to roll around at the speed of sound.

Sonic Mega Collection/Sonic Gems Collection - normally the easiest way to play the originals, while I have the iOSganes and the DS collection this proves the easiest method of playing. FYI I only play CD on the Gems collecion.

Fzero GX - I just need to do the last cup on Master and I get the AX tracks!

Waverace Blue Storm - this game still looks and feels beautiful, to think it launched with the system.

Mario Kart Double Dash - still hailed today as my group of friends mario kart of choice.

Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes - my favourite metal gear without a doubt!

Nintendo DS
Super Mario 64 - simply phenomenal at the time, it still holds it's place in my 3DS game case.

Sega Dreamcast
Crazy Taxi 2 - why listen to an Offpsring album when I can just play this game!

There are a few games that haven't made this list due to subsequent remakes and rereleasess such as OoT, MM and Starfox 64 on the 3DS.


( Edited 12.11.2015 14:07 by Flynnie )

Perfect Dark / another brilliant multilayer game, I've been wanting to get the XBLA version for some time now.

Got it for my bro - holds up pretty well, but oddly retains the laggy bits! 

Mario Kart Super Circuit - I still play this game often, it's packed with the SNES tracks and is a brilliant game, I often find this more challenging than MK7 at times.

I loved this back in the day, and was the king of the school bus. Lol. But really can't go back to it :/ 

Sonic Adventure DX/ Battle 2

Would only play in a playthrough video, but not for fun... Enjoyed it in the past, but really unplayable today. 

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Im lucky enough to play Super Circuit on my 3DS as part of the ambassador programme. It still plays alright, I did enjoy playing it on my GBmicro though, it just looked so darn pretty and had great controls, it was much better than MKSmilieS but MK7 is pretty good.

The camera angles in both Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 bother me to the point where it frustrates the hell out of me, but there are certain levels I'm ok playing. For  example I would only play through Sonics levels, I hated everyone else's levels in both games! 

I'd love to go back and play some of the classic RPG's from the PS1 era that I had missed out on due to one reason or another.

Games like Vagrant Story & Parasite Eve, Legend of Dragoon as well as FF7 and FF: Tactics. Also the Shining Force franchise was my first foray into the genre of turn-based strategy. Fortunately, a few of the games on my wish list are available on the PSN for play.

There's not a single year in my life without a little bit of Super Metroid, Doom, and one of the first Zelda games.

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Reply? Hell, theres games over 10 years old I want to play for the first time!
I never have enough time - and Steam sales only makes it worse. <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
Last update; Mice,Plumbers,Animatronics and Airbenders. We also have the socials; Facebook & G+
Our member of the week

I'm gonna go completely the other direction, and mention one game I played once in the past, never to touch it again, instead of mentioning the classic ones that anyone thinks of.

I have just remembered today the name of a game that I had been obsessed with for years, without being able to remember the name. A game I played on my PS1 back before my first one broke and turn 180° back and got an N64 instead as replacement cause I couldn't stand fragile CD systems anymore (I eventually got another PS1 though). That game was this little known one :

Image for

Ray Tracers, a game meant as an offshoot of the Chase HQ series, you race down highways and have to face against bosses, destroying them by bumping into them, to some great music and some anime style characters exchanging dialogue (fully voiced too). I use to love that game back then, and used to think it looked pretty awesome too for a 1997 game. It was distributed in Europe by SCEE themselves by the way.


Never owned it personally it was leant to me back then, but I'd like to replay it one of these days.

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Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

I always replay Resident Evil 2

Gameboy Advance:
Sonic Advance - the only Sonic game I really got a chance to play for long, but I loved it - it seemed very dynamic in terms of gameplay.

​Medabots: Metabee Version - I remember swapping bodyparts was fun, and played together pretty well with the environments.

F-Zero: Maximum Velocity - amazing soundtrack, perfect difficulty level with some hard tracks too, and cool cars.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - one of my favorite RPGs. Great presentation, simple but nice emotional story, and gameplay that was all about positioning and customization. Excellent.

PlayStation (1):
Final Fantasy VIII - the best of Nobuo Uematsu's music that's sometimes bombastic, sometimes jazzy and sometimes amazingly restful. It had a fairly realistic modern world combined with slight cyberpunk-ish influences and classic architecture (Deling City was amazing). The characters were entertaining with their own issues that in the end brought them together again. I could relate to Squall, and the sometimes subtle ways he lets people know he does care is well done.

Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha - again an amazing soundtrack that isn't afraid of sounding like a mix of cultures but still put its own twist on it. Good gameplay for the time, and nice character design (though yes, it's blocky as hell now).

Tekken 3 - great gameplay, decent soundtrack (though not quite the same as Tekken 2's) and even story-wise it's decent. I guess it does so many things well that it feels like the consummate fighting game.

LOTR: The Third Age - oh man, it had everything: great customization, an amazing soundtrack and acting, and official LOTR music and other music that sounded like it could've been part of the movies. Pretty great visuals too. Not to mention the gameplay was like a slightly more tactical version of FF X. Even the love story was alright and didn't feel overplayed.

Jade Empire - it's Mass Effect's predecessor set in an atmospheric eastern environment, with a good soundtrack and acting, and a nice betrayal story. It's almost horror-like sometimes IIRC. Really nice.

Ninja Gaiden - It's hard, it looks great, it's... Ninja Gaiden. I don't know what to say that we don't all know already.

