Which Videogame Character Are You Most Comparable To?

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Been playing through Undertale (second playthrough) and it's awesome! One of the best RPG's I have ever played. That's coming from someone who generally doesn't like the genre. There's a tonne of amazing and interesting characters/NPC's throughout the story both in design and personality wise. One in particular caught my attention. I was feeling similarities between him and myself.

So it got me thinking of an interesting topic. Which videogame character or NPC would you find yourself most comparable too?

For me, it's this guy... Ficus Licker

Image for

You never find out much about him, but the way he acts in a situation really related to me. Basically, he goes into a restaurant and forgets to make a reservation, but doesn't want to embarrass himself. So he stands in the restaurant licking a ficus in an attempt to blend in and not look like he's messed up.

This is totally the way I act sometimes. Because I get so nervous and I am so shy around groups of people. I'm also constantly worrying about messing things up. Even if it's something simple.

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Oh golly... I have so many of these it isn't even funny... That's the punishment for playing many VNs and JRPGs

One character who I feel a strong connection too is Bernkastel (see my Avatar for picture). A character who has a painful past they want to never ever think about and therefore go to far lengths to keep her mind occupied to never get bored and start reflecting upon these things. She's also very playful and teasingly sarcastic towards both friends and enemies alike which is seen a lot in her interactions with her lover and eternal rival Lambdadelta.

How she acts and tries to forget about things by pushing away the memories by keeping her mind occupied feels highly relatable to me and her cold emotionless aura she has around her mixed with a cruel form of playfulness is painfully similar to how I act whenever I feel down over something. She's pretty much how I am whenever I am in a bad mood... For better and for worse... : P

Hence why I play a lot of video games (and games in general)... Both to keep my mind occupied and to live out my cruel streaks of playfulness without actually hurting someone. ^^

The difference between illusion and reality is vague to the one who suffers from the former and questionable for the one suffering form the later.

This is an insanely tough question, I'm really not sure. I'd like to say... Ash Ketchum (being pretty clueless lol), or maybe, um, Link? lol. Need to have a good think about this one, but good topic MarzP

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My first instinct is probably Princess Daisy - I get rather excitable like her (which must be obnoxious for some haha) and we aren't afraid to get our hands dirty!

Also, I always feel an affinity towards Peppy - as he tries to be optimistic and gives plenty of advice, even if not's always wanted!

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I'd probably say Duke Nukem. I'm perverted, sexist and stuck in the 90's. Pretty much me!

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