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Long time no see, C3! The past few months I've been checking the news here for some tasty NX content and it really brought back some memories. I was brought to this site during the beginning of my teens around the same period for the Wii. How simple those days away...

But it wasn't until sometime last year, when I completely coincidentally came into contact with theNexus6 on Instagram (not even game related) that the memories came flooding back! Everyday after school I would check the news, hoping for a tidbit of the Wii news. But as the years went on, and we got older, it wasn't just games we'd task about. I remember some heated discussions, albeit immature on my part, about politics and philosophy. The sharing of ideas and communication on here was a big part of growing up (thanks JB), and it is nice to see some familiar names in the comments section.

So how is everyone doing? Both old and new members alike? I've gone from a game obsessed Irish teen to a Tokyo Business-man. The 'game obsessed' part hasn't changed though! I assume there's been some pretty big changes in everyone's lives over the years too!

First of all! It's great to see you around again! Smilie It's always good to see a familiar face return! So welcome back!

Always enjoyed Cubed3 for it's varied discussions. Things have been a bit quiet around these parts for a while now, but at least the big news brings in some chat still! I guess the lack of Nintendo news hasn't helped much.

Things aren't so good in my life and continually seem to get worse. To be honest not much has changed apart from me feeling worse. I'm happy to hear things have been well in your life though! It sounds very exciting. I'm also still into games, though not as much as I used to be, or at least I don't play as many.


Good to see you still around, Angus. Stick around for our new site launch in the next month or two - hopefully it will help boost activity a bit more over the coming year.

Hi Marzy! It was seeing names like yourself and Azuardo in the news comments that brought me back! I'm sorry to hear that you're actually feeling worse; I feel that the forums here when they were more bustling may have been a decent place to talk about things. And aren't we all playing less games? I never appreciated the free time of my teenage years!

Azuardo! I just notice a PM from yourself, so I will get back to that ASAP.

Anyway, I reckon I will be present while the NX news is still hot so I look forwarding to reading your comments just like the old times!

Hopefully the buzz about the new system will cause a lot of old members to resurface! That's why I'm back here right now. Well also because I just got the new 3DS XL. 

Back in the day I went by Soundwrks, I actually found an old hard drive recently which had a few of my old signature images- they were mostly Sonic and Jet Set Radio themed. Smilie 

I'll definitely be getting the next Nintendo console. I can't wait. I have a PS4 which is great, but far too saturated with violent, dark, aggressive and over-dramatic cinematics. I crave the basic joy only provided by Mario Kart, basically..  

Tom Barry [ Reviewer - Editor - Resident Sim-Racer @ Cubed3.com ] 

Strat Man, it's great to see you post again! I was thinking the other day about your posts about your study abroad in the USA and the song you composed on Guitar Pro for SlyDevil, but I never expected you to show up. I hope we hear from Martin (was it Martin, the guy with the blue Gibson Les Paul?), but I guess it's a long shot.

 I too have gone for a PS4 but my library for it us much smaller than that of my WiiU, I find. MGS5, Yakuza 0/Isshin, and Bloodborne.

Hey Angus! Haha. I remember all that. I too wondered whether Martin might turn up again someday! I'm not certain but the blue Gibson Les Paul certainly rings a bell. 

I reckon there's a good chance a few of those long-term members might check in again someday. Smilie  

Tom Barry [ Reviewer - Editor - Resident Sim-Racer @ Cubed3.com ] 

Yep, Martin has/had a beautiful blue Gibson Les Paul, I remember in in great detail! Smilie I thought he'd show up after the Shenmue 3 announcement last year, but there was no sign of him at all. Hopefully we'll see him around again someday.

I literally just spoke to Sly today about E3. Hopefully we get a few back during the week, the chat is set up and ready to go.

( Edited 12.06.2016 13:37 by Marzy )

Just happened to check the site and saw this thread. So...erm, hello again.

P.S. I also checked - it's nearly ten years since I joined C3. Happy being old everyone roller

( Edited 12.06.2016 20:39 by Modplan Man )

Welcome back Modplan Man!

E3 itself was quite quiet this year. Hopefully they excite us with a Nintendo Direct soon.

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