Devil May Cry 3 - the best DMC. It spawned what is essentially a new type of H&S game that's focused on combos. It introduced styles as well as an assortment of cool weapons, Dante's awesome but traumatized twin brother, Lady, and told a simple but effective story about Dante's awakening and Vergil's death.

Xbox 360
TES IV: Oblivion - still deeper side-quests than Skyrim with more intrigue, mystery and variety (I love Oblivion's Dark Brotherhood and Mages' Guild). A slightly more emotional main quest with great buildup, and voice work by the amazing Sean Bean and Patrick Stewart. A varied and beautiful overworld, and nice gameplay that allowed you to create your own spells.

Wanted to add Mass Effect, but since it's not 10 years old, I'll do Call of Duty 2. Fluid, fast gameplay but not wappy like some more modern shooters.

And that's it so far.

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Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Halo 3
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
Grand Theft Auto IV
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Max Payne
few of the games I got from my friends since they got bored but I do have them now also. Who knows...when I want to play them again. Today's games are also good like fallout 4, call of duty; good graphics and many online websites have these old and new games available in less price.

( Edited 28.04.2016 14:12 by AlmaBish )

why pay for them, although it is a rarity

King's Quest 6
Alone in The Dark
Art Of Fighting (Neo Geo - WE NEED THIS GAME BACK!!!)
SEG Arcade Racing Game (Blonde chick in a Ferrari).
Street Fighter 2 (All Day Everyday!).
Also the one and only Tetris. I think it encouraged me to become a part time trigonometry tutor.

( Edited 06.09.2017 19:41 by Eric LeClair )

Being a retro head I could post quite a long list - I've all my consoles perma-setup going right back to the Atari 2600. Off the top of my head - these are the ones I visit most but it's by no means exhaustive........


Kaboom!  - pure in-the-zone zen gaming. Lovely paddle control and up to 13 bombs a second to catch, it's blink and you miss - but then you get into the zone.....  

Super Breakout - another paddle game. Pure gameplay with variations that can have you juggling up to 3 balls in play at once. You don't get control like this on any other console.

Atari 7800 - Asteroids. Still best home version in my opinion. Has some unique 2 player co-op modes too. So good, Atari built it into the PAL console - you don't even need to plug a cartridge in!


Super Aleste - lovely 2D shmup that technically out-performs anything else that gen.

Super Mario All Stars - 3 lovely reduxes of great platformers.

Tetris & Dr. Mario - 2 splendid puzzlers on one cart. Inc. an interesting 2 player mixed mode that uses both games in a score attack format.


Sonic 1 & 2 - pinnacle of the series for me as their simplicity and pureness is their strength.

Toki - rock solid port of the arcade game with remixed levels. Old school rock hard too.

Hellfire - could pick plenty of shmups but this is one of the best.


Kurushi - excellent block rolling puzzle game 
TX3 - lovely port of Tempest 2000,
Power Diggerz - great arcadey JCB sim with Japanese weirdness.

Saturn Shmups galore - take your pick -
DoDonPachi, Radiant Silvergun, Sexy Parodius are just 3.

N64 - F-Zero X - my favourite arcade racer, Excitebike 64 , Doom64, Wetrix 

PS2 - Outrun Coast to Coast.  RType Final, Raiden III

DC - Typing of the Dead, Daytona (heavenly racing with the DC wheel), Gigawing (working on a 1CC of this), 

GC - Super Monkey Ball (1 or 2)    Mr Driller Drill Land,    Mario Kart DD


( Edited 14.01.2017 19:41 by davyK )

I thought I was the only one in this entire world who had played Wetrix up until now. o.O It is really one of those hidden games...

The difference between illusion and reality is vague to the one who suffers from the former and questionable for the one suffering form the later.

I got Wetrix+ when I got my Dreamcast many years ago. Didn't play it as much as I would have liked, but I remember thinking the water effects were amazing haha.

Hmm was thinking about the Crash Bandicoot trilogy that was coming out soon, and it got me wondering about other PS1 exclusives and the possibility of them getting remasters in the future. I for one was a huge Croc fan, and would love for those two games to get ported over. Due to the lack of demand for it, I don't even require a remaster, but just a straight port for minimal effort haha.

Even MediEvil or Abe's duology would be a welcome addition, with hopefully some more PS1 games in the library on the PS Store.

Our member of the week

ringlord71 said:
Abe's duology would be a welcome addition.

Well the first Abe is already remade and available and last I heard, the second will be given the same treatment as well. Can't say that I liked the remake in its Wii U form though. Save file corrupted, constant crashes and game breaking bugs ahoy. I can't imagine the PS4 version is as bad though.

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

RudyC3 said:

ringlord71 said:
Abe's duology would be a welcome addition.

Well the first Abe is already remade and available and last I heard, the second will be given the same treatment as well. Can't say that I liked the remake in its Wii U form though. Save file corrupted, constant crashes and game breaking bugs ahoy. I can't imagine the PS4 version is as bad though.

It had bugs when it launched, but think they were all (or mostly) patched up. Don't know if they fixed the Wii U version.

I think we might get more info on Exoddus remake come E3, as the Twitter has been posting tons of cryptic messages for fans to decipher over the last few months. It's kinda boring now tbh - just want them to reveal it properly. But it's sounding like far more than just a graphical remake, with a much darker twist to the story and setup, altering things a fair bit.

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